20 or 30 volume developer to lighten your hair? Which one should you choose?

lighten hair with 30 volume peroxide

I have seen so many people’s hair ruined by using bleach or those famous developers, that I feel the need to once again emphasize responsible use of developers, be it 20, 30, or 40 volume.


As a professional, the only I can do is recommend that you don’t play with your hair.

Although the sentence that always seems to be in style is “it will grow,” I can assure you that I have seen women on the brink of tears and also a panic attack after having bleached their hair on their own without consulting a professional.


Your hair will indeed grow after the effects of a bad bleaching job, but meanwhile, you have to live with the damaged every minute of your life.

Dry hair, hair loss, burning your scalp, split ends, ultimately these are just some of the terrible consequences of bleaching gone wrong.


But, even though I know that despite the fact I’m saying this, for many, my advice will go in one ear and out the other, similar to when mothers spend hours talking for hours and hours about how things should be done but in the end, their kids do whatever they want.

 Today, I want to explain how to lighten your using 30 or 20 volume developer with the smallest risks possible for your hair. 

Is 30 volume developer the same as 20 volume developer?


Definitively NOT.

Applying it is the same, but choosing which one to use will depend on how many tones lighter you wish to make your hair.

 Something that you should have in mind is that the higher the volume of the developer you use to lighten your hair is, the more damage you do to your hair fibers. 

Why do we women insist and insist on bleaching our hair despite all the warnings?


Maybe to break up the monotony of always seeing ourselves the same way in the mirror.

Or for pure competition.

Have you never heard of the saying that women actually fix themselves up, so they look better than other women?

Not even Freud could truly decipher how the female mind works.


All for the rules of fashion.

 I’ve had it that every time the newest hot star in Hollywood comes out with a new hair color that beauty salons fill up with women who want to imitate the same color. 

Ultimately, everyone does what they want to do.

But it’s about everyone doing what they want to do to their hair in the healthiest way possible without going bald trying.

First and foremost, please, before lightening your hair by using a developer, prepare your hair beforehand, regardless of the volume you use.


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Before putting developer on your hair, I recommend you do this

20 and 30 volume

Both 20 volume and 30 volume developer work because they penetrate deeper into the hair stalk and oxidize your hair’s natural pigment.

That’s why, once you’ve bleached your hair, it takes you a while to go back to your natural color. You should keep cutting your hair as it grows, and your natural colored roots start to come in.

This oxidation is damaging for your hair, which is why it’s crucial to prepare your hair so that it suffers as little damage as possible.


If you already have dyed hair, wait at least three months before bleaching it. In the meantime, use headscarves or hats. There’s no other option if you want your hair to be as healthy as possible.

 Try to keep away from hairdryers and flat irons. This will also prevent your hair from losing its natural moisture. 

I also recommend you use sulfate-free shampoos.


Two weeks before, do an intensive nourishing treatment at least twice a week, be it homemade products or store-bought masks.

And it’s very, I mean very important, the night before bleaching, that you use coconut oil.

extra virgin

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I’ve already talked about the benefits of coconut oil for hair care at other moments, but this time I’m going to put on extra emphasis on it.

Coconut oil forms a protective barrier between the hair fibers and the developer without preventing the bleaching process.


Buy organic coconut oil. Since it’s pretty much solid, you can melt the amount you need in a double boiler, and afterward, spread it out over your hair. Wrap up your hair in a shower cap and go to bed.

The next day, without rinsing out the coconut oil, you are ready to bleach your hair.


Which developer should you choose? 20 volume or 30?


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Before getting into the process of bleaching our hair, I want to explain the topic of hair tones.


 There are ten tones of hair that go from number 1 to number 10, 1 being black and 10 being the lightest blonde. According to the color you want to get to, you will need to determine the developer. 


  • 10 volume developer is to fade dyed hair in light colors subtly, and you can barely see a difference. Obviously, it doesn’t work if you want to go from dark hair to lighter tones like blonde.


  • 20 volume developer works well in light brown hair if and when you don’t want to lighten the color too much, only two or three tones.


  • 30 volume developer will help you lighten your color three or four tones, [/su_highlight] but you have to be careful with the application time because you run the risk of irritating your scalp.


  • 40 volume developer could lighten the hair of the Snow Queen, but it’s very rough on your hair. I advise you not to venture out into those waters because you’ll run the risk of drowning in a sea of your own tears.


Very good.

Now that you know which developer to use according to the look you want to achieve, let’s go on to the process.

30 and 20 volume developers need help from bleaching powder.

Always use gloves to protect your hands and nails.


How to lighten your hair in 5 steps


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1- Mix the bleach powder and developer in a bowl using two parts bleach powder to one part developer, maintaining this proportion depending on the quantity you need to bleach your whole head.


2- Divide your hair into two big sections. We’ll be starting with the part underneath.


3- Apply the bleach mixture with the help of a brush, always at the ends and the length of the hair first, because your roots need less time to lighten.

I recommend leaving your roots for the last ten minutes so that the lightened color of your ends matches your roots.

with loreal creme developer

After you’ve covered the underside, do the same thing to the upper part.


4- Cover your head with a shower cap and wait fifteen minutes.

ATTENTION: check every three minutes how the bleach is working on your hair and never let the bleaching mixture sit for more than thirty minutes.


5- Once the time has passed, wash your hair well, and if possible, use a sulfate-free shampoo.

Let your hair dry without using any heat source.

If you can see some chicken yellow streaks that are frankly horrible turning up in your hair, you can always use purple shampoo to neutralize that color.


The process is the same whether you use 20 or 30 volume developer

bleaching powder and developer


And the aftercare is the same as I recommended.

If you can avoid bleaching, avoid it.


If you can’t avoid it, now you know how to prepare your hair so that bleaching is a less damaging process for it.

Now it all depends on you.

You and the strength of your hair.

Have you ever bleached your hair?

What was your experience like?

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