5 best permanent purple hair dyes for dark hair (without bleach)

The best permanent purple hair dyes for dark hair that don’t require previous bleach are:


  • Of course, any of these dyes will take your hair from dark to dark purple.
  • If you are looking for a deep, pastel, or light purple, you must bleach your hair. You must have a very light base for the color change to be noticeable.


What a crazy time I had at the salon today!

In fact, I think all the clients agreed to ask me for the same thing, to dye their hair purple.

Of course, many of them had some expectations that, unfortunately, I had to shatter. Do you know why?


Most of them wanted to dye their hair deep purple or pastel.

However, there was a problem: their hair was dark. Therefore, to apply deep purple hair color, they had to bleach it first. Then, apply a semi-permanent or permanent hair dye.


I could offer an alternative for those who didn’t want to bleach their hair on one condition.  The alternative was to dye their dark hair with a permanent purple dye, especially for dark hair. .

What was the condition?


They had to accept their hair wouldn’t look a deep purple like the ones you see on Instagram, but a darker and more subtle purple.

Most agreed without thinking about it because they didn’t want to expose their hair to bleaching. Nevertheless, they would get a noticeable color change.


If you’re looking for the same, all the dyes from the brands I mentioned at the beginning will give you a dark to medium purple color according to your base color.  Some of them can even be applied directly to black hair.  .

However, remember that you’ll have to bleach your hair if you want a light purple color. Otherwise, you can only choose dark or medium purple shades.

Are you sure you’ll settle for a dark purple in your hair?


Think carefully. If you don’t like the medium or dark purple afterward, you’ll need bleach to remove it, which is what you were trying to avoid.

You need to be sure of your decision. If dark purple is what you’re looking for, today you’ll find the perfect permanent hair color for your makeover.

Are you ready to choose the best purple hair dye for dark hair?

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1- Garnier Nutrisse to dye dark hair with grays purple

permanent hair color

When you have a lot of gray hair and want to hide it, you need to get a hair dye with maximum coverage. Especially if you have stubborn gray hair, which is more related to coarse hair types.

If you’re looking for a dark purple color for your hair, this hair dye is your best option. It’ll cover your gray hair perfectly. It also offers two purple shades:

  • V2, DARK INTENSE VIOLET for black or dark brown hair.
  • L1, DEEP INTENSE LILIOC for brunettes and light browns 5.



You should consider your base color when choosing either of these two options. In coloring, dark brown is not the same as brown.

If your hair is dark brown and you apply L1, Deep Intense Lilac, you won’t notice the color difference. Therefore, you have to respect the required level for your base color.


You’ll find everything you need to transform your dark hair into purple in the coloring kit: gloves, developer, dye, nourishing oils, and a post-color treatment. What’s more, the application is easy due to its anti-spill system.

This permanent hair color lasts up to 10 weeks. You can forget about coloring your hair for a long time.


2- L’ Oreal París Excellence HiColor Violet only if you have coloring experience

true violet

The truth is that this product is designed for professional use. Therefore, my advice is to choose it if you have previous coloring experience. Why?


The hair dye has to be mixed with 20-volume developer for the pigments to penetrate the hair fiber and change the color. If you don’t mix it in the correct proportions, you’ll never reach the purple. Moreover, you could damage your hair.


That said, you have 3 options to choose from:

  • DEEP VIOLET for black hair 1 and dark brown hair 3
  • TRUE VIOLET for black hair 1, dark brown hair 3, and brown hair 4
  • RED VIOLET for dark brown hair 3, brown hair 4, and light brown hair 5


It lasts approximately 5 or 6 weeks and it’s simple to maintain. You can use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner that are corrosive chemicals for your color.


3- L’Oreal Paris Feria for brown hair only

dark shade

It doesn’t matter what you read out there. I don’t recommend this brand if your hair is black because you won’t notice any difference.

You’ll notice a big difference in color on brown and dark brown hair when your hair is exposed to sunlight or artificial light. In other words, the purple color will be much more noticeable under natural light.

This brand offers a purple shade:


  • M32 VIOLET SOFT BLACK for dark brown hair 3, brown hair 4, and light brown hair 5.


The application is quite simple and what I like most about this brand is that it offers a serum to add to the bleaching mixture. It gives more shine to the purple.

If your hair is long or longer than your shoulders, I recommend buying two kits to ensure even hair coloring.

Its maintenance is simple because its pigments are extra long-lasting. So, you’ll have to reapply permanent purple hair dye only after 6 or 7 weeks.


4- Wella Koleston Perfect Creme to achieve a deep purple on brown hair

intense violet

I recommend this brand if you have coloring experience because you’ll have to mix the dye with a 20-volume developer. You only have one purple shade option:


  • INTENSE VIOLET 0/66 for dark brown 3, brown 4, and light brown 5 hair.


Thanks to its long-lasting pigments, you get a unique purple color for 7 to 8 weeks without having to renew it earlier.

An extra tip? After coloring your dark hair purple, don’t wash it for at least 72 hours to help it finish absorbing the pigments.


5- Schwarzkopf Color Ultime, specially designed for black hair

amethyst black

This brand offers a permanent hair dye with a unique covering power.

Schwarzkopf launches this line with long-lasting pigments and extra keratin to protect your hair throughout the process.

Specially formulated for black 1 and dark brown 3 hair, this brand offers you a unique purple shade.


  • AMETHYST BLACK 3.3 for black 1, dark brown 3, and brown 4 hair


Schwarzkopf offers you a complete coloring kit with gloves and nourishing post-coloring treatment.

It’s extra long-lasting because it may last up to 10 weeks with intense color. Also, its keratin-based formula will deeply moisturize your hair.



Now you know. There are some possibilities to dye dark hair purple without bleaching it. Keep in mind that you’ll never get very intense purples, nor light or pastels purples. To achieve those purple shades, you’ll have to bleach your hair, even if it has a light brown base.

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