Should you wash your hair before bleaching it? Is it better to bleach clean or dirty hair?


wash hair with sulfate free shampoo

Before bleaching my hair for the first time, and some doubts came up.


Should I wash my hair before bleaching?


The answer is absolutely NOT.

You SHOULDN’T wash your hair before doing a bleaching treatment.


The right thing is to not wash your hair for at least two days before the bleaching.

And this has nothing to do with the myth that the products take better in dirty hair.



The only thing you will get if you don’t wash your hair for more than two days is greasiness that will stick to your fingers when you try to run your fingers through your hair.

You can give start to grow some pretty unpleasant and annoying bugs called lice.



Also, you can patent a perfume exclusively to scare away unpleasant people.

That’s why there are no doubts as to why you shouldn’t wash your hair before bleaching; I will explain to you everything I know about the process.


I will tell you:

  • Why it’s best to bleach your hair without washing it
  • What other tips you should keep in mind when it comes time to prepare your hair for bleaching
  • I will teach you how to do the bleaching process
  • And finally, what shampoo and condition to use after bleaching


I ask that you pay close attention.


I know that if you are reading this, it’s because you’ve decided to bleach your hair.

But before you do, think about it.


Think about it hard.

Sleep on it as many nights as is necessary.

Because once you start down this path, there’s pretty much no turning back.



Bleaching is a chemical process that eliminates the natural color of your hair through oxidation.

And when I say eliminates it, it’s final.


If you are already set on bleaching your hair, then we can continue to the important stuff.




Why isn’t it a good idea to wash your hair before bleaching?

prepare hair for bleaching

Don’t wash your hair for at least two days before doing the bleaching treatment.

 During those two days, your scalp will produce natural oils that are the best protection against the aggression from the chemicals in the moment of bleaching. 


Also, those natural oils will not prevent the products you use during the bleaching from doing their job.


What it does is prevent all the moisture in your hair fibers from evaporating thanks to hydrogen peroxide and bleaching powder.

But there are other things you need to keep in mind when you start bleaching.

And here, I’ll tell you.


Five tricks so that your bleaching is completely successful


  • Your hair should be healthy

My advice is that if you dye it, like in my case, don’t do it for at least three months before bleaching.

Believe me.


If you don’t wait that time, your hair will end up straw-like, lifeless, and then you will start the process of getting back the health of your hair which will take about six months, and even then, it’ll be hard to get it to look good.


  • Deep-condition your hair for at least fifteen days before bleaching
moisturize hair before bleaching

I’m sure that in your kitchen you have an egg and some drops of olive oil.

If you have it, then you are the owner of a small treasure.



Because with just those two ingredients, egg and olive oil, you can make moisturizing hair masks and some of the strongest homemade beauty treatments out there.


Since I have normal hair, I use an entire egg, but if your hair is dry, use just the yolk while your hair is greasy, just the whites.

According to your hair type, choose a part of the egg you will use, whisk it and add five or six drops of olive oil.


Afterward, massage the mask throughout your whole head and let it sit for twenty minutes.


Rinse with cold or lukewarm water and wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo.

Use this mask up to two times a week.


  • Avoid using heat sources on your hair for at least fifteen days before
avoid heat before bleaching

And with this, I want to say just as much flat irons and hair dryers.

I know that women have become addicted to straight hair and perfectly straight.


But abusing it and the hairdryer will only make your hair lose more moisture.

It’s only fifteen days.


 If you think that you can’t resist the temptation of flat ironing your hair during this time, store your flat iron under lock and key   and give the key to your best friend until you are allowed to use it again.


  • Choose the indicated hydrogen peroxide
dont use 40 volume developer


In case you don’t know, there are four volumes of peroxide or oxidizer, which in the end is most responsible for erasing the color of your hair.

10 volume peroxide doesn’t work for dark hair. It’s ideal to discolor dyed hair lightly and to bleach it one or two levels lighter, for example, going from light brown to blonde.

Por si no lo sabes, existen cuatro volúmenes de peróxido o oxidante, que finalmente es el mayor responsable de barrer el color de tu cabello.


20 volume peroxide is best for those with light brown hair who want to make it two or three lighter.

The 30 volume one helps bleach your hair up to four levels, but it’s very strong.


If you have black hair and you want to go blonde, for example, I suggest that you do it in two sessions, since you can seriously damage your scalp.

The 40 volume…it’s better that you erase it off the list.

 It’s extremely harmful, so much so that the professionals recommend that you ever use it for more than ten minutes in your hair. 

Imagine the damage that can be done to your hair if it isn’t in the best shape.

It won’t just erase the color.

It’ll erase the nutrients and vitamins that are generated with such force within the hair follicles.


  • The night before bleaching, apply coconut oil to your hair
moisturizes her hair with coconut oil

I love coconut oil

I use it for pretty much everything.

Body moisturizer.

Facial masks.

Hair masks.


And most importantly, to protect my hair before bleaching.


Generally, coconut oil comes in solid form.

Heat it in a double boiler and when it’s liquid, apply it by massaging it smoothly on your scalp as well as on each strand of hair.

Start from the roots and move to the ends.

 Once the coconut oil is well distributed, place a shower cap on your hair to old in all your hair. 

Now, you go to bed.


The coconut oil will work its magic overnight.


Check coconut oil price on Amazon


The next morning, don’t even think of rinsing it off.

It doesn’t matter if you feel like the stickiest person in the world.


Or if you hallucinate that a hive of bees will attack you at any moment.

Because at this precise moment, your hair is ready to receive the bleaching product and suffer the least amount of damage during the process.


How to bleach your hair step by step

at the bathroom

I don’t want to go into too much detail on this point.

I suppose you have already consulted ten thousand sites, called all your friends who have bleached their hair, and asked all the hairstylist friends you have in the family.



What I can recommend is that you prepare all the materials and tools you need before starting:

  • Bleaching powder
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Gloves
  • A container that isn’t metal for the mixture
  • An old towel
  • An old shirt
  • A brush
  • A paintbrush for hair

You should also divide your hair into sections to be able to work with it.


This is very important.



Once you have prepared the mixture, start applying it from the middle of your hair to the ends.

  This is very important to prevent the hair from bleaching to two different tones. 

The reason is that the roots take less time to bleach.


That’s why you apply the bleaching mixture in the middle to the ends, let it sit for twenty minutes, and after you finish applying it to the roots.


Cover your hair with a shower cap and wait another ten minutes.


After this time, you are ready y rinse the mixture out of your hair.


What shampoo and condition to use after bleaching

You must rinse out absolutely all of the bleaching mixture from the hair.

Wash it two times if necessary.


My advice is to use a sulfate-free shampoo so that you don’t get rid of your hair’s moisture.


If possible, use leave-in conditioners, which retain much more moisture in the hair.


That is how I care for and prepare my hair before bleaching.


Although I can’t say it’s the healthiest hair in the world, I have been using chemical products on it for years; I can assure you that the ends are not split, and it doesn’t look straw-like or dry.

Now you know how to prepare your hair for bleaching.



If you have patience and you follow these steps, your hair will receive the least amount of damage possible.

Now, if you prefer shortcuts and don’t care about the health of your hair, the decision is yours.

Do you know any other secrets for preparing your hair before bleaching?

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