Does ash blonde hair make you look older? What blonde is best if you don’t want to look older?

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  • If your skin tone is cool, avoid ashy tones as they will age your face. Instead, choose a platinum blonde.
  • If your skin is very fair but has a warm touch, ash blonde will suit you.
  • If your skin tone is warm, ash blonde is a definite no! A golden blonde, caramel blonde, or copper blonde will make you look younger.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at when ash blonde can make you look older and which blonde you should choose instead according to the colorimetry test.



Thinking about changing your hair color?


Ash-blonde colors are here to stay.  They’re trending and they look beautiful! 

Let me tell you, THEY ARE MY FAVORITE. But, I’m not going to lie to you: there’s a color for every face and every skin tone.


And perhaps, the tint or color you choose can  highlight your features or dull and age them. 

Therefore, the shade you choose will depend on what you want to achieve with your new look.

Read on and we’ll find out together if ash blonde is for you or if it will make you look older.

Does ash blonde make you look older?

Embittered girl with her ash blonde hair

There are colors that have the power to age or rejuvenate your face. Let’s look at some examples:

  •  If your skin tone is cool or pale, ash blonde is a shade you should avoid at all costs,  unless you want to live in makeup every day. Why?


Well, because ashy tones detract light and vitality from your face, plus they can give the impression of dry, aging skin.

  • However,  if your skin is white or pale, but with a warm undertone, ash tones will suit you , as they conceal skin blemishes, smooth wrinkles and match the first gray hairs.


  • For warm-toned skin, ash blonde is a definite no! In this case, it will take all the light out of your face. You’ll be better off with a warm blonde.


Here’s a 100% true story of a client who chose ash blonde to dye her hair

Mature woman with beautiful ash blonde hair

I’m going to tell you Susie’s story. She came to the salon with a copper tone in her hair.

Imagine: her skin tone is pink and she has 70% gray and platinum in her hair.

She told me that she looked in the mirror and looked dull. And as a joke, she said she looked like a carrot. Of course she did!


 Copper tones like the one Susie was wearing enhance pink skin even more. 

To avoid this, you need to choose shades that balance the red of the skin.

After talking with her, we decided to dye her hair ash blonde. But of course, to remove the copper tones she had to come to the salon twice.


But when we reached the goal, she was happy, and so was I!

 With the ash blonde, we had not only managed to brighten up her face, but she looked 10 years younger. 


Yes, I’m not exaggerating! And even better,  her gray hair was very well concealed with this color,  so it was no longer necessary to visit the salon as often for touch-ups.


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Which blonde should you choose if you don’t want to look older? To find out, take this quiz

dye color chart

To find out  which shade of hair goes best with your skin tone and doesn’t age you,  do this test: In front of a mirror, take a gold garment (or an accessory, whatever you have) and a silver one.

 Put the golden garment next to your face first, then the silver one. 

And observe: which of the two colors makes your face look brighter?

Which one makes you look duller?


  • If gold brings a dramatic light to your face, then your skin tone is warm.
  • If silver brings a lot of light to your face, then your skin tone is cool.

It’s a simple test, right? You can use this test to choose hair colors, clothes, and accessories, so you will always look bright and young.

Now, let’s get to the important part.  Which blonde should you choose for your skin tone if you don’t want to look older? 


As you saw in the colorimetry test,  warm tones look better with warm colors. While cooler tones look better with cooler colors. 


The goal of this test is to choose a shade that best accentuates your natural features, so follow a style guide and discover your colors.

If you discover that your skin tone is warm,  ash blonde may age you,  but you could choose one of these 9 best unnatural hair colors for warm skin.

If your skin tone is warm, these are the blonde shades for you

The blonde shades that will suit you:  golden blonde, caramel blonde, and copper blonde .

Therefore, you should avoid ash blonde because it won’t flatter you. It will dull the natural light of your skin.


If your skin is cool, these are the blonde shades for you

 The blonde shade that will suit you is platinum blonde. 

But if your skin has a warm undertone, ash blonde is an excellent choice and won’t age you.

In your case, you should avoid blonde tones that tend toward orange.


8 factors to consider before choosing your hair color (in addition to your skin color)

lady look at the dye sampler

Now you know what your skin color is and which blonde suits you best, consider these 8 factors before choosing your next hair color:

  • Intensity: if your skin is tanned, you can use more saturated colors. If your skin is paler then it’s best to use more muted colors.
  • Light colors are great for taking years off and looking younger, as they are ideal for softening the features.
  • If you want your hair to look fuller, highlights are great!


Your face shape also matters:

  • If your face is square or rectangular, light shades will soften your features.
  • On the other hand, if your face is round, dark colors will suit it better.
  • If you have an oval face, light colors and highlights will add volume to the sides.
  •  Triangular faces can opt for highlights  to compensate for volume.



Blonde is an ideal color to look younger, as it brings light to your face and conceals gray hair.

Whether the ash tone makes you look older or not  will depend on your skin tone, whether it is warm or cool, and on the shape of your face.   Choose the color that brightens you the most  and I assure you that everyone will admire your look. Don’t be surprised if you look 10 years younger than you really are!

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