Can you use ash blonde hair dye on black hair?

black haired woman thinking about turning her hair blonde

  • If you use an ash blonde dye on black hair, your hair will turn two colors. All you will achieve is making your roots orange and the rest of your hair will be orangey brown.
  • No ash blonde dye, neither box dye nor professional dye, will turn black hair ash blonde.
  • If your hair is black and you want to turn it ash blonde, you will need to bleach it, and you will need at least three bleaching sessions. And between each bleach, you will have to wait at least three weeks. Then you can use the ash blonde hair dye.


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Can you go from black to blonde hair in one day?


 Using an ash blonde dye on black hair? 


From what I can tell, you’re pretty clueless on the subject of hair coloring.

Maybe you’ve never applied a dye or you’re excited about some of the dramatic changes you’ve seen on social media.

But the reality is far from that little fiction you’ve created in your dreamy little head. Because although you can technically use an ash blonde dye on black hair, your hair would be a mess.

A real mess.


These days, we’ve really achieved almost total freedom in hair coloring.

Thanks to semi-permanent hair dyes such as MANIC PANIC or ARCTIC FOX, women can have completely green or blue hair, if they choose.

Because of root touch-up sprays, we can easily cover gray hair and extend hair color renewal times.

Thanks to new developments, colorists can use Olaplex for drastic hair color changes without burning or irreversibly damaging the hair.


But  the hair products industry hasn’t yet invented an ash blonde dye that can turn black hair into ash blonde hair.  Why not? Let’s see.

ash blond hair dye

On the one hand, we have permanent dye, which you apply with 20-volume developer and which contains ammonia. On the other hand, we have your hair. Your roots have new hair compared to the ends, which may be several years old.

And possibly, your lengths and ends have gone through several processes, such as the straightener, curler, and even the hair dryer.


So when you use an ash blonde dye on your black hair, the developer will act quickly on the roots. These have unprocessed hair, which means they’ll turn orange, as the developer has lightening power.

What will happen to the rest of your black hair after you use that ash-blonde dye? Your lengths and ends will turn orangey brown because the dye will fade the natural color of your hair.

So let’s avoid disaster.


 If your hair is black and you want to turn it ash blonde, you will have to go to a salon. 

What will they do to your hair at the salon? That’s what I’ll tell you about next.


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A salon will be able to turn your black hair into ash-blonde hair by bleaching it

hairdresser with black haired client

When you arrive at the salon, your colorist will assess your hair’s health to see if your hair will withstand bleaching.  In addition, you will need three to four bleaches to get to ash blonde. 


Why so many bleaches? Because as your colorist bleaches your black hair, different colors will emerge. First, you’ll get red, then orange, and finally yellow, the pigment that signals that you’ve reached the height of blonde.

black to ash blonde hair after bleaching

  • In the first bleach, you should get to a dark brown 3.
  • In the second bleach, you will reach a dark blonde 6.
  • In the third bleach, your colorist will remove the orange, and finally use an ash blonde 7.1.


 Taking black hair to ash blonde involves a nine-week bleaching plan, which should be done by a professional colorist.  It’s the only way to not completely ruin your hair.



You shouldn’t use ash blonde dye to black hair unless you want to end up with orange roots, and the rest of your hair orangey brown. To go from black to ash blonde you will need to bleach your hair in a salon.

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