Balayage Ruined My Hair; I’m Sad, How Can I Fix it?

worried woman with balayage holds her head

If balayage ruined your hair, it could be for one of these reasons (I’ll give you solutions for each):

  • My hair was damaged. Solution: nourish and moisturize.
  • I asked for a white balayage, but it turned orange. Solution: bleach again with mild peroxide.
  • I went too blonde. Solution: dye some strands darker for contrast.
  • My hair is sticky and falls out. Solution: cut the ends and do repair treatments.


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Did balayage ruin your hair?


First of all, I ask you not to be sad.  Everything has a solution . And almost all solutions are simpler than you might think.

First, we need to analyze what ruined your hair. Then  we’ll look for the best and most convenient solution  for your hair.

But don’t lose your cool. Everything has a fix.

Let’s start!


My hair was damaged after a balayage

worried girl looks at her damaged hair

If your hair was already dyed,  balayage may have ruined your hair .

The bleach you used for the balayage should have been extra gentle.

You should have also moisturized your hair beforehand.


Now,  if you had virgin hair , what you think is ruined hair is likely the typical result of bleaching.

In all my years of work, I’ve encountered many clients who had never bleached their hair before. Then when they bleach their hair, they feel their hair has become untamable, dry, and impossible to style.



The only remedy is to nourish and moisturize your hair.

  • You can try flax, argan, coconut, or other natural oils. These are gentle, quick-acting, and provide short-term nourishment.


  • Hydrating masks are more effective. Since they generally come as a cream, they’re easier to distribute and absorb.

Masks are longer-lasting treatments and give better results.


  • Acid treatments are excellent for these situations. They nourish and seal the hair cuticles, getting rid of frizz.
  •  I don’t recommend treatments that use heat to seal them , such as keratin shocks, hair botox, or hair lifts.

The intense heat can break the hair fiber.


I asked for a white balayage, but it turned orange.

angry lady because her balayage turned orange

 One of the biggest lies around nowadays are the photos and videos  posted on social networks, especially on virtual hair salon pages.


These show divine hair,  with extra dark colors and white or gray balayage , waist-length hair, models who shake their hair with mind-blowing ease and movement, and so on.

But you know what?


 The truth is that these photos are fake. 

No one, not even the best stylist in the world, can achieve those miracles.


So, bleach doesn’t work miracles if your hair is extra dark.

Can you get a white balayage if you have dark hair?


Yes, of course, you can. But what state will your hair be in afterward?


It was ruined. A professional hairdresser will always tell you  it’s not possible to go white from a dark base  all at once.

But don’t worry.

Don’t get upset if you asked for a white balayage and it went orange. The solution is simple.



 You will have to do the balayage again , this time with a much gentler bleach. That way, you won’t ruin your hair.

Of course,  you’ll get some coppery highlights , those that don’t get bleached again.

But by bleaching 80% to 90% of your hair again, you’ll achieve a buttery tone that will look beautiful.


That way,  you can keep your hair healthy . With good nutrition, it will maintain its freshness and vitality.


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My hair is too blonde after a balayage

woman shows her excessively blond hair

The first time you get a balayage,  there should still be some unbleached strands , so you can see the contrast.

Perhaps, when retouching, you mistakenly touch yup your hair back to the roots. This will detract from the depth and contrast.

If this is what happened to you, the solution is simple.



You should  dye some hair in your original color . Try to avoid the outermost layers of hair. You can solve this.

Everything will be back to normal.


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My hair is sticky and falls out after a balayage

Brush and bleached hair that falls out

If your hair goes sticky and falls out after a balayage, you have a severe problem.

One of these situations may have occurred:

  • The bleach was far too strong.
  • You left the bleach on for much longer than necessary.
  • Your hair was already bleached and wasn’t ready for balayage.



Whatever the mistake, you must now act immediately:

  •  Do a spike cut . It sweeps away anything that looks irreversibly damaged.
  • Then,  start repairing your hair with repair treatments. 

Act quickly to save what hair you can.

  • Avoid using hair dryers and straighteners for a while.



 If balayage ruined your hair, don’t be sad. 

Get out of that victim mindset and return to see your trusted hairdresser.

 They will help you find a solution  that leaves you happy and satisfied.


Most likely, communication was the problem: understanding the difference  between what you wanted and what could be done. 

Everything will work out, so GO FOR IT!

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