How to fix orange hair after using Color Oops?


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Did you use Color Oops, and now your hair is orange or yellow?



Don’t worry, it has a solution, and I’ll tell you what it is.

First, let me ask you a question.

Did you use Color Oops to remove a dark or light tone?



  • If you used Color Oops to get rid of a dark tone, and now your hair is orange, what you should do is put an ash tone in your hair.
  • That ash tone shouldn’t be in the blonde range. And this is because you’re removing a dark dye, so the blonde won’t be able to completely cover your hair surface, and your hair won’t look blonde.
  • If you have gotten rid of a light tone with Color Oops, you can get stuck with some yellowish tones. In that case, you need to apply a dye in a blue-violet based pearl tone to neutralize them.


Color Oops is a color remover that has two big advantages.

It’s healthier because it doesn’t contain ammonia, nor peroxide, nor bleach, which you surely already know can affect your hair health.

After removing the artificial pigment you’ve put in your hair, it will go back to the base color.


  •  And the second big advantage is that if you removed your color and you got stuck with a tone you don’t like, you can put in the dye the same day. 

But even though Color Oops is a miracle, perfection doesn’t exist, and with the science of colors, your hair always has the last word.


What does this mean?


I’m going to explain by giving you an example.

Imagine that you want to eliminate a lighter tone from your hair, for whatever reason. Say, because you don’t like the color, because you don’t think it looks good on you or highlights some of your less favorable features.

In this case, after applying Color Oops, you will see that your hair returns to your base color without problems. And this works like that because the pigments in light-colored dyes are gentle and easy to remove.



But, with dark tones, like black or dark browns, things can get complicated.

 And you can see that when you remove dark dye with Color Oops, your hair can turn orange or even baby-chick yellow. And this isn’t your base color. 

Why does this happen?


Because dark-colored dyes have more pigments, and they can’t be eliminated when you use the remover.

For this reason, the unpleasant orange, reddish tones appear.

But this is not a reason to start screaming to the heavens, because today I’m going to explain:

  • How to remove orange tones after using Color Oops
  • How to get rid of yellow tones that appeared after taking out a light tone with Color Oops



As you can see, this is good news for your hair. First, because Color Oops helped you avoid bleaching. And second, because you can say goodbye to those undesirable tones at the speed of the superhero Flash.



How to remove orange tones that appeared after using Color Oops

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re looking at yourself in the mirror, and you don’t like those orange tones post-remover that is quite unpleasant.


Because they are a mix of faded and bright reds, who could like those colors in their hair?


 Stop looking at yourself in the mirror, feeling sorry about your bad luck, because the only thing you have to do to get rid of those oranges is to apply an ash dye. 

Because you can put this in right now even if you used Color Oops only a few hours ago!


Because you’re not using chemicals that damage your hair, you can apply new dye the same day to correct the leftover tone.

But, you need to remember something very simple: to apply whatever ash tone that isn’t in the blonde color spectrum.


Do you know why?


Because the tone you removed was dark, if you put in lighter shades, you would need to bleach your hair so that the blond color could be seen over the light tone.

For example:

  • If you removed black color 1 and your hair became orange, you can apply a brown ash 4.1 or a chocolate ash 5.1, or a light brown ash 6.1.

And you can do it without any worries because whichever of these tones will perfectly cover up the oranges, which are only the leftovers of what your black tone had left in your hair. And all that, without needing to bleach.


  • The oranges can also appear if you took out a dark brown 3 shade, for example.

How do you fix it? For example, putting in a chocolate ash 5.1 or a light brown ash 6.1, or even a dark blonde ash 7.1.



 With these tones, you will be able to eliminate the orange, and the new dye will completely change your color to the one that should have resulted from using the remover. 

Now, do you remember that I said that light tones usually don’t have any problems after using Color Oops?


Normally, this is true, but not everyone’s hair reacts the same way to products.

For this reason, it could happen that after removing a light tone, some yellow baby chick tones appear, which give you the appearance of faded hair.



For example, a few days ago, Analise came to the salon, one of my clients who had used Color Oops in her golden-blonde hair.

Once she had rinsed out the product several times like the instructions indicated and had dried her hair, what she saw was baby chick yellow, and she almost fainted.

But instead of fainting, she decided to run to the hair salon.

Do you know how to get rid of these horrible yellows in your hair?


That, I will tell you next.



How to get rid of yellow after using Color Oops

Analise proved that our survival instincts work perfectly.

Do you know why I say this?


Because instead of running to put in whatever dye she could find to cover up the baby chick yellow color, she came to see me.

It’s as if she had known that her problem could not be solved by any shade of dye, and instead only with very specific ones.


And she wasn’t wrong.


  •  Because to neutralize these yellow-chick colors, you need to apply a blue-violet based pearl dye. 

In addition, the good thing about these lighter colors is that to lighten shades you don’t need to bleach if you apply the remover.


  • So if you put in blonde tones and your hair looks like a baby chick after using Color Oops, you can apply pearl blonde 8.2, light pearl blonde 9.2, or even extra light pearl blonde 10.2.

Are you looking for a radical style?


  • Then try a 12 that is an extremely light pearl.

If you are using these tones, you can make sure that the yellow baby chick color will go away completely.


Analise didn’t want anything to do with radical changes, so we applied the light pearl blonde 9.2, and those horrible yellows disappeared for good.



One of the biggest problems of hair removers is that they often leave behind damaged hair, but luckily, you don’t have to worry about that with Color Oops.

Because their formula is made without ammonia and peroxide, and it eliminates the rest of your dye pigments within only 20 minutes. The hydrating soy and aloe vera proteins protect your hair even more.


For that reason, you’re able to dye your hair the same day you use Color Oops to correct unwanted tones.


Now you know how to fix the oranges and yellow baby chick colors that appear after using Color Oops.

Which of the tones that I recommended will you pick?

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