Can I dye my hair a month after a perm? What about two months afterward?

woman with perm very surprised and scared

  • Whether it’s been one month or two months after a perm, you can dye your hair with either permanent or semi-permanent hair dye.
  • The dye won’t interrupt the curling process of the hair, since the perm finishes settling in the hair after two weeks.


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Celebrate, jump for joy, and throw a party to celebrate your new life as a curly-haired person!

Because  if it’s been a month, two months, or even two weeks since your perm, you can dye your hair using a permanent hair dye. 


You can even use a semi-permanent hair dye 48 hours after getting your perm.


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I can imagine the hell you’ve been through until you got to this post. Because even though you love your new curls, you also need to renew your hair color.

And do you know why I understand you?


Because one of my clients lived an almost tragicomic experience.

Daniela is a regular client and pays close attention to the renewal times of her hair color and nourishing masks. She comes to the salon every month to renew the dye on her gray roots.

But one day, she came to the salon with a new goal: to get a perm with very tight curls, which is quite popular nowadays.

hairdresser places curlers to make perm

I thought it was a great idea, as the curls would give her hair more volume and a more relaxed look to her “executive secretary” style.

So I permed her hair, and the result was very flattering. I reminded her that she could come to the salon after two weeks for a color touch-up on her roots.

A week passed. Two weeks passed. Three weeks passed. Five weeks went by. Until one afternoon, Daniela showed up.

My first impression was to remember some lines from Victor Heredia’s song: “What do I need, sweet Daniela, someone to paint here.”


Only in this case Daniela needed someone to paint her gray hair urgently.

What had happened?


 Daniela was so afraid of ruining her perm that instead of waiting two weeks to dye her hair, she had waited five weeks – a real overkill! 

Why do I say that was an exaggeration? That’s what I’ll tell you about next.


To dye your hair after a perm, you must wait two weeks

cabello teñido un mes después de la permanente

Why are two weeks enough?


Firstly, your hair will have recovered from the chemical process it went through. Don’t forget that perming uses liquids that contain powerful chemicals to change the shape of the hair.

And secondly, two weeks after a perm, although the dye does penetrate the inner layer of the hair, it won’t fade the effects of the perm.


You could even use a semi-permanent hair dye 48 hours after perming. Why? Because this type of hair dye doesn’t penetrate the inside of the hair.

So if it’s been a month or two since you’ve permed your hair, you can color it with absolute peace of mind.



If it’s been a month or two since you got your perm, you can dye your hair without fear because you won’t ruin your curls.

To maintain the effects of the perm, you need to respect two key rules. Don’t wet your hair for the first 48 hours after perming. And wait two weeks to dye your new curls.

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