8 best hair dyes for keratin-treated hair (permanent and semi-permanent)

dyeing keratin treated hair


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I believe that semi-permanent hair dyes have no big secrets. They don’t contain ammonia and are applied with a developer. Therefore, they won’t remove the keratin from your treatment.


However, what you should pay special attention to is whether you color your keratin-treated hair with a permanent hair dye.

Almost all of them contain ammonia and are applied with a developer.

So, what is the difference between the hair dyes I mentioned before and the rest of the permanent hair dyes?


 There’s a noticeable difference: three out of those four hair dyes contain keratin. So, your hair will have extra help when absorbing the pigmentation. 


Once you’ve chosen your favorite brand of hair dye with keratin, you need to keep in mind a few things when coloring your hair. What are they?


Don’t be impatient.

Let’s start by talking in more detail about each of these hair dyes and the best option for you.

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Schwarzkopf Keratin Color, for very gray keratin treated hair

Rich Caviar

Let’s tell the truth.

This is the best hair dye if you want to both protect the keratin treatment and cover your gray hair.

It’ll protect your keratin-treated hair because its exclusive K-BOND-PLEX formula contains large amounts of keratin. It reduces breakage by up to 80%. Also, its intense pigmentation ensures perfect gray coverage.


What’s more, the coloring kit contains a pre-color serum. It’ll replenish your cuticles to give them elasticity during coloring. Then, the hair dye itself is formulated with pure keratin and amino acids.


If you’re looking for a wide range of reds to color your keratin-treated hair, your best option is L’Oreal Paris Excellence Créme

box dye after bleaching

I don’t know if you knew this, but each hair dye brand is like a “big specialist of certain colors.”

For example, if you’re a fan of red in your hair, this may be your best option for your keratin-treated hair.


You can choose from five different shades of red. Also, the hair dye formula contains keratin, which allows the nutrients to fix in the hair, give elasticity to it, and reduce breakage by 70%.

The kit has everything you need as well as an innovative applicator comb to distribute the mixture evenly.

Also, the post-color treatment contains Pro-Keratin, which ensures extra shine and softness with color that lasts up to eight weeks.


If you prefer to color your keratin-treated hair with an ammonia-free hair dye, Revlon Colorsilk is the ideal choice

what does revlon colorsilk kit include

Yes, that’s right. Although almost all permanent hair dyes contain ammonia, Revlon developed a line that avoids that ingredient.

What’s more, this line has over 41 colors. So, you have a wide variety of shades to choose from.


 The Colorsilk hair dye contains keratin and silk extracts, which will give your hair an absolute shine,  amino acids that nourish your hair, and the exclusive 3D Color Gel formula. It gives your hair extra depth as well as intensity to the color.


The kit has everything you need to make your coloring perfect: extra soft developer cream, ammonia-free hair dye, and a post-color treatment.

Although all these kits are easy to get, you can even buy them on Amazon. If you can’t find them, I still have an option for you. Even though it doesn’t contain keratin, it’ll protect your keratin-treated hair.

Do you want to know what it is?


Garnier Nutrisse Créme, although it doesn’t contain keratin, its formula includes three different oils

Although it doesn’t contain keratin, it’ll protect your hair from the core due to its unique blend of oils: olive, avocado, and shea butter.

  • Olive oil will give you shine.
  • Avocado oil will moisturize your hair.
  • Shea butter will extend the effects of the keratin treatment and prevent frizz.


 This combination plus the extra hydration ensure that the keratin treatment applied to your hair is safe. 

Also, Nutrisse offers a range of more than fifty different colors.


The kit also includes everything you need: pre-color serum, hair dye, triple protection oil, and extra moisturizing developer cream.

Now that you know which hair dye is best for your keratin hair, I’ll give you some tips to dye your hair.


6 tips for applying permanent hair dye without damaging your keratin treatment

coloring over uneven hair to match it


 One last secret? After washing your hair, blow-dry it on medium or high heat. Don’t forget that keratin is reactivated by heat. 


If you prefer to avoid blow-drying, you should flat iron your hair every three or four days to reactivate the effect of your treatment.

Again, you should only flat iron your hair every three to four days. Otherwise, no keratin treatment can nourish your hair.



Keratin treatments give excellent results on damaged or dry hair. Regarding hair dyes, nowadays many of them contain this protein to extend its effect.

Still, remember that you should always wait for at least fifteen days to apply the hair dye after the treatment.

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