Purple shampoo made my hair darker: how to fix it?

purple shampoo darkens hair

  • If purple shampoo made your hair darker, you should stop using it for a few weeks.
  • The effects of purple shampoo are not permanent and will wear off with washing.
  • In addition, purple shampoo doesn’t darken or lighten hair color, i.e. it doesn’t actually change it. What it does do is tone it down or neutralize strident colors. But it doesn’t darken your hair color level.


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And now it’s time for you to breathe, exhaling all your tension and regaining your peace of mind.

Because now you know that  purple shampoo can’t darken hair . So to speak, if after using purple shampoo you notice that your hair looks darker, it’s almost an optical illusion.

And at this point, I want to stop for a moment.


Let’s think.

If you started using purple shampoo, it’s probably because you bleached your hair.

When you reach very blonde colors with bleaching, for example, light blonde 8 or very light blonde 9, some strident colors will appear.

In this case, you may have noticed that your hair looks bright yellow, a very unpleasant color, and of course you need to remove it.


And it’s likely that someone recommended you use purple shampoo to remove those colors.

And whoever recommended it wasn’t wrong, because even Selena Gómez uses purple shampoo to keep her blonde hair free of strident yellows.


Of course,  as you wash your hair with purple shampoo and you see the bright yellow color disappear, you’ll notice a big difference in the color of your hair . Because your hair will be paler.

But  that doesn’t mean your hair got darker because of the purple shampoo . What it did was remove the strident yellow tones.

That’s why I was telling you that if you notice your hair looks darker, it’s almost an optical illusion.

How can I be so sure?

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Why purple shampoo doesn’t darken or lighten hair color

purple shampoo doesn't darken hair color
Purple shampoo doesn’t contain chemicals that can darken the color of your hair. In other words, it doesn’t penetrate inside the hair to change its color. Therefore, purple shampoo doesn’t damage your hair either, as long as you use it at the right frequency.


If you want to change the color of your hair, you need to use peroxide and ammonia, which are the chemicals that have the power to strip the hair of pigments.

 Purple shampoo is simply deposited on the outside of the hair, eliminating the strident colors . For that reason, its effects wear off with washing.

And furthermore, if you stop using purple shampoo, you’ll notice that after a few days, the strident colors reappear in your hair.

Do you remember what your hair looked like before you started using purple shampoo?


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When you looked at your hair in the mirror, you probably didn’t like what you saw. Because after bleaching, if you reach a blonde 8 or 9, the strident yellow will appear. And since those tones refract light, they’re intense and very striking colors.


When you apply purple shampoo, it adheres to the cuticles, “dulling” the brightness of the yellow. And that’s the job of purple shampoo: to neutralize the strident color.


But  your hair will still be at the same color level it reached with bleaching . This means it will still be light blonde 8 or very light blonde 9, but without any strident colors.

Remember at the beginning I spoke to you about optical illusions? That’s what I meant: it’s common to confuse darker hair with dull hair that doesn’t shine.


But now you know that purple shampoo won’t dull or darken your color. What it will do is eliminate the stridency of the yellow and that will make you think your hair is darker.

Besides, the only way to darken hair is to dye it, and you haven’t done that.


  • If your hair is a light golden blonde 8.3 and you put purple shampoo on it, it will be a light iridescent/pearly blonde 8.2.
  • If your hair is a very light blonde 9 and you use purple shampoo, it will be a very light iridescent/pearly blonde 9.

Now it might also happen that after using purple shampoo on your blonde hair, you don’t like the results. And that’s what I’ll talk about next.


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How to remove purple shampoo if you don’t like its results

stop using purple shampoo
Very easy. Simply  stop using it .

You’ll notice that after two weeks, your hair will return to the same color it was before you started using the purple shampoo.


And  if you don’t want to wait two weeks , you can wash your hair with a shampoo with sulfates, which will make the effects of the purple shampoo disappear in two or three washes.


But I must warn you that once you remove the traces of purple shampoo from your hair, your hair will go back to the strident colors it had before.

So, if you don’t like the effects of purple shampoo on your hair, you have two options:

  •  Wait two weeks for the purple shampoo to disappear  from your hair with your regular washes.
  •  Use a shampoo with sulfates  to remove the purple shampoo in two or three washes. I must warn you that this option will leave your hair drier. Sulfates are detergents that remove moisture from the hair. And don’t forget that your hair has already gone through a chemical process when you bleached it.

It’s also important that after you use shampoo with sulfates to remove the remains of purple shampoo, you nourish your hair with moisturizing masks.



Purple shampoo doesn’t darken the color level of your hair. The only thing it does on blond hair is get rid of the strident colors.

But if you don’t like the effects of purple shampoo, and you prefer your blonde hair to have a more intense color, you can stop using purple shampoo. Because after a couple of weeks its effects will disappear.

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