How long after bleaching hair can I dye it purple? Immediately, but…

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    • If your hair is healthy after bleaching, you can immediately dye it purple using a semi-permanent or permanent dye.
    • However, if it’s damaged after bleaching, and you want to dye it purple with a permanent dye, you should wait at least three weeks. In the meantime, apply intensive repair treatments. I’ll tell you a plan to avoid waiting three weeks to wear purple hair.


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How long should you wait to dye your hair after bleaching it?


As you can see, you need to check your hair health after bleaching to   know when you can dye it purple.  


You probably already know that bleaching is the most aggressive process you can apply to your hair because it strips it of color.

Of course, it also removes a lot of nutrients, proteins, and moisture.

That’s why your hair isn’t usually healthy after bleaching.


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On the other hand, did you bleach your hair on your own or at a salon? How many bleaching sessions did you get?


So, the question should be how is your hair after bleaching? Do you know how to tell the difference between hair and damaged hair?

I’ll help you with that. Look at and touch your hair.

woman can't detangle her bleached hair

  • Do you have frizz?
  • After you rinsed out the bleach, did your hair fall off?
  • Could you detangle it easily?
  • Is it rough?
  • Do you have split ends?


If you answered “yes” to at least one of these questions, your hair is damaged.


In that case,   you won’t be able to dye it with a permanent purple hair color after bleaching.   Instead, you’ll have to repair it first.

However, don’t be discouraged. It doesn’t mean you can’t have purple hair after bleaching.

Instead, you can go for the smarter option.

Do you know what it is? Read on.


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If your bleached hair is damaged after bleaching, you can apply a semi-permanent purple dye

purple dye for bleached hair

I know that many people are reluctant to use semi-permanent dyes because they gradually fade with washing.

However, it’d be an advantage in your case.

  • First,   you can dye your hair purple after bleaching.   You don’t need a developer and it doesn’t contain ammonia, unlike permanent dyes. Therefore, it won’t worsen your bleached hair.
  • Second,   you’ll have time to repair your hair and   to restore moisture and nutrients.
  •   Three weeks later, you can use a permanent purple dye   because your hair is recovered.


Also, as its duration depends on how often you wash your hair, you can try different tones of purple from the most intense to the palest.

Some semi-permanent hair color brands I recommend are MANIC PANIC, PUNKY COLORS or ARCTIC FOX. They offer various tones of purple.


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Once you’ve applied the purple semi-permanent hair dye, it’s time to start repairing it. Get ready because it’s going to be an intensive three weeks of hair repair.

Some tips?

  • You should   wash your hair less frequently.   Three times a week is more than enough to maintain clean hair. Plus, the purple dye will last longer.
  • Use sulfate-free.shampoos and conditioners. Sulfates are detergents that dehydrate the hair and you need to restore moisture.
  • Once a week, apply a moisturizing keratin mask. You can also use coconut oil or argan oil. These products will provide nutrients and proteins to your hair.
  •   Don’t use heat tools   Avoid using them for at least three weeks. Air-dry your hair. If you want curly hair, choose the old-fashioned curling irons. You can also straighten your hair without heat.


Keep this simple hair care routine   for three weeks   and your hair will recover. After those three weeks, you can apply a permanent purple hair dye, which will obviously always last longer than a semi-permanent hair dye because it penetrates deep into the hair.

Try to choose a permanent purple hair color that contains moisturizing agents such as SCHARWAZPOF KERATIN COLOR, NUTRISSE GARNIER or L’ORÉAL EXCELLENCE CREME.

woman shows her dyed purple hair

Of course, after coloring your hair, maintain a moisturizing routine. Bleached hair has undergone a permanent change. Therefore, you’ll need to maintain a hair beauty routine for healthy purple hair.



Now you know which purple hair dye to choose for your bleached hair. If it’s healthy, you can dye it with a permanent dye. However, if it’s damaged, it’s best to opt for a semi-permanent dye.

Remember to completely remove the bleach from the hair.

Otherwise, it adheres very easily to the cuticles and the hair may not absorb the dye. Let the water run over your hair for at least three to four minutes to completely rinse the bleach out.

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