How to stop black hair dye from bleeding into blonde

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Before getting into how to stop black hair dye from bleeding into blonde, it’s important to know what kind of dye you use.

  • If you used a semi-permanent dye on your blonde hair, the black pigments will fade as you wash it. So, your blonde base color will come back. It’s important to avoid shampoos with sulfates and to wash your hair less frequently with cool or cold water.


  • If you used a permanent black dye in your hair, without using a color filler beforehand, it’s unavoidable that some gold tones show through eventually. In order to extend how long the black dye lasts in your blonde hair, you should use a black toning shampoo, which I’ll tell you more about soon.


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It’s very common to hear people say “black dye covers everything.” And, it’s true.

But just because it covers any color in your hair, doesn’t mean that your base color won’t come back. Even if you touch up the color every thirty or forty days.

So,  the black hair dye almost always bleeds into blonde. 


Let’s break this down piece by piece.

In hair coloring, there are two kinds of dyes.

Semi-permanent dyes that fade as you wash your hair because it doesn’t change your hair structure. In those cases, the dye doesn’t get rid of your natural hair color.


black hair color

Instead, it works by depositing a film of color around your hair.

That’s why,  when the black pigments disappear, your blonde hair comes back. 


Then, we have permanent dyes that modify your hair structure because you use them with 20 volume developer and they contain ammonia.

So, if they modify your hair color, why does black dye bleed into blonde?


Well, don’t get ahead of yourself.

Let’s break it all down because today I’m going to give you a few possible solutions.

But I do need to be honest with you.

 There isn’t a magic solution for stopping black hair dye from bleeding into blonde. 


But, there are a few options for making the black dye last longer without bleeding into blonde.

If that makes sense, then let’s get to it.

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If you want to stop black semi-permanent dye from bleeding into blonde, wash your hair with sulfate free shampoo and less often and use cold water

washing black hair so it doesn't turn blonde

Semi-permanent dyes have a significant advantage, like I told you before. And that advantage is that they are less aggressive than permanent dyes because they don’t contain ammonia and you don’t use developer when you apply them.


Because of that,  they fade gradually as you wash your hair. 

How many washes does black semi-permanent dye last in blonde hair?


 It will all depend on two things: the brand of dye you choose and your hair care routine. 


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In terms of the brand, some tell you that their dyes last up to 25 washes, while others say that they last up to 10 washes.

That difference in how long it lasts depends on the pigments, some of which are more resistant than others.

But,  if you want to stop your black hair dye from bleeding into blonde, it’s important that in addition to choosing a brand of semi-permanent dye that lasts longer, you establish a rigorous hair care routine. 

What does that mean?


It means that you should change some of your habits and even incorporate specific products.

Let’s start with the habits:


  • Wash your hair less frequently.

And that means you should wash it at most, three times a week.

If you have greasy hair, you can always start using dry shampoo between your regular washes.

And that brings us to the next topic.


Or at least the coldest water you can bear to use. What you definitely should do is avoid hot water, because water at high temperatures will fade the black pigment in your dye and your hair will turn blonde.


  • Use sulfate-free hair products.

se debe usar varias veces el shampoo morado

Shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and more  should be sulfate free , because those ingredients are detergents that will get rid of the black pigments in the dye, making your hair turn blonde quicker.


And lastly, heat is the enemy of your black dye. Whether that’s heat from hot water or from heated styling tools.

So, try to use hair dryers and straighteners less often and protect your hair from the sun’s rays.


If you want to stop black hair dye from bleeding into blonde, use a black toning shampoo

wash black hair so it doesn't turn blonde

Black permanent hair dye contains ammonia which is what causes the color to stick inside your hair fiber. You also use a developer, which opens your hair cuticles so the color can enter inside.

This kind of coloring changes your hair in a permanent way, so, you’ll need to wait for your hair to grow out for it to go back to your natural color.


That means that if you  used a black permanent dye on your blonde hair, you might start to notice yellow or golden tones after a few washes. 


Why does that happen if the permanent dye changed your hair color?

Because you didn’t account for something only professional knowledge was going to tell you.


 Before using a black dye on very light hair, you should fill color with another color using an intermediate dye. 


Because that would stop the black dye from bleeding into blonde.

That’s why when a client comes into my salon wanting to dye their blonde hair black, I use an intermediate base color.

For example, a brown level 4. Or I could also choose a light brown 5 or dark blonde 6.


 That intermediate color base will make the black last longer.  And, it will stop the blonde from coming back.

Professional hair colorist call this a “color filler.”


Of course, now you can’t use a color filler now.

So, the only thing you can do is improve your hair care to make the black dye last longer.

And you should use two key products to do it:

  • Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to make the color last longer.
  • Black toning shampoo to stop those yellow tones from shining through and keep the black dye more vibrant.


You can use black toning shampoo from lines like KERACOLOR CLENDITIONER or VIRAL GEM.

You should use it once a week, leaving it in for three minutes to stop the black dye from bleeding into blonde.



At the end of the day, if you want to stop your black hair dye from bleeding into blonde, whether you used a permanent or semi-permanent dye, you should take a look at your hair care routine.

Use sulfate-free products, wash your hair less often with cold water and with black toning shampoo at least once a week.

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