Will toner fix uneven bleached hair? No, it will only make it worse

woman with bleached hair with a gesture of astonishment

  • No, toner won’t fix uneven bleached hair.
  • Because if you apply toner, all you will achieve is accentuating the uneven color of your bleached hair.
  • Therefore, your best alternative to fix your uneven bleached hair is to go to a salon to have a colorist decide whether to bleach your hair again or apply a dye to fix the color.


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Now you know that  toner doesn’t help fix uneven bleached hair.  Because if you apply toner, all you’ll do is go from bad to worse.


And for you to understand why toner won’t work on your uneven bleached hair, you need to understand what happened.

I take the liberty to think that without having much experience in coloring, you’ve bleached your hair. And that inexperience probably led you to make some mistakes. What are they?

Let’s see.

  •  Maybe you didn’t leave the bleach mixture on for the recommended time,  which will usually be a maximum of 40 minutes. It depends on your natural hair color and the color you want to achieve.
  •  Perhaps you didn’t prepare the bleach mixture correctly.  You may not have thoroughly mixed the ingredients, developer, and bleach powder correctly. The mixture might have had lumps, which stained your hair during bleaching.
  •   Maybe you applied the mixture to the roots first, then the rest of your hair next.  It’s important you always bleach your roots after the rest of your hair. Virgin hair reacts faster, losing color quicker.
  • Finally, it may have happened that  you didn’t cover all your hair evenly with the bleach mixture , so the color turned out uneven.


uneven bleached hair with various colors and dry

Have you identified what could have happened to make your hair uneven after bleaching?


Good for you. At least next time you’ll be able to avoid the most common mistakes during bleaching.

Now, whatever mistake you made, you shouldn’t apply toner. And here’s why.


Why you shouldn’t use toner to fix unevenly bleached hair

wella toner does not work for patchy bleached hair

The reason is straightforward:  toner is a coloring tool used to neutralize the harsh colors that appear in the hair after bleaching. 


But it’s meant to be for hair with an even harsh color after bleaching.

To help you understand better, I’ll give you an example:

You’ve bleached your hair, and when it dries completely, you discover that some sections of your bleached hair are yellow and other sections are orange.

It has an uneven color or two different colors after bleaching.

After searching for information, you decide to apply a violet toner to your hair because you read that violet neutralizes yellow. And that is true.

But after applying the toner, rinsing your hair, and waiting for it to dry, you discover it is still uneven. Because the violet toner neutralized the yellow sections, but the orange sections are still there.


And if you had applied a blue toner, which neutralizes the orange, the yellow sections would have been greenish.

So what should you do?


To fix uneven bleached hair, you should go to a salon

uneven bleached hair arranged in a salon

Because right now,  your hair needs the help of a professional. 

That’s the only way you won’t ruin your hair. You’ll save yourself more than one headache. Plus quite a few dollars.

The colorist will evaluate the best way to fix your uneven bleached hair. What might they decide to do?

  •  They may recommend you bleach your hair again to achieve an even color.  They may use a product such as Olaplex or Wellaplex to protect your hair during the process. In this case, the colorist will begin to bleach the darker parts of your hair and work through to the lightest color you have in your hair. This way, the tone will be even, and then a toner can be applied to remove the harsh colors.
  •  They may also recommend applying dark hair color.  They’ll most likely offer to return you to the color you had before bleaching. For example, if parts of your hair have turned orange or dark orange, they might offer to apply a light brown 5 or a dark blonde 6 to even out the color. Then they can apply toner to neutralize any harsh colors.



You shouldn’t try to fix your uneven bleached hair with toner; you’ll only aggravate the problem. I recommend you go to a salon so the colorist can decide whether to bleach your hair again or apply a dye.

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