Can I bleach my hair again after 2 days? Short answer: it depends on your hair’s previous state

thin hair and split ends

  • If you applied a mild oxidizer on your virgin hair, you could bleach it again in two days. Otherwise, I don’t recommend it. Let’s see:
  • If you bleached your virgin hair with a low-volume oxidant, you could bleach it again two days later. I’ll give you some tips to get better results on your second bleaching session.


  • On the other hand, if you applied a high-volume oxidant on your virgin hair, you shouldn’t bleach it again two days later because it may severely damage your hair. If this is your case, I’ll give you some advice below.
  • Alternatively, if you had previously colored your hair, please don’t even try it. Bleaching your hair again so soon will surely ruin it. However, I’ll give you a tip to bleach your hair again anyway.
  • You also won’t be able to bleach again in two days if your hair was previously permed, straightened, or bleached.


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If you’re still planning to bleach your hair again in two days, here’s why it’s not a good idea unless your hair was virgin the first time you bleached it.

I’ll also give you tips for all cases – join me!

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If you had virgin hair, you could bleach it again in two days, but there’s an exception

  • If the first bleaching session was done on dark virgin hair with low to medium level oxidants, I’m guessing your hair isn’t damaged. Your head probably looks orange, right?


  Tip: You can take advantage of those two days to moisturize your hair and prepare it for a second bleaching.  


This second time, the bleach should include a very low-volume peroxide: 10 or 20 volumes (maximum)

It’ll be enough to remove the orange color without damaging the hair fiber. After that color stripping, apply the desired tone. Then, forget about bleaching your hair again for a long time.


  • On the other hand, if you had virgin hair and used a high-volume oxidizer, but your hair still didn’t reach the desired color, something may have gone wrong during the bleaching process.

In this case, don’t even think about bleaching your hair again in two days: you’d be condemning it to tremendous wear and tear with serious risks of it breaking.


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  Tip: At the moment, the least serious solution will be to tone down the hair again: if it’s too orange, look for an ash tone to neutralize it and turn it brownish. 

In this way, you’ll damage your hair as little as possible. Then, you can try again in a couple of weeks after moisturizing and nourishing the hair fiber to resist another bleaching session.


If you had colored hair, bleaching it again in two days will seriously damage it

In this case, you should evaluate how long your hair needs to rest before bleaching it again.

Keep in mind that your hair had been previously color-treated. Therefore, it had a degree of damage.

Have you bleached your hair over the hair dye you had and, for some reason, you didn’t get the result you wanted?



There’s no way to bleach your hair again without damaging it almost permanently.


Tip: If you want to bleach your hair again anyway, use the mildest peroxide. Also, add some commercially available plex (for example, Olaplex or Wellaplex) to the mixture. This will help prevent destroying the hair fiber. Your hair may probably survive.

If this miracle happens, you’ll need to restore the moisture and nourishment to your hair that was lost after the previous bleaching session. Obviously, we’re talking about nourishing treatments that don’t require heat. Otherwise, you’ll continue damaging the hair fiber.


If you had your hair bleached, permed, or straightened, you shouldn’t even try to bleach it again

use it before washing hair

Bleaching hair that was previously bleached, permed, or straightened should be considered a crime. Are you planning to repeat the same crime again in 48 hours?


It’ll be absolutely devastating for your hair.

Don’t bleach your hair again, not even with a light bleach, plex, or anything.


  My most sincere advice is to make an appointment at a salon and trust a professional.  

Why am I so imperative with this issue?


If you bleach your hair two days after having bleached, permed, or straightened it, the risk of burning it is very big.

Stay and read a true story I’ll tell you below.


Tip: While you get for your appointment at a salon, try to nourish and moisturize your hair as much as you can: hair masks, ampoules, and all those nourishments that don’t involve direct heat from hair dryers or straighteners. Avoid keratin shock, hair botox, etc.).Direct heat can be very damaging if the hair fiber is damaged or very thin.


The true story of a client who bleached her hair too many times

match roots with the rest of the hair

A few years ago, I had a client with bleached white hair.

Do you want to know what her roots looked like?


She had roots and, then, bright orange growth. Each of those color strips was two fingers wide.

She explained that her previous hairdresser had burned her scalp during a bleaching session. So, the following month, she applied a high-lift product on her own (this explained the orange stripe next to the natural growth)

Now, she wanted me to bleach the two-tone stripe and even out her hair.


However, when I inspected her scalp, I discovered serious injuries: she had alopecia areata. In other words, some areas were simply bald.

  At that moment I advised her to urgently visit a dermatologist.  

She explained to me that the following Saturday she had a very important event but she couldn’t attend it with her hair like that.

Can you guess my response?


Of course, I refused to touch her scalp, so she left the salon very upset.

Unfortunately, she must have found some unscrupulous professional who would do the job running a very high risk of causing irreparable damage. Or, perhaps, she convinced a friend to help her.

The only thing I know is that even today I’m glad that I gave the most authentic and sincere advice: tell her that she should go to a doctor to solve that terrible problem.


Bleaching isn’t a game

In this article, I’ve told you why you should avoid bleaching your two days after you already bleached it.

Bleaching isn’t a game, let alone fun. It’s an extremely risky job, which puts the health and well-being of your hair at stake.


  You should know that hair is alive, and we dare to try different things because hair doesn’t hurt, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t suffer.  

You need to understand that your hair is the frame of your face: anything that damages it will damage your image.


Avoid following advice from friends or other people’s experiences. Don’t get carried away by tutorials that may not even be done by professionals. Even if they are, the diagnosis of your hair may be different.

Always go to your usual salon, to your trusted stylist, and put yourself in the hands of a real professional. This way, you’ll always have your hair ready to shine. Go ahead!

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