How often to get foil highlights? Every 2 to 2.5 months according to your growth rate

woman looks at the highlights of her hair in the mirror

  • If you want to renew your highlights, you should get foil highlights every two months. This way, your highlights will always look as good as new.
  • However, if your hair is naturally light or very gray, I recommend you get foil highlights every two and a half months or ten weeks.
  • The color in your highlights will eventually fade. In that case, you can use yellow shampoo to keep them always vibrant. This way, you can space out your appointments. I’ll tell you more details later


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 Usually, foil highlights need to be touched up every two months. 

What does it mean?


Although hair grows one and a half centimeters per month on average, there are exceptions. Sometimes, it only grows half a centimeter per month.

 This is essential if you want to know how often to get foil highlights 


Remember that parts of your new hair must be bleached for the foil highlights technique.

Therefore,  if your hair grows two and a half centimeters per month, you may need to refresh your foil highlights every month and a half. Whereas if your hair grows half a centimeter per month, you’ll need to renew them every three months. 

root growth in hair with highlights

Your natural color also determines how often you should get foil highlights. For example, if your roots are very dark, the difference in color between growth and lengths will be very noticeable.

In that case, you’ll also have to touch up the highlights before two months.

Let’s discuss what would be your ideal frequency for paper highlights.


The average frequency of foil highlights is every two months

renewal of hair highlights with paper

Let’s go back to the beginning.

Hair grows on average 1.5 to 2 centimeters per month. In that case, you’ll have three to four centimeters longer hair in about eight weeks.

Always leave one centimeter of root unbleached when you get foil highlights with paper or a cap.


  • Because the roots bleach very quickly.
  • Because the roots bleach very quickly.
  • Also, the bleach shouldn’t touch the scalp to avoid irritation.

Finally, consider your average hair growth, and you’ll know how often to get foil highlights.

 If your hair has grown two centimeters in two months, it isn’t worth refreshing your highlights because you could damage it. You’ll have very little growth. 


However,  if it grew four centimeters in 2.5 months, it’ll be time to refresh the highlights to maintain the technique. 


Remember that if your natural hair is light or very gray, you should allow ten weeks for the Blonde or gray hair is fragile and could be easily damaged during bleaching.

Also, being light, your growth will be concealed with the highlights during those first months.


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So, in general, highlights are done every two to two and a half months.


In the meantime,  the color of your highlights will gradually fade with washes, products, and styling tools.  The more you take care of your highlights, the longer you can wait until your next appointment.

You may wait for a few more weeks.



You can use a yellow shampoo to tone up you’re and refresh your highlights

woman looks at the renewed color of her hair highlights

It would be crazy to renew your highlights by bleaching your hair. They just need a boost.


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You only need a purple toning shampoo.

It’ll deposit yellow or golden pigments to revitalize your color until the next appointment.

The method depends on the color of your highlights. If your highlights are very pale, you can use the yellow shampoo twice a week for three to five minutes, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Another option is to go to the salon and ask your colorist for a hair gloss.

Your colorist will mix shampoo, a 10-volume developer, and a pinch of dye and apply the mixture to your highlights for twenty minutes.

The hair gloss will add shine and softness to your hair.



To find out how often you should get foil highlights, you should consider your hair growth. Foil highlights need a refresh between two and two and a half months.

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