Purple Dye Over Red Hair: a foolproof guide to DIY with free tips from a pro hairstylist

first remove red hair

Do you have red hair, and you want to dye it purple?


First off, I tell you, don’t try it!

Your hair will end up horrible, and you will regret it for life.


Girl, I’m JOKING.

Today I woke up feeling funny.


Dyeing red hair purple or violet is totally possible, and in fact, you can do it at home.

Like I always say, coloring processes take time and patience. If you don’t have either of those, I would recommend going to a professional.

You will spend some money, but the results will be worth every dollar you invest.


Now, whether you decide to dye your hair at home or the salon, the process will be more or less the same.

Maybe the product brands you use will change a bit, but in general terms, first, you will have to bleach the hair to get rid of the red, and then you’ll apply the purple that you choose. That’s everything in summary.

Of course, there are a few important middle steps.


So, today I want to help you change the color of your hair.

  • First, I will help you choose the best purple or violet tone for your hair.
  • I will then tell you how to get rid of the red you have now to replace it with the new color you have chosen.


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What purple tone to choose

If you are going from a reddish tone, it’s important to know that these colors have a lot of pigmentation.

A burgundy red (4.46) is not the same as a light red (4.6) or a pure fantasy red.


We already have a red base, which is good because violet is made up of blue and red.

Keeping in mind that purple is a 4.9 tone, we will only have to apply the dye.


  • If your skin is darker, you should opt for a 4.9 Violet or a deep purple 3.9 that looks great with darker skin, making your eyes and lips pop.
  • If your skin is lighter, you can choose a fantasy lilac (you should bleach your hair first); these dyes can be bought in pharmacies or hair salon stores or a lighter Violet 5.9 or 6.9.


Now that you have chosen the color to dye your hair, we can move on to the next step.



How to bleach your hair and apply the new color

semi permanent color

Bleaching is only necessary if you choose a light lilac or intense violet color so that there are no signs of the red left behind.

You must keep in mind that all bleaching generates damage to your hair; intense colors have a lot of pigmentation, so with bleaching them, you should be calm and have time.


If you chose a light lilac or intense violet:

  • In a plastic bowl, mix bleaching powder and 30-volume peroxide. Remember not to use more volumes so as not to damage your hair.
  • With a brush, apply the mixture over the entire surface, leaving 1 cm of growth, starting with the lengths, which takes longer to bleach.
  • Let it sit for 30 to 40 minutes. Every 10 minutes, check the color. You can use a thermal cap so that it processes evenly.
  • When you see that the red color has disappeared and has turned yellow, rinse. You can do that with your regular shampoo or simply with a rinsing cream.
  • Remember that this is a chemical product that generates temperature. It’s normal to feel burning or heat on your scalp. If the heat is extreme or it causes irritation, rinse quickly.
  • Dry the hair and apply the new color.


Fantasy colors are not permanent dyes; they fade with washing.

Keep this in mind since they don’t last more than 2 or 3 weeks.


 If you chose a deep purple or a violet, you wouldn’t need to bleach since your tone is a 4.6 or 4.46, which are reds to go to a 4.9 or 3.9 which are violet and deep purple. 

Since they are darker tones, it isn’t necessary to bleach since you have to darken.


If you are looking for beautiful, shiny violets, L’ Oreal and Revlon have an incredible pallet!

They have exclusive colors to choose from, and in the kit that you buy in the pharmacy or the hair, salon store comes an after-color treatment that is very good for our hair.


How to maintain your purple hair

Maintaining the color is the first thing we have to know about when we choose these tones.

There are basic cares to work into our beauty routine.


  • There are a great variety of toning shampoos; Revlon 45-day has an intermediate violet tone.

It isn’t difficult to get a shampoo with violet dye since it is also used to eliminate other tones.

The good thing about these shampoos is that they don’t contain sulfates, which are chemicals that quickly wash out the dye.


  • We all like silky, shiny, nourished hair. That’s why I recommend not washing your hair every day… Are you surprised? Yes, I know. Despite what everyone thinks, washing your hair often is damaging for growth because it weakens it.


  • Apply a cream bath, with keratin ideally, more so if your hair went through a bleaching treatment. Once a week and your hair will be totally renewed.


  • I always recommend that my clients have a notebook where they write the date and tone of the die they applied.

If you went to the salon, ask your stylist what color they applied to redo it when your roots grow in.


 Purple, violet and lilac are excellent autumn-winter colors and the biggest brands have a special line for this season. 

At the hair salon store, you will find everything you need, and they are going to help you so that you can have the color you are looking for.


And you, are you thinking of dyeing your red hair purple?

Do you still have doubts?


Maybe you have doubts about getting rid of the red in your hair, what color dye to choose, or something like that.

Leave me all your doubts here below, and I will respond as soon as possible.

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