Can you use blue shampoo in blonde hair? No, not if you want to avoid disaster!

purple shampoo turns hair gray

  • You should not use blue shampoo in blonde hair because blue shampoo is for getting rid of unwanted oranges in your hair.
  • If you want to tone your hair to keep it ashy blonde what you need is purple shampoo.
  • If you were to use blue shampoo on your blonde hair, you’d run the risk of turning it green.


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People make such a mess with toning shampoo!

They wonder if blue shampoo can do this or if purple shampoo works for that, and there’s always someone who wants to know if they should actually be using green shampoo.

There’s also always someone who wants to know if they can  use blue shampoo on their yellow hair. 


What’s definitely true in this tale of toning shampoos is that everyone always ends up feeling as dizzy as if they just hopped off a 24-hour carousel ride because of all of the different possible combinations.

Let’s stop going round and round and get to the point. Get off that carousel and come on over to the color wheel that isn’t going to leave you dizzy at all, I promise.


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The color wheel tells us that every single one of those unwanted colors that appear in your hair can be gotten rid of with a specific colored shampoo.

So, then, what’s the equation?


rueda del color para neutralizar amarillo

Let’s see.

  •  If you want to tone orange hair,  you should use blue shampoo.
  •  If you want to tone yellow hair,  you should use purple shampoo.
  •  If you want to tone red hair  you should use green shampoo.


That’s because each of these color pairs are opposite each other on the color wheel. So, blue cancels out orange, green cancels out red and purple works on yellow.

But, that’s not how the story always went. And that’s exactly what I’m about to tell you a little more about.

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Blue shampoo will make blonde hair appear opaque and greenish

before applying the red dye

If you don’t believe me, ask your grandmother.

For a long time, blue shampoo was used to get rid of unwanted yellow tinges in blonde hair.

But, the result was opaque and greenish hair.


Luckily, the world of color has come a long way in the last 30 years, and products specifically designed for getting rid of unwanted color in your hair have come about.

Why did blondes end up with green hair after using blue shampoo?


Because if you mix yellow and blue, you get green

Why did women use products with blue pigments to neutralize yellow?


Well, history suggests that they did it to hide their age because pale yellow hair can look like graying hair.

But, in reality, what they ended up with was opaque blonde hair, without any shine and with a very strange green color.


Now, these are new times. And haircare has come a long way since then.

The big players in the haircare game have developed toning shampoos that work specifically to eliminate each and every unwanted color in your hair.


As such,  if what you’re looking to do is tone blonde hair with a toning shampoo, you should choose purple shampoo. 


Because purple is the opposite of yellow on the color wheel and it will give your hair a young, pearl tone.

Now, let’s suppose that you have blue shampoo at home. If you want to see how your hair would turn out after using it, I suggest we do a little test.


How can I find out what blue shampoo will do to blonde hair?

washing hair with purple shampoo

You can do the strand test, a test used often in beauty salons to test hair’s strength against chemicals.

It’s also used to find out how a certain color will look in your hair or to test its porosity.

The strand test is easy to do and it won’t take long.

So, how does it work?


  • Brush out your hair and put it up in a ponytail.
  • Separate out one small lock of hair about an inch wide and wet it with your fingers.
  • Massage in the blue shampoo and leave it there for five minutes.
  • Once that time has gone by, rinse the area where you used the shampoo until the water runs clear.
  • Dry that section of your hair and take a close look.


What color is your hair?

  •  If your hair doesn’t have any ugly, unwanted colors , then you’ve gotten lucky. Maybe the shampoo you’ve used has very subtle blue pigments or the yellow wasn’t so strong in your hair. You can use the blue shampoo on your hair, although I still really wouldn’t recommend it.
  •  If the lock turned out opaque and greenish , don’t use the blue shampoo on your blonde hair because it will turn your whole head green.


Whether or not the strand test went how you thought it would, my advice is to use purple shampoo on your blonde hair to get that pearly blonde hair, with no unwanted yellow.



You should always use purple shampoo on blonde hair because it contains purple pigments that will cancel out unwanted yellow.

If you’ve used blue shampoo on your blonde hair and it turned green, the solution is very simple: wash your hair at least three times until the green disappears.

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