5 best purple shampoos for bleached hair (that you can’t miss!)

loreal ever pure

The best purple shampoos you can use immediately after bleaching your hair are:


Any of these options will remove the bright yellow colors from your bleached hair, leaving an incredible ash tone.

Each one is designed for different needs of bleached hair: from increasing hydration to enhancing platinum pigmentation.


Once you’ve finished bleaching your hair, you have two choices: use a purple toner or a purple shampoo.

Which one should you choose?


It all depends on how fast you are trying to get rid of the yellowish tones and, also, on the health of your hair.

 If your hair is badly damaged from bleaching, for example, because you’ve needed several sessions to get to a buttery tone, my best advice is to use a purple shampoo. 

The results won’t be immediate, but you won’t leave your hair on the edge of intensive care. What do I mean by this?


I know you’re desperate and need to get rid of those yellow tones. Just take five minutes and pay attention to your hair

  • When you brush your bleached hair, does it get tangled easily to the point of becoming unmanageable?
  • Does it break easily, meaning that when you untangle it or comb it, many hairs remain on the comb?
  • Does it feel frizzy?


That means that, during bleaching, the hair cuticles (outer surface of the hair shaft) were damaged. So, your hair looks dull and frizzy, feels brittle and rough, and tangles easily.

 In this case, the best thing you can do for your hair is to choose a purple shampoo to color the yellowish tones, because it’s a less damaging product than toner. 

Why is it less damaging?


Because toner is applied with 20 volume peroxide, which is still a chemical ingredient.

Therefore, by choosing the purple shampoo, you will avoid continuing to damage your hair with more chemicals.

You won’t risk your hair being completely purple because toner requires some knowledge of coloring to properly control developing times.


  Also, many of these shampoos are designed with moisturizers that restore moisture lost during bleaching. Also, they do not contain sulfates, which are chemicals corrosive to the hair fiber. 


With so many purple shampoos on the market, it is difficult to know which one is the most convenient.

But don’t worry, today I made a special selection of the best purple shampoos that you can use as soon as you finish bleaching your hair.

You just have to choose the one that best suits your needs.

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1- L’OREAL EVER PURE, ideal for silver or platinum hair

purple toning shampoo

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This L’Oreal line is designed to maintain or modify the color of your hair and will leave your bleached hair healthier and more hydrated because it does not contain sulfates, parabens, or gluten.

It is ideal for blonde hair, natural or colored silver or platinum, and brown hair with balayage or ash color highlights.


 The best situation is to use it two or three times a week and leave it on for two to four minutes,  depending on the intensity and amount of yellow tones you want to remove.

Start by rubbing it on the crown of the head, since the scalp is always the oiliest part. As it’s sulfate-free, you’ll notice the lack of foam, but don’t worry, because it will leave your hair clean, but not dry.


2- KERASTASE BLOND ABSOLU, to turn your bleached hair into a platinum blonde

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An excellent choice of purple shampoo for bleached blonde and natural or artificial grey hair.

This purple shampoo is formulated with neutralizing agents, which instantly eliminate the bright yellow and pale yellow tone.


Does your hair look dull when you wash and dry it?

You don’t have to worry about that anymore because it contains hyaluronic acid that will make your hair look shiny and healthy from root to tip. Best of all, no yellowish tones!


 One very important thing: if you’re planning to go on vacation, it cannot be missing from your travel kit because I guarantee that it will make the blonde in your bleached hair last much longer.   It protects it from oxidation agents such as UV rays, chlorine, and salt water.

A perfect shampoo to care for your colored hair during summer.


If you’re looking for a complete hair care line, from shampoo to mask and serum, Kerastase Absolut Blond has all the options to guarantee an even blonde tone free of unwanted shades.

I recommend that you don’t use it as a daily shampoo. One or two times a week and leaving it on for two to five minutes will be enough for the tone you want to remain unaltered.


3- JOICO BALANCE COLOR PURPLE, extreme hydration for your bleached hair


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After bleaching your hair, do you feel like you’ve stuck your fingers in a light socket because of the amount of frizz?


Don’t panic, frizz is usually one of the most common symptoms of dehydration after bleaching.

 Someone is coming to help, and it’s not exactly Superman or Batman, but Joico’s purple shampoo. In addition to correcting unwanted tones, it will instantly moisturize your hair from root to tip. 


If you want to repair and protect your hair, while neutralizing yellowish tones, this is your best option.

Also, because the purple pigments stay in the hair fiber so effectively that you don’t have to wash your hair every day.

Use it two or three times a week, leaving it on for three to five minutes each time.


4- CLAIROL SHIMMER LIGHTS, for dark bleached hair

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What was your hair base before you bleached it?


If you started with a brown shade and want to eliminate yellowish tones, Clairol Purple Shampoo is the right choice.

 It adds color to those unwanted shades and will leave your hair shiny.  Also, as it doesn’t dry out your hair, you can use it daily. However, remember that it’s not advisable to wash your hair every day.


Wash it every two or three days so that the scalp will have time to produce the natural oils and it will stay frizz-free.

However, when you use it, don’t exceed the suggested time because, as its purple pigments are quite strong, you can end up with a purple tone in your bleached hair.


It only has one flaw. Well, not everything can be perfect: it’s its smell.

If you are very sensitive to strong odors, or you dislike fruity aromas, choose any of the other purple shampoos I recommended.


5- NEXXUS BLONDE ASSURE, repairs and tones bleached hair

for bleached hair

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Are you looking to end the yellowish tones of your bleached hair, while nourishing and moisturizing it, for a more than reasonable price?


Look no further, because the treasure is right under your nose.

This shampoo that, at the beginning was only used in beauty salons, has come out to the world so you can benefit from its attributes at home.

 It will get rid of those unwanted tones, leave your hair shiny and silky thanks to its protein blend, and you will pay a fair price and nothing exorbitant. 


After using it, you will notice how your hair is more flexible and it is much easier to untangle and comb it.

You should only use it two or three times a week and leave it on for a maximum of five minutes.

Also, if you have someone in your family with silver or grey hair, they can use it too. So, everyone will benefit.



As you can see, any of these purple shampoos will color the yellowish tones and you can apply them to the hair as a post-bleaching step.

This is the best option if your hair shows signs of weakness or dryness.

Which one will you choose?

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