Can you use Color Oops on wet hair? Don’t even think about it! Here’s why

  • Color Oops cannot be applied to wet hair.
  • Color Oops should always be used on DRY hair to remove the hair dye pigments without drying out your hair.
  • And to take it a step further, your hair should be dry and unwashed for at least two days before applying Color Oops.


hair dye removers

If we were talking about any type of hair mask, I would tell you that some can be applied to wet or dry hair.

However, we’re talking about color removers. In this case, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


 The manufacturer of Color Oops already did all the tests before launching the product on the market. The instructions indicate that you should do it on dry hair.  Simple and easy as that.

There’s no chance for you to experiment on your hair.


 If you decide to apply Color Oops on wet hair, the dye you wanted to fade will still be there when you rinse the product out.   Also, your hair will be extremely dehydrated.

If you’re determined to use Color Oops and successfully remove hair dye, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

That starts with one fundamental issue.

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Color Oops is always applied to dry hair and without having washed it for, at least, two days

before applying dye

Color remover has facilitated the removal of permanent hair dye for many, many women worldwide.

And Color Oops is the most used because it works on black and red hair, which are the two most difficult shades to remove.


And this is not magic; it’s pure chemistry.[/su_highlight] When you apply permanent hair color, the pigment is bonded to your hair’s core.

Those bonds are chemically strengthened by ammonia for the color to last longer.

 What does Color Oops do when you want to remove hair dye you don’t like? 


It detaches those ammonia bonds. Then, the sulfur in the product expels all the artificial color during rinsing.

As it’s a detachment and not a breakage, the hair doesn’t suffer as much damage as other color removal processes. What’s more, Color Oops allows you to repeat the process.


If your hair doesn’t expel all the color in the first Color Oops application,  you can apply it up to three times in a row. 

This is a typical situation, especially for women who have been applying a dark or red dye to their hair for years. You can perfectly solve it with Color Oops!


Once your hair has expelled all the artificial color, you can apply hair dye without having to wait weeks, as with other removers or bleaching.

Do you understand why you can’t apply Color Oops on wet hair?


Let’s review.

If your hair is wet, i.e. it has absorbed a good amount of water, it’ll start to shed the chemical bonds of the color when you apply Color Oops.

 Therefore, you’ll be accelerating the shedding process, thus reducing the remover’s strength. 


Imagine you prepare a coffee and you add extra 250 cm3 of water. Will it be a strong coffee or one that is too light?

Correct, too diluted.


The same goes for Color Oops on wet hair.

Also, if you apply Color Oops on wet hair, the product will be absorbed much more quickly to the roots. It’ll make your hair dull and dry.

You may even experience hair loss at the roots.


Therefore, Color Oops should always be applied to dry hair.

Do you want to know how to use Color Oops safely?

Read on!


How to apply Color Oops correctly and safely

If you need to remove a dark or red color from your hair, you should apply Color Oops as directed by the manufacturer. You can also add some useful tips from an experienced professional.

  • Don’t wash your hair for 48 hours before the application.
  • Trim 2 centimeters off your ends if they’re dry so they don’t break off.
  • Use a moisturizing shampoo with Keratin for rinsing.
  • Use a body lotion instead of a conditioner to give your hair an extra touch of hydration.
  • Have the hair dye you want to apply ready before you start.


If you follow these instructions, your hair will be perfect and healthy.


Step 1: Prepare the mixture

The Color Oops kit has two containers: one labeled with the number 1, and the other with the number 2.

Transfer the entire contents of container number 1 to container 2, and mix very well to blend.


Step 2: Apply the mixture to dry hair

Your hair has to be dry and unwashed for 48 hours. Separate your hair into four sections, and apply the mixture from roots to ends. Remember to wear gloves to use your hands during application.

Be sure to massage each strand so that the mixture penetrates deeply.


Step 3: Leave the mixture on for 20 minutes, not a minute longer or shorter

Respect the exposure time because the Color Oops loses its effect after 25 minutes.


Step 4: wash your hair

After those 20 minutes, wash your hair with hot water. Let the water run to make sure there’re no traces of Color Oops left.

You can shampoo several times until the Color Oops smell disappears. It’s quite strong and persistent, by the way.


What to do after applying Color Oops to your hair

restores the helath of the hair

  • If after rinsing and washing your hair, there’re no traces of the color you wanted to remove, you can apply a new hair dye. Also, perform a moisturizing treatment to repair any damage.
  • If there’re still traces of color, you can use Color Oops again. And here’s a tip.
  • If you notice that your hair is very dull or feels coarse, give it a break. Wait for three days, do a moisturizing treatment, and then reapply Color Oops.


Three days in a person’s life may not be much, but some things make a difference. And in hair matters, the difference can be the key to healthy hair.



Color Oops should always be applied to dry, unwashed hair for at least two days. This way, it’ll be more effective at removing the permanent hair color pigments without damaging the hair.

By following the instructions and respecting the exposure times, you’ll completely remove the unwanted color without damaging your hair.

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