How to make blonde hair less yellow? 3 options to do it…

sad woman because of her very yellow blonde hair

There are three ways to make blonde hair less yellow:

  • Option 1: Use purple shampoo. This is the cheapest and easiest option. It’ll gradually make your blonde hair less yellow.
  • Option 2: Apply a color-depositing mask with a purple conditioner. This option is also inexpensive and simple. The advantage is that your hair won’t be yellow in only forty minutes.
  • Option 3: Use a pearly/iridescent blonde dye or toner. These options have longer-lasting effects but are more expensive and can dry out your hair. They’re applied with a 20-volume developer.


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If you want to make your blonde hair less yellow, you have several options from the cheapest and simplest to more expensive ones. Some even require the application of a chemical process.


So, in short, before choosing any of these options, you should analyze three very important issues:

  •   If you want to make your blonde hair less yellow, but you feel it’s weak, brittle, and dry,   you should go for the purple shampoo or the purple conditioner mask. The effects won’t last as long as a dye or toner, but they won’t damage your hair. When it comes to making hair choices, you should always start with health.
  •   If your hair is healthy, you’re experienced in hair coloring, and you’re thorough with exposure times,   you can use a toner.
  •   Finally, if your hair is healthy and you want to avoid your hair turning yellow,   you can opt for a pearly/iridescent blonde hair color. You have to renew it every fifty to sixty days, and you can extend the effects if you include a purple shampoo in your hair beauty routine.


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I think by now you’ve probably decided how to make your blonde hair less yellow.

elseve purple shampoo for very yellow hair after keratin

You probably noticed that all of these options have something in common: the purple shampoo, conditioner, dye, and toner contain purple pigments.

Those purple pigments will make your blonde hair less yellow.



We need to look at the color chart that displays the opposite colors.

The color that cancels out yellow is violet or purple.

Have you chosen how you’ll make your blonde hair less yellow?


Apply purple shampoo or purple conditioner to blonde hair to make it less yellow

woman washes blonde hair with purple shampoo

In this case, although the shampoo and the toner will neutralize the yellow (because they contain violet pigments) I suggest another use.

  If you use purple shampoo, your blonde hair will gradually stop being yellow   because it’ll take two or three washes to neutralize the unwanted tones.

You should also check the different brands. Some purple shampoos contain more intense violet pigments and you may only need one wash to free your blonde hair of the unwanted yellow tones.


In this case, my advice is to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. They recommend the frequency of use and exposure times.

Purple shampoo is inexpensive and easy to use. However, I have to be honest with you: you should continue to use it, at least, once a week to prevent yellow undertones.


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Also,   you can use a purple depositing conditioner mask.   The advantage is that your blonde hair will be less yellow in one application.

Then I advise you to use the purple shampoo once a week to maintain your blonde hair.

  • Apply the purple conditioner from the roots to the ends of your dry hair.
  • Leave the mask for 40 to 60 minutes and rinse with cold water.


Apply iridescent/pearlescent hair dye or toner to make blonde hair less yellow

blond hair less yellow

This may be a hard choice. Both toner and dye are applied with a developer and contain ammonia.

So, if you bleached your hair to blonde, it may be dry and brittle.

Then,   if you apply toner or an iridescent dye, you’ll make your blonde hair less yellow, but you can also ruin it.  


You could even weaken it so much that it may break when you comb or detangle it.

I only recommend applying a dye or toner to remove the yellow from your blonde hair, if it’s healthy and if you’re an experienced colorist.

If you decide on a dye, remember to choose an iridescent/peachy blonde dye because it contains violet undertones. Remember that hair dyes are classified by numbers. Blondes range from 7 to 10.

So, you should choose a blonde dye of the same color as your base color. Then, look for the number 2 after the dot. For example, light blonde 8, followed by the number 2 after the dot. So, it would be an iridescent light blonde 8.2.

Alternatively, as regards toner, you can opt for Wella’s home-use toner.



The most affordable and healthy options to make blonde hair less yellow are to use a purple shampoo or apply a color-depositing mask using a purple conditioner.

Remember to keep using the purple shampoo at least once a week to prevent your blonde hair from turning yellow.

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