Can I curl my hair after dyeing it? How long should I wait?

woman curling her hair after dyeing it

  • If you want to use a curler after dyeing your hair, you should wait 72 hours and always apply a heat protectant to your hair.
  • This way, you can curl your hair without fading the dye.
  • If you can’t wait 72 hours to curl your hair after you dye it, you can use the cold curling technique to curl your hair.


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Can I use the flat iron and hair dryer if I have dyed hair? Can the heat ruin the color?


I hope this is clear.  You should always wait 72 hours to use a curler after dyeing your hair. 


Otherwise, you’ll ruin the color you just applied.

And the explanation, besides being simple, is just plain common sense: heat is the worst enemy of hair color.

And I’m referring to heat sources of any type that may come into contact with your hair.

  • For example, heat from curlers and straighteners.
  • The sun’s rays.
  • Hot water.


Therefore, after you dye your hair, you must protect your hair with a hat if you are exposed to the sun. And it’s also important you use lukewarm to cold water so the cuticles don’t open to let the color of the dye fade.


And  even more important is to wait 72 hours to curl your hair after dyeing it.  After 72 hours, you should take precautions to protect your color.

Want to know what those precautions are?

Read on.


How to properly curl your hair 72 hours after dyeing it

woman curling her dyed hair

Yes, I know I sound repetitive. But I want you to understand  it’s important to wait 72 hours to curl your hair after coloring it. Because this way, you’ll prevent the heat from your curler from opening the hair cuticles. 


Because if the cuticles open, apart from losing moisture, you will also lose the color that’s finishing settling inside your hair.

So  , once 72 hours have passed after you applied the dye, you can curl your hair . And there are a few things to keep in mind:

  •  Apply a heat protector , which contains silicones that prevent hair dehydration and, therefore, color loss.
  •  use a curling iron with ceramic plates and temperature control if possible. 
  • Remember that  before you start using your curler , your hair must be completely dry.


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How to cold curl your hair immediately after dyeing it

woman curls her cold dyed hair

Cold curling is a technique that our grandmothers used, or maybe our great-grandmothers before electric curlers became popular or accessible to everyone.

 If you cold curl your hair, you can even curl it the same day you color it. This technique doesn’t use heat. 


What will you need to cold curl your hair after coloring it?

  •  Curling accessories . You can opt for flexible wands, roller bars, and fabric strips. I recommend flexible wands if you want curls to turn out like ringlets. I recommend stick rollers if you’re looking for more relaxed, natural-looking curls.
  • After rinsing out your dye, remove the excess water with a towel and separate your hair into small sections. You must divide your hair into these sections to place a roller in each.
  •   When you put the rollers in, your hair should always be damp. 
  • Once you finish putting all the rollers in, wrap your hair with a scarf or turban, and let the rollers do their work in your hair while you sleep.
  • The next morning, gently remove each curler and comb your curls.

Cold curling is the safest way to avoid ruining the color of freshly dyed hair.



After dyeing your hair, you should wait 72 hours to use a curler. Always use a heat protectant in your hair.

If you’ve dyed your hair and can’t wait 72 hours to curl it, I suggest using the cold curling technique. This way, your colored hair won’t lose moisture or color, and the dye will last much longer.

Remember, heat is the worst enemy of colored hair, and that includes all heat tools you use to shape your hair.

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