How long do you mix hair dye and developer? Until you get a smooth mixture…

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  • In professional hair salons, the dye is usually mixed until the mixture is smooth. This requires two to three minutes of mixing.
  • At home, since you don’t have a professional colorist’s experience, I recommend you mix the dye and developer together for three to five minutes.
  • This will ensure there are no lumps in the coloring mixture.
  • Later I’ll tell you about a special technique you can use to take less time to mix the dye and developer.


¿What happens if you put too much developer in the dye? What if you put too little in?


 Wondering how long you should mix hair dye and developer together? 


I think you would make an excellent colorist.

Because among other things, the secret to achieving even, long-lasting color when dyeing hair is mixing the dye and developer correctly.

And  it all comes down to the time you spend mixing and integrating both elements. 


Because the dye and developer have different consistencies, which you need to integrate. If you don’t spend enough time mixing the two elements, your hair may be unevenly dyed after coloring.

It’s also possible that the color lasts for much less time.


But don’t worry. None of this will happen. Because today I’m going to tell you about a technique that will allow you to mix the dye and developer together for the same length of time it would take a professional colorist.

Don’t believe me? Read on.


How to mix dye and developer as quickly as a professional colorist

dye and peroxide mixture in plastic container

When I started mixing dyes in hairdressing school, my teacher gave me a technique that never fails.

If you use this technique, it will take you the same amount of time as a professional to mix the dye and developer. You’ll also achieve a smooth, lump-free coloring mixture.

  • You will need a plastic container and something to mix the developer and the dye. You can use a whisk or a dye brush. You can also use a small plastic spatula or a plastic spoon.
  • Place  half of the dye knob  in the plastic container and whisk for one minute.
  •  Add all the developer  and mix for one minute.
  •  Add the rest of the dye knob  and mix vigorously for one minute.


Once you manage to mix the ingredients and they become a smooth mixture, remember it’s vital you apply the dye immediately, to prevent the elements from degrading and losing effectiveness during coloring.



Mixing developer and hair dye can take between three and five minutes. But the most important thing is to achieve a smooth coloring mixture without lumps.

This will ensure your color is even and lasts longer.

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