Differences between Olaplex, Smartbond, and Brazilian Bond Builder: which one should you to choose?

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Do you want to know if there are differences between Olaplex, Smartbond and Brazilian Bond Builder?


Not that long ago, the same thing happened to me.

So, I decided to do an experiment with a few hair pieces.

And I discovered that while Olaplex and Brazilian Bond Builder are exceptional products to protect your hair during such a damaging process like bleaching, Smartbond is ideal to restore the health of your colored hair.


Yes, other differences do exist, but when it comes time to know what you can use each of these products for, they are less important.

Because we are going to tell the truth; we are in an era of super information.

We live super informed, so much so, that I think we have too much information.

And in these moments, its good to distinguish between good information and bad information. Or better said, excess information.


Because it happened to me.

I spent a fortune on products that promised gold and nothing happened.

 You may see hundreds of transformations on YouTube or Instagram that would make you want to touch the sky with your hands. But, have you ever asked yourself what happens to their hair when they turn the lights off. 


I have, after various fiascos, from which, thank God, I didn’t lose a single hair.

Now, when I refer to “plex” technology, it’s all beneficial. Even though the different product vary in price, application, results, and quality.


I love extreme color changes in my hair.

But, I’m not a kamikaze. I go to the salon and follow the advice of those that know the most.

That’s why, after a long conversation with my colorist, I understood the difference between each one of these three products.

Do you want to know what conclusions I came to?


If I was in your shoes, I would feel the same curiosity.

That’s why, today I will tell you:

  • The differences in composition and use of Olaplex, Smartbond, and Brazilian Bond Builder
  • How to apply each one of the products
  • Conclusions and which to use on your hair


So, I advise you that if you are about to break the piggy bank to buy some of these products, that you read what follows.

You won’t regret it.


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What are the components that differentiate Olaplex, Smartbond, and Brazilian Bond Builder

only one step

 Can you imagine if you could dye your hair without worrying about the damage?


Up until a few months ago, I used coconut oil to protect my hair.

But my colorist introduced me to the world of Olaplex and similar products.

And I can assure you that there is a before and after with these products.


  • For example, Brazilian Bond Builder is a one-step system that strengthens the bonds that make up the cellular membrane of the hair.

That’s why it helps prevent cell loss in the cuticle and cortex of the hair, which are responsible for supporting its internal structure.

For this, Brazilian Bond Builder uses an engineering copolymer to achieve prolonged retention of vibrant colors until the next time you color your hair.


This innovative technology drastically reduces breakage and helps prevent damages during color services, improving the general integrity of the hair and prolonged retention of the color and vitality between appointments.

And what happens with Olaplex and Smartbond?

  • Both Olaplex and Smartbond contain maleic acid, which works in the internal structure of the hair, unifying again the disulfuric bonds.

To say it more clearly, they reconstruct the bonds that form each one of our hair fibers, bonds that are damaged by developers during the bleaching and coloring processes.

These two products are mixed with the chemicals used during bleaching, creating a barrier that protects the hair fibers from damage.

This is the basic difference when it comes to composition.

Now, what happens with the application?


There are also a few differences.

Do you want to know what they are?


Differences in the application process

One of the products is applied in just one step, while the other two are done in two steps.

Can you guess which one is done in just one step?


Brazilian Bond Builder

 If you answered that Brazilian Bond Builder is applied in just one step, you hit the nail on the head.  

Because you simply have to mix the product with your normal color, and your hair will not look affected by the chemicals of the dye, like ammonia for example.

Upon applying the coloring mixture with the Brazilian Bond Builder, you will notice your hair fibers are smoother and without frizz after rinsing out the product.


It doesn’t matter what type of coloring treatment you do.

You can mix it with permanent or semi-permanent dyes, to completely dye the hair or to apply some highlights like Californian Wicks.

Also, when you use this product, don’t go over the processing time. That’s very important to not damage your hair.



On the other hand, both Olaplex and Smartbond are applied in two steps at the salon, and you can add a third maintenance step at home.

Although in the last months, Olaplex added a shampoo and conditioner to complete the treatment at home.

Therefore, Olaplex is a five-part treatment; the first two steps should be done in a salon, and the other three at home.


  • Olaplex 1, should be mixed with the bleach and applied to the hair while Olaplex 2 is applied to the hair once the bleach has been rinsed out, and it should be left on for 20 minutes to feel the maximum effect of its reparative properties.
  • With Olaplex 3, you take the treatment into your own hands, and you should use it once a week, applying it before shampoo and conditioner.
  • You should apply 1 to 3 teaspoons to your damp hair and comb it evenly to let it sit for between fifteen and thirty minutes.
  • Olaplex 4 is a maintenance shampoo that can replace your normal shampoo, and Olaplex 5 is a conditioner, which is the final step of the treatment to moisturize and straighten your hair.
  • I recommend that you let it sit for three minutes before rinsing.



 By comparison, Smartbond is a L’Oreal Professional product, a brand that demands respect.  

This internal hair structure repair system consists of three steps, two of which are done in the salon and the third at home.


  • The first step is mixed with the bleaching or coloring process, to allow thefor the reconstruction of weak hair bonds.
  • The second step is applied to the hair once the color or the bleaching mixture is rinsed out. It captures the ions allowing the weakest bonds to be strengthened and it provides condition and sine to the hair with a mixture of ceramides and polymers.
  • The third step will help you reinforce your salon’s service with an at-home conditioner that continuously strengthens the hair fibers of your hair week after week.


This allows you to maintain the excellent salon results at home, simply using it once a week, leaving it in for 1 to 3 minutes.

Now that you know the most important differences between the three products, we are going to summarize the information so that it is clear.



 Brazilian Bond Builder

  • Ideal for mixing with permanent or semi-permanent dyes to protect the hair from chemical products
  • One-step treatment
  • Reduces breakage of the hair fibers
  • Most economical product



  • Ideal to use for drastic color changes, meaning for those people that want to lighten their hair more than six tones in one day
  • Five-step treatment: two in the salon and three at home
  • Recreates the disulfuric bonds, both old ones and new ones that could be damaged during the coloring or bleaching process
  • Of the three treatments, this is the most expensive.



  • It can be used in both the bleaching and coloring process
  • Three-step treatment: two in the salon and one at home
  • Reconstructs the hair’s internal structure, as well as protects it from the effects of developing.
  • Of the three products the price is between Olaplex and Brazilian Bond Builder


Now you know much more than before about the plex technology that has been so revolutionary for the hair industry.

Which of the three products will you use next time to repair the health of your colored hair?

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