My cap highlights have gone wrong, how can I fix them?

takes longer than foils

  • If you notice that some of your cap highlights are wider than others, you can apply a permanent dye to hide the difference. The hair dye color should be similar to the color of your highlights. Alternatively, wait for the next touch-up.
  • Alternatively, if your cap highlights are stained, you’ll need to bleach all of your hair.
  • Finally, if the highlights start two or three centimeters away from the root, next time, place the cap as close as one centimeter to the growth.


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Cap highlights are one of the hardest coloring techniques.



  Because the cap needs to be placed appropriately. Also, you must be careful when pulling your hair through the holes.  


Before finding the solution, you should understand what went wrong with the cap highlights.

  •   If some of your highlights are wider than others  , you probably pulled more hair than necessary.
  •   Alternatively, if your highlights are stained , the latex cap may have torn, and you spilled bleach mixture on your hair.
  •   Also, if your highlights start two or three centimeters from the root  , you misplaced the cap.


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In any of these situations, I have only one piece of advice:   go to a salon to find the best solution.  

Cap highlighting is a very complex technique that takes time to master even for professionals.

Therefore, I don’t recommend getting highlights done at home.


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At the academy, we practice cap highlights on wigs. Do you know how?

  • Place the cap correctly. Yes, this is elementary. The cap must be placed at a certain distance from the hairline. Otherwise, the highlights will start too far from the growth. We don’t do this once. We put it on as many times as necessary until the correct distance is achieved.
  • Pierce the cap. Sure, it sounds easy enough. However,   did you know that you need to choose the suitable needle size to pierce the cap correctly?   If you break the cap when you pierce it, you’ll stain the rest of the hair with the bleach.
  • Select where to pierce the cap. Otherwise, the number of highlights will be different in each area.
  • Always pull the same amount of hair through the holes to avoid getting wide or thin highlights.


On top of this, you should also work as fast as you can.

Don’t forget that you need to bleach the hair, and the bleach has a maximum exposure time.


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If you have no experience doing cap highlights, rushing can play a trick on you.

You may tangle your hair and make it hard to apply the highlights correctly.


All this is what you need to keep in mind when cap highlights are being done.

If you’re reading this, something must have gone wrong in the process, and that’s why you don’t like your highlights.

How can you fix it?


Don’t worry, we’ll go step by step so you know what you can do.

Let’s start.

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If your cap highlights are uneven, you can either color your hair or wait for the next touch-up

  If some highlights in your hair are wider than others, you pulled different amounts of hair in each strand.  


This frequently happens in cap highlights because the needle pierces the cap unevenly.


So, some holes are larger than others. When you pull the strands through those holes, some highlights will be wider than others.


You could also have made the highlights with a silicone cap, or you didn’t use the right needle size. That’s why some highlights are wider.


How do you solve this? You have two options:

  • You can apply a permanent dye in your highlights to even out the color.
  • Or you can wait for the touch-up to choose wider highlights.


Neither solution is easy. That’s why I recommend you go to the salon.


Fixing uneven highlights with permanent dye

hairdresser applied a dye too dark

If you choose this option,   you should make sure that the color you apply is the same or as close as possible to your highlights.  

Then, your hair will get even, and the strands that weren’t bleached will be darker.


What’s the idea here?

The aim is to conceal the uneven strands and turn them into subtle highlights.


Fixing uneven highlights at a touch-up session

When it’s time for your hair makeover, you can thicken all of your highlights.

You’ll need a thicker needle to pull thicker strands through the small holes in the cap.

Remember to bring the needle you used for the previous highlights to compare sizes and choose the right one.

My advice is to use a silicone cap because the latex cap is easier to break.


If you got the highlights with a cap, and they are stained, you’ll need to bleach your hair again

coconut oil as a hair product

When the latex cap breaks, or when the holes are too big, the bleach slides out and stains your hair.

In that case, you can only bleach your hair completely.   It’s the only way to make those stains disappear.  


Also, you’ll have to wait at least a week to bleach your hair again. If you don’t, you run the risk of burning it.


I recommend that you apply an intensive moisturizing treatment in the meantime.

  • Use coconut oil as an overnight mask at least twice a week. You could also use a moisturizing keratin or argan oil mask once a week.
  • Alternate with micellar water every three days to moisturize your hair.
  • Four hours before bleaching, apply coconut or jojoba oil. Then, bleach over the oil.


Remember not to leave the mixture on for more than 20 minutes, and check your color every five minutes.


If the cap highlights are too far from the roots, you’ll need to properly place the cap next time

  The cap should always be placed less than one centimeter away from the roots. 


I’ll give you some tips to do it the right way:

  • Comb all your hair back and untangle it.
  • Apply a few drops of coconut oil to ease pulling the hair through the holes in the cap.
  • Tighten the cap with the straps as tightly as you can.
  • Don’t pull hard when taking out strands to avoid moving the cap.



Cap highlights are one of the most complex coloring techniques. You need to have experience and training to properly place the cap and pierce the holes.

If you don’t like your highlights, I recommend, as a professional, to visit a beauty salon to have it solved.

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