How to dye dark hair blue without bleaching? Hair dyes for black, dark brown, and light brown hair


without bleaching it before

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Dreaming of wearing a vibrant, personal blue, but afraid to bleach your dark hair?


I understand your feeling if you’ve searched the internet and come across people who have ruined their hair looking for a unique and personalized blue.

Let’s face it,  bleaching is like the villain of the movies. It has earned its bad reputation and on its own merit. 


After all, we’re talking about a chemical process that is very aggressive, especially to dark hair.

There’s an additional difficulty. You want to achieve a fantasy shade like blue, whose success lies in applying it to really light hair so that it looks just like you saw it on the Instagram posts.

However, there is still a light of hope at the end of the tunnel. There are some possibilities for you to color your dark hair blue without having to bleach it.


And those possibilities will depend on exactly how dark your hair is. Black is not the same as dark or light brown.

So, if you’re not willing to bleach your dark hair, but you want to color it blue, stay with me, and I’ll tell you:

  • Permanent and semi-permanent dyes to color black hair blue without bleaching
  • Blue hair dyes to apply to dark brown hair
  • If you have light brown hair, you can choose from a wider range of blues to color your hair without bleaching.

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Permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes to color black hair blue without bleaching

If you have black hair, your situation is a bit complex than if you had light brown hair. No blue hair dye can modify the black pigments in your hair.

However, if you’re not willing to pay as high a price as bleaching to change your color, you can give your hair a different lightness. What do I mean by this?


 You can use some dyes that give your hair a blue glow that will be more noticeable in the sun or under the spotlight. 

Of course, we’re talking about deep, dark blues. If you apply a very light blue, your hair won’t even show the color change, and neither will you.

What are these miracle hair dyes?


You have two options: semi-permanent and permanent hair dyes.


Semi-permanent hair dyes: for those who bet on a shorter-lasting change.

renewing the color

If I had to recommend a brand, I’d choose the Splat Midnight Indigo. It’ll give you a deep blue shade. Although the change is not permanent, it lasts over 30 washes due to its pigmentation and excellent quality.


Permanent hair dyes: for those looking for a longer-lasting bluish light.

I don’t know how old you are. In the nineties, Gothic fashion, including coloring, was everywhere. Its maximum expression was bluish-black.

Gothic is over, but bluish-black hair dye is still a trend. It’ll give your black hair a bluish glow and more depth.


Garnier Nutrisse, one of the best brands in permanent hair dyes.

This brand offers you 3 different blue-black shades to choose from.

  • IN 1, Dark Intense Indigo
  • BL 21, Blue Black
  • BL 11, Jet Blue Black


Revlon Color Silk, a vibrant bluish black of extra durability.

  • 12, Natural Blue Black


IGORA Royal Color, a brand of excellent quality pigments.

  • 1-1, Blue Black


Now, what if your hair is brown? You’ll need to look at whether it’s dark or light brown. That will determine the different blue shades you can use without bleaching previously.


Blue hair dyes to apply to dark brown hair

differences with arctic fox

Unbelievably, there is a big difference between dark brown and black hair. Brown is a totally different color.

With a brown or chestnut base, you have more options to wear a vibrant blue color.

If your hair is dark brown, you can apply different semi-permanent blue colors:

  • Splat Blue Envy, for a sophisticated look
  • Splat Midnight Azure, with a duration of more than 30 washes
  • Punky Color Midnight Blue, with excellent quality pigments
  • Color X-Change Mood of Blue, lasting up to 20 washes


If you have light brown hair, you can choose from a wider range of blue shades to color your hair without bleaching

If your hair is light brown (5), you have a much better chance to wear a light blue in your hair, as your base color is light. Of course, you can’t apply too light blue shades such as light blue, turquoise, or neon.

To color your hair those blue shades, you’ll need to bleach your hair to a yellow base.


However, as you don’t need to bleach your hair, you have many options. That’s always a good decision. Do you want to know what blue shade you can use to shock your friends at your next meeting?

  • Color X-Change Ballistic Blue, for those looking for a mysterious and elegant blue.
  • Splat Blue Envy, a blue hair dye that brings light and mystery.
  • Splat Aqua Rush, an eclectic color for those who seek to differentiate themselves.
  • Punky Color Atlantic Blue, one of my favorite colors because it’s original and bright.



The lighter the base of your dark hair, the wider the range of blue shades you can dye your hair without bleaching.

 If none of these blue shades are what you’re looking for because you want a lighter color, you’ll need to bleach your hair. 

In that case, I recommend that you visit a salon.


Bleaching is a complex chemical process that requires several sessions according to how dark your hair is. Each bleaching session can affect your hair health.

Coloring your hair blue in a salon is expensive but believe me, the results will be totally worth it.


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