How long does it take for purple shampoo to work?

  • It takes 5 minutes for purple shampoo to work.
  • Of course, it always depends on your goal for using purple shampoo. If you’re using it to tone white hair, you should leave it in for 5 minutes each time you wash your hair.
  • If you’re using it to get rid of unwanted yellow tones in your hair with blonde highlights, once a week for 3 minutes will be enough.
  • Because what is most important to keep in mind is how often you’ll use it and how your hair reacts to the product.


What does hair dyed platinum blonde, grey, white or ashy blonde have in common?

remove unwanted yellow tones


That you can maintain a brighter color longer in those colors with purple shampoo because it helps to make sure unwanted tones don’t appear in your hair, like yellow tones.

Many different factors can damage the color of the hair dyed in those colors, like, for example, being out in the sun too long, using shampoos with sulfates, and even washing your hair too often.


  To avoid losing that color that you’ve worked so hard to get, you need to use purple shampoos that are designed for neutralizing those ugly tones, since purple is the opposite of yellow on the color wheel. 

Now, someone trying to take care of platinum white hair shouldn’t use the shampoo the same way as someone who is trying to take care of ashy blonde hair.

Do you want to know why?


If so, don’t move from that spot, because I’ll tell you:

  • How long to leave the purple shampoo in your hair depending on why you’re using it
  • How to correctly use purple shampoo to make sure your hair doesn’t turn totally purple
  • An alternative to purple shampoo for extremely dry hair


I think that after all of this information, you won’t have any more questions about fabulous purple shampoo.


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How long to leave purple shampoo in your hair depending on what you’re trying to do

Did you know that people originally used purple shampoo to keep grey hair a silver color?


Then, as platinum and ashy blonde colors became more popular, laboratories realized that it also works well for eliminating unwanted tones in bleached hair or hair that’s dyed light blonde.

Of course, white hair’s needs are very different than highlighted blonde hair, so you’ll need to use purple shampoo differently depending on what kind of hair you have. Let’s take a look at each possible case.


How long to leave the purple shampoo in your hair if you have platinum hair

before and after

If you have white hair, you’ve definitely come a long way. Maybe you’ve had to bleach your hair several times and use a platinum toner.

But, after a few days, some yellow tones might start to appear that aren’t anything like that white color you’ve been working toward. What can you do?


Use purple shampoo!

Any purple shampoo? NO!


 I recommend, and this applies to all of these different cases, a high quality shampoo. 

How do you know if a purple shampoo is of high quality?


If it has an intense, bright purple color, then it has a larger amount of pigments, which will ensure better results. And, you should also check to make sure it is sulfate-free.

Great, now you have your high-quality purple shampoo. But, how long does it take to work?


 If you have white or platinum blonde hair, 5 minutes will be more than enough. 

And you don’t need to wash your hair with the purple shampoo every day. Use it every other time you wash your hair, sticking to your normal shampoo the rest of the time.


How long does it take for purple shampoo to work if you have hair that’s dyed blonde or if you have blonde highlights?

As days go by, tones will start to appear in hair that’s been dyed blonde or hair with blonde highlights that aren’t exactly the tones you had in mind when you went to the hair salon. They’re usually yellowish tones that undermine any good bleach job.

That’s because of the effect that solar rays, chlorinated water, and even how often you wash your hair has on your hair color, because all of those things influence the pigments in the dye, causing it to fade.


When this happens, you can use purple shampoo, which will not only neutralize those ugly yellow tones but also make it so you don’t have to apply new dye so often.

 But, in this case, you should only use the purple shampoo once a week and leave it in your hair for 3 minutes.  


Now that you know how long it takes for purple shampoo to work, let’s talk about how to use it correctly.


How to use purple shampoo correctly

to tone her yellow hair

To have beautifully toned hair after using purple shampoo, you need to follow these instructions to a T.

Or you can ignore then and risk having your hair turn purple. You decide.

  1. Wet your hair.
  2. First use your normal shampoo, so that way your hair cuticles will be open to absorbing the pigments in the purple shampoo.
  3. Rinse.
  4. Put a few drops of the purple shampoo into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together, then use the shampoo on the middle and ends of your hair.
  5. Repeat the same process, but this time, using the shampoo on the crown of your head and your roots.
  6. Let sit for either 5 or 3 minutes, depending on your hair’s needs.
  7. Rinse and use condition in the middle and ends of your hair.

Now, look at your hair. Are there any unwanted tones left?


That’s the magic of purple shampoo!

If you’ve noticed that this kind of shampoo dries out your hair, I have a solution for you. Have I gotten your attention?

If so, keep reading!


Homemade purple mask for dry or damaged hair

Some purple shampoos can dry out your hair, and if they contain sulfates, it will be even worse.

Do you have a hair cream bath on hand?


If not, you can also use a moisturizing or reparative mask. With one of those things and a few drops of purple shampoo, you can make a purple mask that will neutralize the yellow tones in your hair while also moisturizing it at the same time.

  • Use one part cream or mask and two parts purple shampoo, then mix. The result should be a very bright purple color.
  • If you end up with more of lilac color, add more purple shampoo.
  • Use the mix on your hair and leave it in for 15 minutes.
  • Rinse and enjoy your toned hair!



  • If you’re going to use purple shampoo to tone white or platinum blonde hair, it’s best to use it every time your wash your hair. It will take 5 minutes for it to work.
  • If you’re using it to keep away those yellow tones in blonde hair or hair with blonde highlights, use it once a week and leave it in for 3 minutes.

And remember that good quality purple shampoo should be bright purple and if possible, without sulfates.

Now tell me: What are you using purple shampoo to do?

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