How to lighten dyed, red hair a few tones (a quick method and various natural recipes)

lighten the color

Can you lighten hair dyed red?


Yes you can, and today, I’m going to tell you how to do it.

First, let me tell you how I went from the happiness from dyeing my hair red to the anguish because I didn’t get the color I wanted.

I’m sure it’s happened to you before.


Since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a redhead.

My mother has naturally red hair and I loved her red curls which seemed like small sparks of fire that jumped up from her almond eyes.

I remember that she let me touch her red curls, at moments orange according to how the sun rays hit her hair, for hours.

With that image in my mind, I decided to abandon the light brown to make my hair red.


But something didn’t go how I wanted.

Or maybe red isn’t for everyone.

 The truth is, I think that I chose the wrong tone, and what I got was an overly intense red. An artificial color that screamed to the distance dyed hair.  


It wasn’t what I was looking for.

It wasn’t what I had dreamed of when I was small.

From glory to hell in one step, in barely forty minutes my life had turned upside down.


You may think that I’m exaggerating.

But I ask you to put yourself in my shoes for a minute.


  • How would you feel if your best friend started to call you “my favorite carrot?”
  • How would you feel if when you walked down the street, you felt people turn around to look like you?
  • How would you feel if your own mother looked at you and said, “it’s a bit strong, isn’t it?”


That’s how I felt.

 Don’t get me wrong. I wanted my hair dyed red, but I was looking for a less intense red and not the color that I had gotten which looked like the firefighter sirens when they were on.  


So, after three days of practically hiding in the house, I decided to take the bull by the horns and not let me be devoured by the red flames of my hair.

There must have been some method that allowed me to lighten the red and feel happy again.

And luckily, I found a solution.


Has it also happened to you that the red dye was stronger than what you wanted?


Then, keep reading, because today I will share with you:

  • How to lighten dyed red hair using the same shampoo that you use every day
  • Natural forms of quenching the color of dyed red hair


In this moment, I propose a crossroads. A crossroads in which you should choose what path you are going to take to reduce the red in your hair.

You can choose the short path. This is the road for impatient people, those that as long as they get what they want, they don’t care about exposing their hair to fateful risks.

Or you can choose the long road. This is the road for those that prefer to go slower so that their hair doesn’t break or deteriorate.

You choose.

Which did I choose?


I will tell you, but first, let me explain where the short road for lightening your red tone will take you.


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How to use the shampoo that you use every day to lighten your hair

Loreal excellence hicolor

Like I told you before, the short road will take you to the land of chemical products.

But before continuing, let me warn you.


Your hair will not be the same as before using the products. Don’t forget that you’ve just dyed your hair, which involve a chemical process. So your hair will be weaker.


If you still don’t have patience and you can’t stand that intense red, it is possible to: use a bleaching shampoo.

If you choose this path, afterwards, you main worry will be to extremely moisturize your hair.


 This is a gentler method than bleaching, since the bleaching powder and the peroxide are mixed with your regular shampoo to mitigate damage. 


  • You shoudl mix equal parts 10-volume peroxide and bleaching powder and to it add two tablespoons of your shampoo.
  • Once you get a homogenous mixture, you should distribute it evenly over your hair, leaving the roots for the end.
  • Let it sit for only ten minutes and you will see the red lighten.
  • Remember to rinse your hair very well to eliminate any trace of the bleaching shampoo.


Many people talk about color remover to lighten your dyed hair. I don’t advise it, because this product eliminates absolutely all the color molecules of the dye.

So, in the end, you will eliminate all the red dye from your hair. And also, your hair will be stained.

Does the bleaching shampoo method seem to risky to lighten your red tone?


You’re with me!

 I also panicked at the idea of using bleaching dust and peroxide. I was terrified to end up with a burned scalp or to start suffering from hair loss.  

That’s why I decided to go for some more natural methods.


If you decide to go down this road it is larger; you should be patient because it will take you at least two weeks to lighten your intense red hair.


Natural remedies to lighten red-dyed hair

Like I said before, these are natural methods, therefore, they are slower. But it is all in the name of hair health.

Do you have lemons in your fridge? Run and get them because you will use them to lighten your hair.


Lemon Juice


  • Juice from one lemon
  • Three tablespoons of conditioner

Instead of conditioner, you can use half a cup of water, but the conditioner will work to reduce the damage of the lemon’s acid.



  • Mix the lemon juice with the conditioner.
  • Apply it on your hair with the help of a cotton ball.
  • Let it sit for 10 minutes and rinse with plenty of water.


This is not a magical solution, and maybe you should repeat it three or four times, every five days.


Apple cider vinegar

This method is also based in the efficiency of the vinegar’s acidity to lighten the red tones.

In a cup, add a sufficient amount of vinegar to wet your whole head.

Let it sit for thirty minutes and rinse.


Honey and olive oil

Although it seems like a lie, when honey is combined with olive oil, you can lighten your red tone.


Of course, this mixture will act much more gently, meaning, you won’t be able to lighten it two or three tones, but you will be able to soften it a bit, if the red is too shiny.

You should mix the two ingredients in two equal parts and let it sit for at least an hour, to in the end, wash it with a sulfate-free shampoo and rinse.



Do you want to know which I used?


Personally, I went for the lemon juice mixed with conditioner.

It took me fifteen days to reduce the red tone, but I finally got it.


My hair was far from being the carrot color and finally, I felt happy with the color.

I had left the red fires of hell and ascended into heaven.

Now, all that was left was to enjoy my new red tone.

Do you want some advice?


If possible, change to a shampoo for hair dyed red. This type of shampoo contains red pigment molecules that keep the tone vibrant and shiny.

And don’t forget to nourish your hair so that it stays healthy. It’s simple, one or two times a week use some oil, it can be argan or coconut, to keep your red locks soft.


What path will you choose to lighten you hair? The short road or the long road?

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