7 best purple hair color brands: light, medium, and dark tones

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The best purple hair dyes are:


Let’s talk about what purple shade you can choose from each brand:


Violet, purple, lilac, eggplant. These are just some of the names for this color. Although it seems that we are talking about the same color, let me tell you that appearances are deceiving, especially regarding purple dyes.

Nowadays, you can find a huge variety of purple dyes on the market, ranging from the lightest to the darkest. Which one should you choose?


 Firstly, a brand that offers strong and long-lasting purple pigments.  The seven brands I mentioned at the beginning of the article are a guarantee.

Also, you should consider your hair’s base color and your skin tone to choose the best shade within each brand.

Do you want to know more about each of them?


Then, read on because I’ll tell you the best light, medium, and dark purple shades from each of these brands.

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Why are these 7 the best purple hair color brands?

Who is better than a stylist to tell you what the best purple hair color brands are?


I don’t want to be too vain, but a hairstylist has years and hours of salon experience. We’re able to say which dye is best. I have used all these dyes on countless hairs with different characteristics.

 Each of these brands stands out for the quality of their pigments, how long they last, and the impact they have on your hair. .

There are three things to consider when coloring your hair purple. Let’s start with the first one, which needs almost no introduction.


1- Semi-permanent hair dye Manic Panic

It’s an international brand that you can easily find in all countries. It offers long-lasting pigments.

It’s easy to apply and will soften your hair as it contains moisturizing agents. It’s 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Manic Panic is the winner in fantasy colors thanks to its wide color range.


2- Semi-permanent hair dye Arctic Fox

tone it down with conditioner

Arctic Fox is the brand of choice for Hollywood stars. If you don’t find your perfect purple among its wide shades range, you can make your own color. The different dyes can be mixed.

 This has an added value because you’ll be able to customize the purple you are looking for much more. .


Now, if you don’t have much experience in applying dyes, you may find it more complicated because it’s not creamy. If you don’t handle the hair dye well enough in your hair, it can drip and won’t dye the hair evenly.


3- Semi-permanent hair dye Punky Colour

semi permanent conditioning hair color

If you are looking for an easy to apply hair dye that also repairs your hair, Punky Colour should be one of your first choices.

It’s formulated with natural oil extracts that eliminate frizz from your hair due to its creamy compact texture that acts like a moisturizing mask.


If all that wasn’t enough,  it lasts up to 35 washes, being one of the longest-lasting purple hair dyes. .

Of course, the exact duration will depend on the manufacturer’s instructions and other factors. For example, some factors are how often you wash your hair, the products you use, whether you expose your hair to the sun, etc. Other environmental factors are whether you play sports and sweat, etc.


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4- Semi-permanent hair dye Splat

hair color kit

Are you looking for a non-chemical hair dye that lasts up to 30 washes? Splat is your best choice. All of Splat’s purple shades can be applied to dark hair.


5- Semi-permanent hair dye Adore

three shades

If you don’t want to bleach your hair to color it purple, this option is not the best for your hair. It’ll only give you the best of purple if your hair is bleached.

Remember that you’ll have to refresh the color every 5 to 6 weeks to apply a new shade or the same shade you applied before.


6- Permanent hair dye L’Oreal Paris Feria

dark shade

It’s a brand of excellence that offers you a persistent and long-lasting purple color. Also, you can find everything you need in the coloring kit, from gloves to a post-coloring treatment.

Its pigments are extra long-lasting. You’ll wear the vibrant purple for months without fading.


7- Permanent hair dye L’ Oreal Paris Excellence HiColor

true violet

Does your hair have a dark base?


This L’Oreal line gives you the possibility to apply the purple dye without having to bleach it first.


As this line is not sold in a coloring kit, you must buy a 20-volume developer to apply the dye. The mix must be done with the right ratio so that the purple looks vibrant on your hair.

 That’s why I recommend you choose this brand only if you are very strict and patient when it comes to measuring. 


An extra tip? Add 15 drops of coconut oil to the mix so your hair doesn’t suffer so much during the coloring process.


Light purple dyes: very light blonde 9 or light blonde 8 hair base

light purple dye

Don’t you know how to give your face a little more life because no makeup can vitalize your pale skin?


Then, the lighter purple shades are ideal for you. They’ll bring you light and warmth.

Of course,  in order to apply any light purple shade, your hair must be bleached or very light or light blonde naturally. .


If your hair is short or medium length, the light purple will look perfect. It doesn’t matter if you have curly or straight hair. These shades will suit any style, whether you’re a grown woman looking for a fresh look or a teenager looking to stand out from the crowd.

Here is a list of some light purple hair colors:


  • PLUM by Punky Colour
  • GIRLS NIGHT by Arctic Fox
  • 525 PURPLE SMOKE by L’Oreal Paris Feria
  • RED VIOLET by Excellence HiColor from L’ Oreal Paris
  • LAVENDER 90, AFRICAN VIOLET 113 by Adore


A tip? Once you’ve applied the purple dye, wait at least 72 hours to wash your hair. This way, the pigments will fix to the hair fiber, and the purple will last longer.


Medium purple hair dyes: dark blonde 6 or blonde 7 hair base

arctic fox

Yes, you’re in the middle. You don’t want to attract too much attention, but you don’t want to go unnoticed either. Any of the following medium purple shades will give you just the right balance of color to feel comfortable wherever you go.

If your skin is neither too pale nor too tan, this middle ground will help you wear a unique color.


  • PURPLE by Punky Colour
  • PURPLE RAIN by Arctic Fox
  • V38 VIOLET NOIR, V48 VIOLET VIXEN by L’Oreal Paris Feria
  • TRUE VIOLET by Excellence HiColor from L’ Oreal Paris
  • PURPLE DESIRE by Splat
  • VIOLET GEM 114, PURPLE RAGE 116 by Adore


  You have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for exposure times.  If you overdo it, you may get a darker purple than you had in mind.


A secret? If you choose one of these semi-permanent medium purples, add a few drops of the dye to your conditioner. This way, when you wash your hair, you’ll add pigmentation to your hair extending the duration of the color.


Dark purple hair dyes: brown 4 or light brown hair base

loreal hicolor hair dye

Dark purples will give you a mysterious and sophisticated look. If you also have dark skin, you have all the requirements to wear these tones and look fantastic.

If you also have long hair, either straight or curly, you’ll gain luminosity and depth.


Which are some of the best dark purple hair colors?


  • VIOLET by Punky Color
  • VIOLET DREAM by Arctic Fox
  • DEEP VIOLET by L’Oreal Paris Feria
  • DEEP VIOLET by Excellence HiColor from L’ Oreal Paris
  • RICH EGGPLANT 186 by Adore



There are plenty of purple hair dyes on the market. Now you know the best brands according to the professional experience of a hairdresser.

To choose the right purple shade, keep two things in mind: your skin tone and your hair’s base color.

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