Why is my hair turning orange naturally? For these 3 reasons…

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There are three possible reasons why your hair is turning orange:

  • Reason 1: Your hair is turning orange because it’s weak.
  • Reason 2: It has gone through some chemical process (a wash with chamomile shampoo, for example).
  • Reason 3: Because of exposure to the sun or pool water.

In this article, I’ll give you the exact solution for each case. Don’t miss out!


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Is your hair turning orange and you don’t know why something like this could have happened to you?


Well, first of all, you should know that there is a solution.

In this article, I’ll tell you the  3 reasons why your hair might have turned orange  and give you the solutions, which are very simple.

Let’s get started!

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Why is my hair turning orange? An expert explains

Smiling woman with orange hair

Inside your hair are the pigments responsible for your natural color. There are two kinds of pigments:

  • Granulated pigments: they are red in color and you find them mostly in dark brown hair.
  • Diffused pigments: these are yellow in color and are mostly found in light blonde hair.

What does this mean?


If you notice that your hair is naturally turning orange,  your hair is likely somewhere between a dark brown and a dark blonde  and has a higher amount of red pigments.

In these cases,  your hair turns orange because it’s losing its natural pigmentation.  That is, your hair becomes “lighter” and turns from red to orange.


Reason 1: Your hair is turning orange because it’s weak

Girl suffers from combing her orange and dry hair

The most common cause of your hair turning orange is dehydration of the hair fiber.

How does this happen?


Well, by losing moisture, the hair fiber opens its cuticles (which are like the scales of a fish), and  loses a lot of nutrients and pigments. 


That’s why your hair color changes: it becomes lighter and inevitably  turns orange, because most of the pigments that are lost are red.  But why does your hair become weaker?


The causes of weakening hair can be many and varied:


If the weakening is due to organic problems,  immediately get an appointment with a dermatologist. 

Don’t waste time, and you’ll soon find the solution. Really, a change in hair color can be a telling symptom.


On the other hand, if the change is related to the products you use,  stop using all the products you’re using  and visit your hairdresser.

They’ll put together a hair fiber repair plan for you to close the open cuticles. But how do you know if you have cuticles that are open?


If your hair has open cuticles, you’ll notice your hair is  highly porous, dull, difficult to style, and very frizzy.  How do you fix it?


Solution: The most advisable thing to do is to organize a recovery plan with your stylist. Alternatively, you can follow these 3 tips to improve your hair:

  • Use premium shampoos. Nothing sold in supermarkets or department stores will be a good option.

From now on,  you’ll have to go to specialized perfumeries  to get professional products. They will be more expensive, but ultimately you will benefit.


  • Apply natural oils (argan or flax will be extremely useful) or hair masks.
  • If you use a hair dryer and straightener, choose a good heat protectant and silicones to finish the job.


Reason 2: Your hair is turning orange because it has gone through a chemical process

chamomile shampoo

 Have you used chamomile shampoo? 


It’s meant to lighten hair. Therefore, if you apply it to dark hair, it will immediately turn your hair orange. Why?


Well, because that’s what it’s for, to lighten. But if you apply it to the wrong base the results can be catastrophic.

There are also a number of other  beauty products like this. If you use them in the wrong way, they’ll cause your hair to turn orange, for example, keratin


Solution: Stop using products like chamomile shampoo and wash your orange hair with purple or blue shampoo, to neutralize the unwanted tones.

But be very careful: these types of shampoos are very astringent, so  they can dry out your hair. 


Only use these types of shampoos once every fifteen to twenty days. Otherwise, your hair will turn a dull, dry, ashy shade.

Rember that  you won’t solve the problem of orange hair with a single application. 

It will take some time to achieve balance. Be patient.


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Reason 3: Your hair is turning orange due to natural processes, such as sun exposure or pool water

Woman in a pool

Did you know that prolonged sun exposure can damage your hair?


That’s right. So you need to protect your hair so the sun doesn’t lighten or ruin it, leaving it orange. How?


Solution: Well, there is a wide variety of sun protection products for hair on the market: creams, lotions with sunscreen, and instant detangling products. These can protect your hair from UV rays, salt in the sea, chlorine in the pool, etc.

So now you know:  apply sunscreen to your hair every two to three hours  and you’ll keep it moisturized. That way, you’ll avoid ending up with orange hair.


Conclusion: If your hair has turned orange, use the right products to fix it

Having your hair turn orange naturally can be annoying, but it’s a snap to fix.

Use top-quality products to  keep your hair moisturized and protect it from the sun. And use blue or purple shampoo  to reverse the unwanted orange tone.


However, it can also  be a sign of something more complex. 

So make an appointment at your regular hair salon and leave it up to your hairdresser to find the solution to this little hiccup.

They’ll know the easiest way to solve it.


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