Does bleached hair take color faster? Yes, a hairdresser reveals why

woman worried about the color of her bleached hair

  • Bleached hair takes color faster because it’s more porous.
  • It absorbs the dye like a sponge.
  • Now, even if your bleached hair takes the dye’s color faster, you should always respect the exposure times recommended by the manufacturer. Generally speaking, it will always be between 30 and 45 minutes. And I’ll tell you why later.


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As you can see,  bleached hair takes color faster. 


However, dye exposure times will always be the same for bleached, colored, or virgin hair. Therefore, it’s essential you respect the exposure times indicated by the manufacturer of the dye brand you have chosen.


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Because  if you don’t respect these exposure times, even though your bleached hair will take color faster, it will also lose it. 

Want to know why? Read on.


Why bleached hair takes color faster

dye is applied to bleached hair

When you bleach your hair you strip it of color, but you also strip it of moisture and nutrients. That’s why  any hair will be more porous after bleaching. 

Hair porosity is the hair’s ability to absorb everything you apply to it, from water to dye.


When you apply a chemical process such as bleaching, the hair cuticles are left open and the hair fiber is exposed to different damages.

It starts to lose nutrients and moisture. Frizz and dryness can appear.

So what happens when you dye your bleached hair?


 Your hair will absorb the color quickly because of its high porosity and because your hair is missing moisture. 


In other words, your bleached hair is trying to regain the moisture and nutrients it lost during bleaching.

Your bleached hair will absorb faster everything you apply to it. But it will also lose color more easily.

So once you apply the dye to your bleached hair, it’s vital you take care of your hair so the color lasts longer.


How to care for your color in bleached hair

avocado oil and frequency of use

Unfortunately, after bleaching and coloring your hair, you will have to fight porosity.  You need to take extra care so your bleached hair retains its color. 

Take note of these tips so the color doesn’t fade so quickly from your bleached hair!

  •  Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.  Why? Because sulfates fade dye pigments.
  • Try to use hair products with keratin, elastin, or ceramides.
  • Apply natural masks with oils such as coconut or avocado, to repair your hair.
  • Don’t overuse heat tools such as hair dryers or straighteners. Try to use them once a week and always apply a heat protectant.
  • Wash your hair a maximum of three times a week.



Bleached hair takes color faster because the chemical process made it more porous. For that reason, it absorbs everything you apply to it like a sponge.

But despite this, you need to respect the exposure times recommended by the hair dye manufacturer. This will be the same for both bleached and virgin hair.

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