Is Burgundy a Natural Hair Color? Is it a shade of red? Tips on choosing the best shade for you

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  • No, burgundy is not a natural hair color. Burgundy – in all its shades – is a man-made hair color.
  • Redheads have the only natural hair color with copper and mahogany hues.
  • So, no, no one is born with that color naturally. You can only achieve burgundy with a hair dye kit.

Do you know how to make burgundy happen?


It’s a mix of blue and red.

  • Lighter burgundies have more red.
  • Darker burgundies have more blue.

Now do you see why it’s impossible for it to be a natural hair color? Do you know anyone who was born with blue hair?


No, right? Me neither.

 But luckily, there is a huge variety of burgundy tones on the market so that you can pick one that’s just right for you. 


Here are some things you should think about before applying this gorgeous color:

  • You should choose a tone of burgundy according to your skin tone
  • Brands have special lines of red colors, and burgundy is 4-6. But some brands replace the numbers with names they created
  • Colors like burgundy have very strict maintenance requirements


If you decided to have burgundy hair, keep reading so I can tell you more in depth about how to choose the ideal tone, what numbers these tones have, and how to take care of your new color.


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How to choose the best burgundy tone for your hair?

I told you in the beginning about how you make burgundy – with red and blue.

The lighter the burgundy, the more red it has.

The darker the burgundy, the more blue it has.


You should choose your tone keeping this in mind.

  • If you like lighter hair, you can choose a burgundy tone 5-6.
  • If you like darker hair, you can choose a burgundy tone 3-6.


Now, if you want to choose burgundy according to your skin type, here are some suggestions I have for you:

  • If you are fair-skinned, lighter burgundies will warm up your skin tone and soften your features.
  • For tan or brown skin tones, dark burgundies will let your expressions shine and frame your face perfectly.


Burgundy tones generally look good on all skin colors.

They give elegance and impressive style to those who take the plunge.



What number does burgundy dye have?

at home

Burgundy is number 4-6.


But you can find various tones or names that can make you go crazy looking for it. That’s one difficult thing we need to talk about.

Brands have special lines of red tones.

You see, just as there is light blond or dark brown, from the base color of red there are light, medium, and dark shades.

But compared to other tones, reds have more combinations.

For example, burgundy.


As we well know, red and blue create burgundy, and there are light, medium, and dark burgundies.

Since there are so many ways to put colors together, brands create lines parallel to their red lines to be able to invent more combinations.

That’s why it’s sometimes difficult to know what dye number you’re looking for.

Sometimes you even find that brands have a tone 8B, or a name like “intense purple passion”.

But don’t worry!


 If you want to know the dye’s tone and it doesn’t appear in the front part of the dye kit box, look at the back. 

It should definitely be there.


Brands are obligated to put the dye number they are selling there so that you can return to buy the same number in another brand, or in case they decide to change its name.

This is because of how many complaints they got from consumers who didn’t know what tone of dye they were applying.

Now you know.


For burgundy, you can choose three distinct tones:

  • Dark burgundy 3-6
  • Burgundy 4-6
  • Light burgundy 5-6


This is the variety of burgundy you can choose, from the darkest to the lightest.


 When you go to the hair salon or pharmacy, take a good look at the reference colors on the dye kits, that way you’ll know for sure what tone you’re buying. 

What do you need to apply it?


You just need to buy the burgundy dye kit you like best.

It’s not necessary for you to go to the hairdresser to have this color done, you can do it at home with no problem.

You just need to follow the factory instructions and respect the times listed for letting the product sit and act.

When you see your hair, you’ll be in love.

Burgundy colors are gorgeous and captivates anyone who wears them.


How to take care of the color so it lasts for longer?

Red colors like burgundy are very difficult to maintain.

You should re-dye your hair every 3 or 4 weeks so it always looks like you just applied it.


If you want for your color to always shine, you can wash your hair with red or blue shampoo, depending on the burgundy tone you applied.

  • If it’s a dark burgundy, it will have more blue, so you can use a blue shampoo.
  • If it’s a light burgundy, it will have more red, so you can use a red shampoo.


This way, every time you wash your hair, you’ll be adding pigmentation to your tone.

You only need to replace your regular shampoo with a blue or red one, and then let it sit in your hair 5 to 10 minutes when you’re in the shower.

You’ll see how the color is revived with each application.



Burgundy tones are intense colors and give a mystical look to anyone who uses them, no matter if your hair is straight or curly. It’s also been a trend to leave your roots dark.

So if you don’t want to touch up your roots, every three weeks you can just touch up everything but the roots, letting them look darker. This will make your style even more impressive – all eyes will be on you!

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