How long does Manic Panic dye last? 5 tricks so that it lasts longer

lasts between two and three weeks

I can assure you that the Manic Panic dye can last in your hair for between two and three weeks.

Of course, this will depend a lot on certain factors that you should keep in mind before starting to experiment with the party of colors that these semi-permanent dyes are available in.


Because it will depend a lot on your hair color.

And also on how often you wash your hair.

And the most important, what color you choose.

How do I know?


Because I’m a fanatic for changing the color of my hair.

This fascination came from my admiration for the singer Cindy Lauper. Do you remember?


Cindy was one of the pioneers in changing the color of your hair. But she broke the mold because she used fantasy colors.

For her, “girls just want to have fun,”  and part of that fun was dyeing her hair green, blue, and pink.


Years after, I started to work as a barlady or a barwoman.

What I mean is, I was the person behind the bar preparing drinks.  I love combining the colors of the drinks and creating experiences that combine flavor and color.

I decided to add in a little extra show to prepare the drinks. This extra was to make an impact with colorful streaks in my hair.


That’s where I discovered Manic Panic.

 Semi-permanent dyes that make an impact are pinks, violets, blues, and greens. 


Every two or three weeks, I made an impact on my clients who asked me for a drink the same color as my hair.

That’s why, I also had to learn now to make the color of my hair last longer.


If you are a fanatic of daring colors in your hair, today I will tell you:

  • Why the duration of Manic Panic solely depends on you
  • 5 golden rules so that the color lasts longer in your hair


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Why the duration of Manic Panic solely depends on you


That’s how it is.

And I know this because even I have experienced that one color has last longer than another.

The Manic Panic dyes are very inexpensive products and easy to use, which in addition to being vegan, don’t contain permanent dyes.


 That’s why, I have the luxury of changing my hair color every three weeks without my hair ending up like straw. 


But it’s important to keep some things in mind.

The more vibrant the tone of the dye that you choose, you will have to evaluate the necessity to bleach your hair.

Because in dark hair, it is difficult for a pastel pink or green to take correctly.

What I can suggest is that you bleach your hair once and do a chunk test to see how the cye reacts in your hair.

needs bleaching

If even after that, the tone isn’t as vibrant as you want, you can bleach your hair again, but use a 10-volume peroxide.

And this will also influence how long the color will last in your hair because bleaching it will also make it absorb more.


 On the other hand, dark colors are shown to last for at least a week longer than lighter colors.  

When I talk about dark tones, I’m referring to reds, purples, and greens, while lighter tones could be blues, grays, and pinks.


Now, among the brand products, you will also find an Amplified line, that can last up to thirty percent longer.

Another thing to keep in mind so that the color lasts longer is how often you wash it.


Remember that we are talking about semi-permanent dyes.

Those dyes, since they don’t contain chemical products like peroxide and ammonia, don’t pull up the cuticle of the hair.

So, the color is deposited only on the external part of the hair.

And then, they tone fades with every wash.


 If you are a fanatic about washing your hair every day, forget about using those dyes. 

It will be a waste of color and of money, because the tone will only last no more than a week.

Do you want to know how often I washed my hair so that the color would last longer?


I’ll tell you.

But you should also keep in mind what products you used on your dyed hair.

Because it’s all has to do with the same idea: making it so the dye doesn’t fade after a few washes.


5 Golden rules so that your color lasts longer in your hair

Before starting to tell you my secrets so that the color lasts longer, I would like to clarify that everything, absolutely everything depends on each person’s hair.

But it’s true, that in general, this advice can work for almost all hair.

What I’m going to tell you may seem disconcerting. But that’s how those of us are that dye our hair like the rainbow.


  • First Golden rule: When you apply the dye, don’t leave it in for thirty minutes like the package recommends

I left it on for about three hours.

And I noticed that the pigment of the dye deposited much better.


In addition, as opposed to permanent dyes, Manic Panic doesn’t just dye your hair, but it also conditions it.

Because it is vegan and it doesn’t contain ammonia, parabens or peroxide.

On the other hand, it has proteins and restorative properties that moisturize and strengthen the hair.


After letting the dye sit for three hours, I noticed not only that the color had processed better, but also that my hair had more volume and a smoother texture.


  • Second Golden rule: Wash your hair every three days

And don’t look as if I were asking you to dive off the cliffs of Acapulco.

If you wash your hair every day, the color will go down the drain in the blink of an eye. It’s that simple.


There are some tricks to cover up hair that hasn’t been recently washed.

You can pull it back, make two braids, and even use a headscarf that will make your hair look great.

And this takes me to another one of my rules.


  • Third Golden rule: Choose your hair products wisely

Forget about quickly buying your shampoo and conditioner in the supermarket.

To care for colored hair, you will have to put up with carefully reading the products’ labels.

And yes, girl, nobody promised us a rosy path, and as the saying goes, “no pain, no gain.”

sulfate and paraben free

Safe shampoo and conditioner for colored hair, check price on Amazon


Once you get used to it, it’s very simple.

You will be able to differentiate which are the best shampoos for your colored hair because they should be sulfate-free and parabens-free.

Do you remember that I said that you shouldn’t wash your hair for at least three days?


Even though you don’t wash it, it can still look completely clean.


Using a dry shampoo.


This product cleans your hair without needing to use water.


  • Fourth Golden rule: Aply heat while your hair processes

Once you finish applying the color all over your hair, apply a shower cap and apply heat with a hair dryer for ten minutes.

It seems like the color sets better this way, or at least in my case.


  • Fifth Golden rule: Wash your hair with cold water

I know that we aren’t polar bears, but the colder the water, the better.

Hot water helps make the pigment fade more easily.


Now, you can start to imagine your hair with rainbow hair because you will know how make the dye last longer.

What is your preferred Manic tone?

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