How long does Crazy Color dye last? How many washes does it last? 5 secrets to make your color last longer

lasts up to 8 washes

Are you thinking about doing a total hair make-over, and you want to try the famous Crazy Color dye?


Then I can guess your burning question: How long will my color last if I dye my hair with Crazy Color?

Crazy color dye will last between two and three weeks, depending on how frequently you wash your hair. It’s a logical sequence: if you wash your hair every day, the color will wear off much faster than if you wash it every three days.

Want to know how I know?


Because I can attest to it.

I can attest to it because of my friend Juliette. Do you have a best friend that’s more like a sister than a friend?


Then you understand. Juliette and I have been friends since preschool.

And even then, we did everything together. We learned how to doodle together. We had the same favorite teacher. We also celebrated our birthdays together since we were born just a day apart!


Our childhood passed, and we became even closer and closer as we got older. And there was one thing that had a significant impact on us both: the movie Titanic.

Obviously, we both fawned over Leonardo Di Caprio… who didn’t?


But, what makes us think even more was the end, because after the old woman passes, the camera shows photos of her at different times in her life. Moments that showed her living her life to the fullest.

And we made a promise to each other then: that we would do the same. We would never stop wanting to try new things, going further and further, and being different even if it made us stand out.


 And this is where Crazy Color dye comes in. Juliette wanted to dye her hair pink, but she was scared. Scared that it would look bad or ruin her hair.  

So, of course, as you can imagine, I told her that we could both dye our hair with the dye, except that I would dye mine ruby red.


So, then we took advantage of our mom’s being away at their classic afternoon tea and dyed our hair.

And when we rinsed the dye, we screamed in unison “wow” as if Leonardo Di Caprio himself had appeared.


We hugged each other because we actually really loved those crazy colors on our hair.

Have you ever heard someone say that happiness doesn’t last forever?


 Well, get with it, because happiness doesn’t last forever. At least, for my friend Juliette, it doesn’t, because 10 days later, her color had pretty much gone away completely while mine was still radiant.  

What was the difference? Why did my color last almost twice as long as hers?


I ran to my friend’s aid because there had to be an explanation. And if there weren’t, I was ready to turn over every stone on earth to find one.

After making her chamomile tea, I started the interrogation.


  • I asked her if she had changed her shampoo. She shook her head no.
  • Then I wanted to know if she had done a weekly hydration mask on her hair, to which she also responded negatively.
  • My detective intuition was raising the alarm, but before it would truly be satisfied, I asked her one final question. Was she using a hairdryer? She nodded her head, yes.


 My friend Juliette had done everything that you shouldn’t do if you want Crazy Color dye to last longer. 

That means she used just any old shampoo to wash her hair, she didn’t hydrate it, and if that weren’t enough, she kept using her hair dryer with reckless abandonment.


That’s why, if you’re about to dye your hair with Crazy Color, keep reading, because I’ll tell you:

  • 5 secrets to make Crazy Color dye last longer
  • 2 essential products to make your new hair color look bright and attractive


It’s time for our days to explode with color, mainly because springtime is coming! Do it! Try the best Crazy Color dyes!


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5 secrets to make Crazy Color dye last longer

how many weeks does the color last

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I’m sure that after dying your hair with Crazy Color, your life will change. At least that’s what happened to Juliette and me, since it was one of the most drastic things we had ever done to our appearances. It changed the way we took care of ourselves and how other people saw us and even how we saw ourselves.

And the change was absolutely positive. That’s why we want to make sure the change lasts as long as possible.


  • So, to make the dye last longer, you should change how often you wash your hair.

Before I dyed it, I washed my hair every day because when I got into the shower, I preferred to just wash it rather than putting on a shower cap.

But when my hair turned ruby red, that changed. Now I only wash my hair two times a week. And, of course, I only use shampoos specifically designed for dyed hair.

What to know what else I found out?


 That there are some shampoos that have pigments in them to help revitalize color. Since my dye was red, I found shampoos for hair that’s been dyed red. And I used that every time I washed my hair.  

But, what happens if you have greasy hair and you can’t just wash your hair every few days.


Use dry shampoo! Like its name says, you don’t need to use water to wash your hair, which will help with dye last longer.


  • Do you consider yourself a survivor? I mean, if you got lost in the forest, would you be able to bathe in a river with cold water?

If your answer is yes, good for you! Because cold water will be your closest ally in maintaining your dye. Can you guess why?


Hot water opens your hair’s cuticles, which allows for the dye’s pigments to escape more easily. And when that happens, the only thing you’ll see at your feet in the shower are small rivers of color escaping down the drain.

So now you know, wash your hair with cold water, which will close the cuticles, stopping the dye from diluting.


 You should also avoid any hair products that contain alcohol or sulfates because they make the color go away quickly, and for that reason, it will lose its vitality. 

Want to know another small trick for extending the life of your Crazy Color dye?


  • When you wash your hair and then condition it, add a few drops of the dye to your conditioner. That will help you color take on new a new life. Pay attention because I said just a few drops. If you add more, you might end up staining your towel and the bathtub.


  • You’re a hairdryer fanatic, you should start thinking about giving it away or auctioning it off. Heat tools are the worst enemy of all dyes.



It’s simple – just like hot water, high temperatures open the cuticles, leaving the pigments more exposed.


  • And lastly, you newly rainbow hair will need special care because you probably went through some sort of bleaching process to be able to give it the new pigment.

The drier and more straw-like your hair, the less the new color will stand out.

Hydrate it the same way that you would hydrate your skin. Because just like smooth skin is pretty, soft hair is, too.


Now you know the care basics to make Crazy Color last longer. I’m going to recommend a few products to use in the care tips I previously mentioned.

When I discovered them, they seemed great to me, since the same dye brand also offers the right products for caring for your dyed hair.


2 essential products to make your new hair color look bright and attractive

If you’re imaging your hair with one of these dyes, you’ll soon discover that maintaining color isn’t cheap.

So, the best decision is to know how to invest your money into the right products.

Which are they?


In my experience, these ones:

  • Hype Pure Pigment

Do you remember how I told you that I washed my hair two times a week?

One of those two times, after washing my hair, I dried it with a towel and put a few drops of this product into my hair.

Don’t forget to use gloves and distribute it evenly. After 15 minutes, rinse it with cold water.

You might not believe it, but my hair was brought back to life like Lazarus.


  • Rainbow Care Condicionador

Get this into your head: you’ll need to do at least one intensive hydration treatment per a week.

What better than to use a conditioner from the same brand as the dye?


Instead of using this as a daily conditioner, I used it as a mask, leaving it in my hair for 15 or 20 minutes.

The results were surprising because, in addition to helping maintain my color for longer, my hair was soft and hydrated.


Conclusion: You, too, can make you Crazy Color dye lasts 4 weeks

Want to know what happened to my friend Juliette’s hair?


She dyed it again, but this time she followed all of these tips, and she was able to maintain the color for four weeks.

And we continue on being besties loving our rainbow-colored hair.

What Crazy Color will you choose to change up your look?

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