How much 40 volume developer to mix with bleach?

woman prepares to bleach her hair

  • If you’re planning to bleach your hair, your should mix two parts 40 volume developer with one part bleach powder.
  • That means that you should mix 20 grams of bleach powder with 40 ml of 40 volume developer, for example.
  • But, my professional opinion is the following: DO NOT BLEACH YOUR HAIR USING 40 VOLUME DEVELOPER, especially if you don’t have experience in coloring your hair because all you’re going to end up doing is damaging your hair and burning your scalp.


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Does bleaching your hair make it thinner? Does it make it grow slower?


Whenever you’re preparing the mix for bleaching your hair,  the proportion of developer, whether it’s 30 or 40 volume, to bleach powder is 2 to 1. 


  • If you use 20 grams of bleach powder, you should use 40 ml of 40 volume developer.
  • If you use 50 grams of bleach powder, you should use 100 ml of 40 volume developer.


materials for bleaching hair

Now, what are you hoping to do with this mixture?

Did you know that 40 volume developer is extremely aggressive for your hair and if you don’t use it correctly, you can seriously damage your hair and burn your scalp?

Bleaching your hair is a very aggressive form of chemical processing, because in additional to getting rid of pigments in your hair, it also takes away moisture, nutrients and vitamins.


Because of that,  everyone’s hair is weaker and more prone to breaking after bleaching it. 


And I’m talking about when you use a 30 volume developer.

Can you imagine what your hair would be like after bleaching it using a 40 volume peroxide?


So, if you’re thinking about doing this to your hair, you should go to salon so a trained professional can help you decide what’s best for your hair.

Yes, I am telling you that  it’s not a good idea to bleach your hair at home, especially if you’re thinking of using a 40 volume developer. 


Hair colorists study for several years, and then we practice to be able to do a good job and not put our clients’ hair at risk.

Do you really think that after watching a tutorial or two on YouTube you’re going to be able to bleach your hair without risking hurting your hair?


Things might go well, although I honestly believe that if you use a 40 volume developer, there’s no happy ending waiting for you.

I think it’s extremely important to tell you this beyond the information you were looking for originally.

So, I’ll invite you to reflect before moving forward because you only have one head of hair. If you damage it, you’ll have to cut off all of the burned parts. And imagine hurting your scalp.


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At the end of the day, the decision is yours and I hope you’ll make it with all the facts in mind. Meanwhile, let’s take a closer look at the information you were looking for originally.

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For every two parts 40 volume developer, you need one part bleach powder

bleaching mixture and gloves in the bathroom

Because this is the proportion of peroxide and bleach powder required to prepare a bleach mix, independent of what volume developer you use.

That means the  proportion is 2 to 1. 



Because bleach powder has a very dry texture. It’s not volatile and it’s very heavy. In order to make the bleach work, you need to give it body and a creamy consistency.

This creamy consistency is what will make it easier for your distribute it evenly throughout your hair.

Do you know what the ideal consistency of bleach mix is?


Imagine the consistency of your favorite moisturizing mask, that probably has a firm, but still creamy texture. It allows you to spread it throughout your hair easily without dripping off.

That’s the consistency you’re trying to get when you prepare the mixture.


Now, while you’re still considering if it’s a good idea to use 40 volume peroxide, I’ll tell you a few other secrets you should keep in mind when it comes to preparing bleach mix.


How to prepare the mixture for bleaching your hair

materials to prepare bleaching mixture

I’m going to say it again:  avoid mixing 40 volume developer with bleach powder. .

But there are also two other things you should avoid mixing with it, too:

  •  Metal,  because it speeds up the developer’s chemical reaction.
  •  Wood , because it absorbs the moisture and will ruin the mixture.


So, you should use plastic or glass materials to mix the peroxide and bleach power.

I’d suggest using the  same measuring tool  to measure the quantity of peroxide and bleach, which could be the measuring cups for baking, the top from the laundry detergent bottle or even a small cup.


Once you’ve chosen what you’re going to use to measure the quantity of 40 volume developer and bleach powder, you can start to prepare the mixture.

Put the following ingredients into a plastic receptacle:

  • 1 part bleach powder
  • 2 parts 40 volume developer
  • Mix until the two ingredients have fully integrated.


Look closely at the mixture.

  •  If the bleach mixture seems too liquidy , you can add ½ of your original measurement of bleach powder.
  •  If the mixture turned out too firm , you can add one more of your original measurement of 40 volume developer.



Now, it’s your turn. I want to know what your decision is.

Will you mix 40 volume developer with bleach power?


If the answer is “no,” you don’t know how relieved and happy I am for you right now.

Relieved because you’ve avoided causing your hair severe damage.

Happy because now you know what the exact proportion of peroxide and bleach you should use for bleaching your hair.

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