Does bleached hair grow slower? Is there any way to speed it up?

Woman inspects her bleached hair

  • No, bleached hair DOESN’T grow slower.
  • What may be happening is that your hair is brittle after bleaching.
  • This can cause the hair to grow even though you don’t notice it.
  • In this article, I give you tips on how to make your bleached hair grow normally


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Is it normal to lose hair after bleaching? Bleached hair falling out at roots


Have you bleached your hair and now notice it’s growing slower?

Do you think there’s something you could do to help your hair grow faster?


You’ve come to the right place.

Many women come to my salon worried their hair isn’t growing after bleaching.

They notice that their hair is always at the same length.

Well, that’s fine. Let me tell you that not all of us grow our hair the same way. Are you surprised?


It’s like that.

Some hair types have a hard time growing than others.

You may also have that feeling if your hair is curly.   Curly hair seem to grow slower   because the curls tend to rise.

I invite you to discover together the mystery of bleached hair growth and care tips to help your hair grow strong and healthy.

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Everything about bleached hair and its growth

Combing fine bleached hair
Bleached hair is different from unbleached hair. Why?


Here are the reasons:

  • Bleached hair has a different texture.
  • It requires much more care than other hair types.
  • This special care helps your hair grow normally.
  • On the other hand, if you don’t take care of your bleached hair, its growth will be affected.

So, does bleached hair take longer to grow?


The definitive answer is NO.

 Bleached hair doesn’t take longer to grow, nor does it grow slower. 

So, why doesn’t bleached hair grow?


Bleached hair does grow!

However, you may not notice it.

I’m sorry to tell you the bad news: you may not notice it growing because your hair is breaking off from the middle to the ends.

Yes, if your bleached hair is always the same length, it’s because it broke while growing.


This happens because the hair isn’t healthy.

Bleached hair becomes thinner because   it “thins” with each bleaching. 

In some cases, it even becomes extremely thin and brittle.


Depending on how much care you give to your bleached hair, it may break more or less. Usually,   bleached hair that doesn’t grow out doesn’t have a regular shape at the ends.   It looks like mountain peaks.


Take this test to see if your bleached hair is brittle

To help you assess if your hair is uneven at the ends, you can do the test in the photo. What does it involve?


Comb your hair to straighten and smoothen it.

Ask someone to take a picture of you.

Then,   look at the length of your hair and how it ends: I’m sure you’ll see it’s uneven in the lengths.  


Regardless of your haircut, the shape of your ends will look completely uneven. That means your hair is broken. You may be convinced that your hair does grow, but unfortunately, it breaks in the process.


Avoid this if you don’t want your bleached hair to break

Combing bleached hair
It’s a relief to know that your hair is growing, but you also need to make sure that the growth starts to show. For example, combing your hair is a daily hair care habit.

However, watch out!


 Detangling your hair may also be breaking it.   So, from now on you’ll comb your hair softly and gently. No more tugging to untangle your hair!

Later on, I’ll give you 3 tips to help you avoid hair breakage. As I said before, your bleached hair is growing normally, but you don’t notice it because of breakage.


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How can I make my bleached hair grow faster?

Hair care products

There are many myths about hair growth.

Many women dream of owning long hair and will do anything to get it.

  I have seen and heard tips to make hair grow faster: from putting birth control pills in shampoo to using miracle lotions.  


In my experience, there’s only one formula to make hair grow faster: keep it healthy. Is that it?


Yes, only healthy hair grows.

If your hair is bleached and not growing, it’s because it’s at the point of breakage.

The only way to fix the problem of brittle bleached hair is with treatments, dedication, and care.


I know many women who bleach their hair and don’t get any care treatments afterward.

As a hairdresser, I know that   it’s irresponsible to have chemical work on your hair and do nothing to care for it.  


You see, nothing is free in this life.

Blonde hair sometimes pays a high price. That’s why   you must take care of it and prevent it from breaking.  


Caring for bleached hair to grow normally

Not all blonde hair breaks. Hair that is heavily damaged or bleached several levels away from its natural color will break.

In other words, the more bleach, the more it’s damaged. Natural hair may also be damaged, of course.


  • It’s very important to let your hair rest between bleachings. At least three months.
  • When you retouch your bleach, only bleach the grown-out roots. Don’t even think about bleaching the hair as a whole.
  • Post-bleaching treatments are the key to making your hair grow healthily and stop breakage.


What treatments should I use to help my hair stop breaking and keep growing?

Shampoo, conditioner, and a hair mask are the three basic steps to healthy hair.

If you can invest in good quality products, even better. You’ll see much faster results in hair growth. Remember: you want your bleached hair to grow healthily.


  So, choose anti-breakage care products, as they can fix bleached hair. You can go for nourishing masks and combine them with the treatment.  

Good quality products yield in quantity and give good results.

The best thing: healthy hair grows without breaking.


How should you use the treatment to make your bleached hair grow? Here are 3 tips

Worried woman with bleached hair with watch
While using treatments that will improve the health of your brittle hair, you must prevent your hair from breaking. How?


Follow these tips:

  • Don’t use too many heat tools that dehydrate your hair fiber and make it more brittle.If you can’t avoid using them, at least use a heat protectant to shield your hair from the high temperatures of a flat iron or blow dryer.


  • Don’t tie your hair in ponytails that are too tight or that tangle your hair and make it difficult to pull out, as many women pull their hair out when removing the ponytail.


  • Remember the brushing tip: comb your hair without tugging. You can use the detangling spray after washing to make it easier.

The sprays come in different textures. They don’t grease or take away shine. They are ideal to avoid tangles and tugging after showering.


Conclusion: your bleached hair grows naturally, but you must take care of it

Bleached hair doesn’t take long to grow. However, if you don’t care for it,   it may break and seem not to grow.  


In this article, I have recommended   care tips to keep your bleached hair in good health   and grow strong, healthy, and regularly. Use the right treatments and avoid blow-dryers or flat irons.

It’s up to you to make your hair grow, so get to work. Here are more tricks to grow your bleached hair gracefully.

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