How many times can you tone your hair in a month? It depends on the product you use

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  • To know how many times you should tone your hair in a month, first understand the difference between using a toner or a toning shampoo.
  • If you use a toner, you can tone your hair up to twice a month.
  • If you use a toning shampoo, you can tone your hair up to twelve times in a month.


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 Are you doing the math on how many times you can tone your hair in a month? 


Trust me. You’re not the first, and you obviously won’t be the last.

Because once you change your hair color and get to the shade you wanted, the maintenance stage begins.


And the maintenance stage involves battling against the harsh colors that appear in bleached or even color-treated hair.

Harsh colors like yellow and orange become bleached hair’s worst enemy.


And the only way to combat harsh colors in your hair is to apply a toner or use a toning shampoo.

Now, how many times will you have to resort to using a toner or toning shampoo in a month?

You’ll find out if you read on.


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How many times can you tone your hair in a month using toner?

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 If you choose a toner, you can use it up to twice a month to neutralize harsh colors in your hair. 


Yes, I know that toner is a type of permanent dye, so its effects should last longer. But even though toner is applied with developer and contains ammonia, it’s much gentler than a dye.

What does that mean?


It washes out more easily.

If you’re worried about damage to your hair, because the toner is applied with 20-volume developer, I recommend replacing it with a 10-volume developer, which will be strong enough to open the hair cuticles so the toner can penetrate inside your hair, neutralizing the harsh colors.

Want one last tip?


If you want to maintain the effect of the toner for longer, you can combine it with the use of a toning shampoo.

In other words, you can apply the toner once a month, and maintain its effectiveness by washing your hair with a toning shampoo twice a week.


How many times can you tone your hair in a month using a color-toning shampoo?

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Does your hair have extensive damage or is it dry? What if you want to avoid using toner because you have to apply it with developer and it contains ammonia? You can use toning shampoo.

Unlike toner, a toning shampoo doesn’t contain ammonia and you don’t apply it with developer. But it performs the same function as toner, i.e. it neutralizes harsh colors.

Of course, it will do so more gradually than toner. It works by depositing color each time you wash your hair.


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How many times can you use it in a month?

  • What most manufacturers recommend is to use it  twice a week . Therefore, you should use it eight times a month.
  •  If you have just bleached your hair  and your hair has extremely harsh colors, you can start using it three times a week. Therefore, you would be using it twelve times a month.
  •  If you want to maintain the color  you have achieved, you should only use it once a week, so four times a month.


In reality, there’s no law that dictates the exact number of times you can use a toning shampoo in a month.

Because every person’s hair is unique and responds differently to hair products.

So  ideally, you should work out how often using the toning shampoo works for your hair. 


I recommend you start using toning shampoo twice a week. After 15 days of following this routine, evaluate your hair color.

If you notice you don’t have any harsh colors anymore, you will have found the right number of times you should apply the shampoo in a month.

And then you’ll know your hair needs the shampoo eight times a month.

Remember, on the days you don’t use the toning shampoo, you should replace it with a sulfate-free shampoo. Because sulfates are detergents that will fade the pigments of the toning shampoo.



If we’re talking about neutralizing hair with toner or with toning shampoo, my professional advice is to incorporate both products into your routine.

The first week of the month, apply the toner. Then you can maintain the color with the toning shampoo, using it once or twice a week.

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