How to Get Green Tint Out of Bleached Hair (yes! there’s an easy way to do it)

how to turn it to ashy

  • If some greenish tints appear after bleaching your hair, you can use a red toning shampoo to remove them.
  • You should apply it and leave it on for three to five minutes according to the brand. You can use it up to three times a week.
  • Later, I’ll tell you which are the best red shampoos to neutralize the green tint in bleached hair.


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Many women think that they’ll get to their desired shade almost magically after bleaching their hair.

That’s why they aren’t ready for the shock of discovering what appears on bleached hair: vibrant, unpleasant tints that can be green, yellow, or orange according to the base color of the hair.


I’m sorry to inform you that it’s impossible to avoid those unwanted tones in bleached hair. I know it out of my experience after observing hundreds of bleached hair for many years.

 If you bleached your hair yourself, there’s a simple solution that you can use at home without having to go to the salon: red color shampoo. 

Why does it work?


Because it allows a process that stylists call neutralization. It works by expelling the accumulated pigments that generate unusual tints, such as green.

According to the color wheel, opposite colors cancel each other out:

  • If you need to neutralize yellow, you must apply violet.
  • If you need to neutralize orange, you should apply blue.
  • If you need to neutralize green, you should apply red.


 But don’t panic. You won’t go from green hair to red one. In fact, the red shampoo only acts on those areas where the hair is green. 

This shampoo also protects your hair because it contains vitamins and moisturizing agents. They’re essential to repair the damage of bleaching.

You know the solution. But I’m sure you have many questions.

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Why could greenish tints appear after bleaching?

three shades

I’ll explain it with an example to help you understand it.


Cecilia usually applies an ashy hair dye to her blonde hair to remove unwanted orange tones. That ashy hair dye has a lot of blue pigmentation.

Of course, by coloring her hair every forty to fifty days, there is an accumulation of pigments inside the hair fiber.


One day, she decided to bleach her hair because she wanted a lighter, almost white, shade of blonde.

When we bleached her hair, she lost the orange pigmentation faster because it’s the lightest. Then, we reached the bright yellow color.


Since she had been using an ashy hair dye for a long time before bleaching, her hair had a significant reserve of blue pigments.

Therefore, when her hair reached the bright yellow bleaching stage, the mix of the yellow and blue pigments resulted in those greenish tints in her hair.


Now, you understand how those greenish tints can appear in bleached hair. So, it’s time to get rid of them.


How to use red toning shampoo on bleached hair to remove the green tint

Red shampoo deposits pigments on the cuticles, which are the outer part of the hair. So, by not entering the core and not modifying the natural pigments, hair cannot turn red.

Red toning shampoo neutralizes unwanted tones.  Do you know how to apply toning shampoo?


It’s really simple. Just replace your usual shampoo with the toning shampoo three times a week. Then, the green tint will be gone in a few weeks.

At that time, you should stop using the red toning shampoo. Your hair will already have an ashy blonde tone without unwanted tints.


Let’s move on to the step-by-step:

  • Wet your hair and apply the red shampoo massaging for better distribution.
  • Leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes according to the manufacturer’s suggestions.
  • Rinse your hair and dry it as usual.


You will have to repeat this routine according to the specifications of the shampoo brand you apply and the shade of your green hair.

  • If your hair has soft green tones, you don’t need to use the red shampoo more than once a week.
  • If the green tint is still too intense in your bleached hair, use the red shampoo two or three times a week.


Are you eager to get rid of the green tint in your bleached hair?

Not so fast. I haven’t told you which ones are the best yet.


The best red toning shampoos to use on bleached green-tinted hair

There’re many brands of toning shampoos. Only a few of them have red shampoo.

The most common ones are purple and blue shampoo. They neutralize yellow and orange tones respectively.

Here’re the most well-known brands of red shampoo to prevent you from looking for them in your local stores or on the internet.


Keracolor Clenditioner Red

A color depositing shampoo that can also be used as a hair dye. Why?


Because of the intensity of its pigments. Of course, while this is a benefit, it can also become a disadvantage if you’re not careful about exposure time.

What does this mean?


You should only use it once a week and leave it on for three to five minutes.

Take these instructions seriously if you don’t want to end up with completely red hair!


Joico Color Infuse Red Shampoo

neutralize green hair

In my experience, this is one of the best color depositing shampoos.

Since its pigmentation is not as intense as Keracolor shampoo, you can use it up to three times a week. Leave it on for five to seven minutes.


John Frieda Radiant Red Boosting Shampoo

I recommend this shampoo if your bleached hair has very intense green tones. It contains strong and long-lasting pigments.

You can use it up to twice a week. Leave it on for three to five minutes.

I can assure you that you’ll notice changes in your hair from the first application.



If you colored your hair with an ash blonde hair dye before bleaching, greenish tints may appear in your hair.

But don’t worry. A red toning shampoo will remove them and leave your hair without annoying colors after a few washes.

Remember to use these color depositing shampoos very carefully if you don’t want to end up with completely red hair.

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