Does bleached hair get lighter after washing? No!

woman washes her bleached hair

  • Bleached hair does NOT get lighter after washing.
  • What can happen is that some external factors such as the sun’s rays or shampooing with sulfates can wear down the color of your bleached hair a bit. And that can cause it to lighten just half a shade.
  • If you bleached your hair and want it even lighter, you should apply a new bleach.


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What strange ideas people have about hair color! Did you think that after a few washes your bleached hair would get lighter?


Sorry to disappoint you, but  your bleached hair won’t get lighter after washing.  Let’s be realistic.


The only way to noticeably lighten hair is to bleach it. In other words, to change the color of the hair, you must apply a chemical process. This modifies the structure of the hair so it expels the color.


There is no other way to lighten hair, even bleached hair.

 If you bleached your hair to a dark blonde and you want to go to an extra light blonde 10, you will need to bleach your hair again. 


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That’s the truth.

That other idea you had is just false hope.

Want to know why? Read on.


Why bleached hair doesn’t get lighter with every wash

 If you bleached your hair and it’s still fairly dark, it won’t get lighter no matter how many times you wash it. Even ten times a day. 


The only thing you’ll achieve if you wash your bleached hair too often is weakening it. Because you will deplete it of moisture and nutrients.


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Also, let’s use some common sense. If you could lighten your hair by washing it, all women would be blonde.


If you’re looking to lighten your bleached hair further, you’ll have to go through bleaching or highlighting again.

  • Bleaching is applied with 30-volume developer and bleaching powder.
  • Highlighting is applied with 20-volume developer.


Either of these two options will help you lighten your bleached hair, without the need for you to be frantically washing it.

But before applying either of these two techniques, you should make sure your bleached hair can withstand further bleaching.


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If you want to bleach your hair again, I recommend you go to a hairdresser. Because you can work with your colorist to achieve the exact shade of blonde you want without damaging your hair.

Now, after bleaching your hair, have you gone super blonde such as a very light blonde 9 or an extra light blonde 10? You will need to be especially careful when washing your hair.

Here’s why.


How to care for your bleached hair so you don’t ruin the color

a gondola cart of hair products

Let’s say  you’ve bleached your hair and you’re happy with the degree of blonde you’ve achieved . That is, you don’t want it any lighter or darker.

But that’s up to you.


Because the first thing you should do is check which hair products you use.

 All the hair products you apply to your bleached hair should be sulfate-free. 


Sulfates are detergents that can lighten your bleached hair, leaving intense colors.

But they also dry out the hair. And your hair is always weaker after bleaching.


You should also  wash your bleached hair less often . Ideally, you should wash it a maximum of three times a week.


It’s vital you protect your hair during prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays. Believe it or not, there are hair sunscreens on the market.

Finally, if you often straighten your bleached hair, apply sunscreen first. The high temperatures of styling tools can also ruin the color of your bleached hair.



Washing won’t make your bleached hair go lighter. If you bleached your hair and want to achieve a lighter blonde, you should apply a new bleach.

As a professional colorist, I recommend you see a professional because if your bleached hair is weak, you can burn it. That could even cause it to fall out at the roots.

And if you bleach your hair again on your own, I advise you to wait a minimum of three weeks before redoing your bleach.

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