How often should blondes get highlights? Between 4 and 8 weeks

blond woman with highlights holds a calendar

  • If your hair is dyed blonde, you will need to renew your highlights every five weeks. And in your case, your colorist will do your color and highlights at the same time.
  • If your hair is a natural blonde, you should renew your highlights every four to eight weeks, depending on what you want to achieve. I’ll tell you all the details for each case below.


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How often to highlight hair without damage?


To find out  how often blondes should do highlights , it’s essential you take an important detail into account:

  • Whether your hair is a natural blonde.
  • Or if you dyed your hair blonde.


 If you dyed your hair blonde, the matter is very simple: you should renew your highlights every five weeks.  Why? Because your colorist will renew the dye and the highlights on the same day.

So that will be easy for you to schedule your highlights renewal on your calendar.


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Now  if your hair is naturally blonde, how often you get highlights depends on what you want to achieve.  Why? Because although you generally get highlights every four to eight weeks, the timing all depends on several factors.

  • Do you want to cover your regrowth?
  • Are you looking to further highlight your blonde highlights?
  • Do you want to hide gray hair?
  • Are you after more contrast between your natural blonde and your highlights?


Don’t despair. Below we’ll review each of these situations so you can find out how often you should renew your highlights according to the needs of your blonde hair.


If you want to cover regrowth, renew your highlights every six to eight weeks

colorist applying color on growing blonde hair

Why six to eight weeks?

 Because blonde hair is finer and more delicate than brown hair. 


And obviously, you’ve previously bleached your hair when you got highlights. So to give your hair a rest from the chemical processes, you should renew your highlights less often. This protects your hair and helps you to avoid problems when detangling it.

If you renew your highlights more often, you could damage your hair right from the roots, and hair breakage from the root is irreversible damage.


If you want to bring out the highlights in your blonde hair even more, revitalize them every three to four washes with a toning shampoo

Here your colorist will use a professional trick, so as not to damage your hair. Let’s not forget we said that blonde hair is finer and more delicate than dark hair.

So  what your colorist will do to renew your highlights is to create a faintly lightening mixture, mixing blonde dye with shampoo. Then you can use the mixture as a toning shampoo. 


If you don’t want to go to a salon, you can use JOICO BLONDE LIFE BRIGHTENING shampoo to revitalize your highlights until your next color renewal.


If you want to conceal gray hair, renew your highlights every four to five weeks

very gray blonde hair ready for renewal highlights

Here your colorist probably advised you to have your highlights done in a very light blonde tone, which is the best color for concealing gray hair.


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Some of my colleagues recommend their clients renew their highlights after four weeks, doing highlights to cover gray hair and bring out the color of their blonde hair. And then, they come back to them after four weeks to completely touch up the highlights again.

Personally,  I suggest that if your hair is getting too gray, you do highlights at four weeks, and then after another four weeks, touch them up. 


If you want to maintain more contrast between your blond hair and your highlights, you should renew them every four to five weeks

In this scenario, your maintenance should be pretty strict.

High-contrast highlights are ideal for women who want to illuminate their face or are looking for a more elegant and sober look without losing the technique. However, high-contrast highlights take more maintenance. So you’ll have to invest more time and more money.



Now you know how often you should renew your highlights if you are blonde. You should be aware that if you have naturally blonde hair, it’s best to go to a salon. Remember, blonde hair is finer and more delicate than dark hair.

If you do highlights on your own, which involves bleaching some sections of hair, you can damage your hair irreversibly.

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