How long does Olaplex last? How often is best to use it?

bleach twice in a month

It almost seems like I can see your happy face when you left the salon with your Olaplex treatment in your hair.

I’m sure you wanted to move your hair from side to side and that any impertinent that slipped between your chunks of hair was like it was caressing it.

I can see your satisfied face.

That one that we women have when we do a hair treatment, and we note that it’s smooth, shiny, and far from being dry, musty straw that falls out without grace.

But, at night, when you rest your head on your pillow, the doubts invade your mind, like terrible ghosts.

How long will my hair look this beautiful?

Can I do anything so that the effects of the Olaplex last longer on my hair?


In reality, there isn’t much you can do to make the effects of Olaplex last longer in your hair unless you turn yourself into a disulfide protein chain, and you can reach the deepest part of each of your hairs.


If you want the effects of Olaplex to last longer on your hair, you shouldn’t bleach it.

You shouldn’t dye it.

You shouldn’t flat iron it.

And you shouldn’t do a keratin treatment or any other anti-frizz treatment that uses heath like a dryer or a flat iron.

Because if you do it, you will break those internal bonds of the hair again that the Olaplex repaired.

Now, don’t get worried.


There’s a saying that goes, “for every law, there is a loophole.”

So, today I’ll tell you:

  • How to make the effects of Olaplex last longer in your hair
  • How often to repeat the treatment
  • In what cases is it best to repeat the application of Olaplex


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How to make the effects of Olaplex last longer in your hair

repairs and strengthens hair

As you well know, now that you’ve applied the Olaplex to your hair, your hair has ended up smooth, shiny and it appears stronger.

To make this last until your next dyeing or bleaching session, what you can do is complete an Olaplex 3 treatment at home.


How often you should apply Olaplex

lasts up to one month

No manual explains exactly how often.

And this is basically because no two people’s hair is the same.

And people don’t treat their hair the same.


If you are one of those that doesn’t use a flat iron nor hair dryer every day, then applying the Olaplex 3 once a week in your hair should be sufficient.

If you use the flat iron or hair dryer two or three times a week, I recommend that you use Olaplex 3 two times a week.


This is very important.


If you will go around playing with your hair and jumping from color to color as if you were painting a paper with watercolors, forget it.

Don’t waste your money on Olaplex because not even that will be able to save your hair.


Hair is not paper.

It is alive, and you need to care for it.

Here, it isn’t good enough to say, “it didn’t turn out right, and I try it again.”


How often you should repeat the treatment according to the state of your hair

in three steps

As always, the answer is it depends.

And it’s not that I want to make myself interesting or circle a thousand times around the subject.

When it comes to hair, math works simply for the proportional amounts of hydrogen peroxide and bleaching powder.


That’s why

  • If your hair is slightly damaged, do an Olaplex treatment every six weeks.
  • If it’s moderately damaged, apply it every four weeks.
  • And finally, if it’s very damaged, use it every two weeks.


Remember that this is a treatment that repairs the hair from the inside of the hair.

That means that in addition, you can use homemade moisturizing masks to reestablish the external moisture of the hair fibers.


Two women tell us how often they repeat the Olaplex application

There is nothing happier for a stylist than seeing healthy, cared-for hair.

If you’ve already tried this treatment, you know its benefits.

And I do not doubt that you’ll want to repeat it.

Do you want me to tell you why?


I prefer that two of my clients tell you because since they used Olaplex, they assure me that there is no other product for internal hair reconstruction that has given them such good results.

That is what Silvia wrote to me.


Hi Karina.

You asked me to write about my experience with Olaplex.

As you may well know, I like to change my hair color every three or four weeks. And because of this, my hair looked really scary.




I almost wanted to shave my whole head.

But thank god, you recommended the Olaplex treatment for me.

It really improved the aspect of my hair a lot.

It regained its shine and smoothness.


I use it every time I want to bleach or color my hair a new color.

I mean, I repeat the treatment in your salon every time that I bleach my hair.

I should clarify, that you always insist that I shouldn’t bleach my hair so much, but you know me.

You know that with pastel tones for me it’s like trying to resist Ian Somerhalder and his charming, naughty, vampire eyes in “Vampire Diaries.”


Since I don’t use flat irons nor hair dryers, the effect of the Olaplex lasts until my next bleaching.

And every three weeks, I use Olaplex 3 at home so that my color looks more vibrant and shiny.

I hope that my experience is useful for all your readers.


Silvia is one of those clients that is a torpedo of happiness. And it doesn’t matter how much you insist; she always transfers that torpedo of happiness in her hair.

 But I can assure you that since she used Olaplex in each coloring, her hair looks much healthier, which is saying a lot with all of the bleachings that she does, many of which are secretly mine. 


Now, let’s see Jessica’s case.

Jessica is 18 vibrant years old.

One of the most important things to her in life is that her hair loos straight from the moment she wakes up to the moment she goes to bed.

But this, for Jessica, is flat-iron abuse.

We are going to see what she was to tell us.


Hi Karina.

I can’t tell you how happy I feel having done this treatment.

Although I’ve never colored my hair, the flat iron use made it look very dry, with the ends completely split and practically lifeless.


Since I did the treatment, which I repeat every three months in the salon, my hair looks much healthier.

The ends don’t look open.

And it’s shiny.


Every week, I do the third step of Olaplex at my house to make the treatment that I did in the salon last longer.

I love this product.



We see that Olaplex works perfectly, not just in hair damaged by the chemical products used in bleaching and coloring.

It also works when the hair has been put through constant heat, like with the hairdryer or flat iron.


Now you know how long you should use Olaplex to improve the look of your hair.

Remember that everyone’s hair is like a different world that should be examined with a lot of attention and care.

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