¿Does keratin damage your hair? Side effects and contraindications of the treatment


it can ruin the hair

When I receive an email and the first word that appears is Help!, my hair stand up.


It scares me not being able to help the person that writes me to ask for advice.

That’s what happened to me the other day.


A girl desperately wrote me because a keratin treatment had damaged her hair.


Not just that her curls were still there, but also, she was suddenly, continuously losing hair.

She as even afraid of touching her hair, for fear that chunks of hair would end up in her hands!


An uncontrollable fury ran through me.

There, right in front of my nose, I had another case of someone that had fallen into the hands of some imposter.


 One of those that as long as they earn some money, they do hair treatments without known if it is best for that hair, because they didn’t even study the hair that they have in front of them. 

Typical of bad hair stylists.

The result?


Days later, the ends are split.

An increase in unusual hair loss.

Slowly, waves start to appear and the straightening effect disappears.



So, deception comes, like an incredible black hole that eats everything.

And the tears.

And thinking that all hairstylists in the world are the same.

But it isn’t like that.



That’s why, today, I will tell you.

  • Everything about the effects of keratin on your hair
  • I will tell you the negative effects of keratin on your hair
  • But I will also detail the positive effects of keratin and in what cases it is best to apply it
  • How to fix hair that has been damaged during the application of keratin.


After reading this, you won’t be fooled by any unscrupulous hair stylist.

Because you will know what to do with your hair and if it is best to do a keratin treatment.

And also, I will tell you how our desperate friend’s story ended.




What to expect from a keratin treatment

Keratin does not harm her hair

Keratin treatments are almost the best option to revitalize and smooth your hair, in addition to modifying the most external layer to straighten it.


Any type of keratin treatment has a semi-permanent effect. This means that by washing your hair, the keratin disappears gradually.



That’s why most keratin treatments last about five or six month.

It’s an estimation, because it will always depend on how often you wash your hair.


When you do a keratin treatment, you can’t wet your hair for the first 72 hours, nor pull it back in a ponytail, nor tuck it back behind your ears.

Actually, you can do it, but the treatment will lose its effectiveness.


Do you know why?


Because during the first 72 hours, keratin is still malleable, and if you wet it, it disappears.


If you tie it up or tuck it behind your ears, you’ll leave marks ad it won’t look straight.

Who should opt for a keratin treatment?

professional treatment in hairdressing


 I recommend keratin for those people that spend tons of time using the hair dryer or flat iron to straighten their hair.

With keratin, the drying and flat ironing times are shortened, producing less damage to your hair.

They are also very good at controlling that bothersome frizz or to give luminosity to the hair.


Who shouldn’t opt for a keratin treatment?

not to inhale formaldehyde gases

Pregnant women or those that are breast feeding shouldn’t do a keratin treatment.


The laboratories and creators of keratin products recommend not doing it.

On one hand because the active ingredient, formaldehyde, gives off vapors when you use the flat iron and they can be toxic to the baby’s health.


I also don’t recommend it to people that have recently bleached their hair or that have very fine hair.

The reason is very simple.

So that keratin and formaldehyde work, you have to seal it with a flat iron that can reach a temperature of 450 degrees.


And believe me, damaged hair can not resist these high temperatures.


After the bleaching process, hair ends up absolutely fragile. When passing the flat iron to activate the formaldehyde, you only end up damaging your hair more, producing breakage.

Also, and read this twice, please:

 All Keratin treatments contain chemical products because they all contain formaldehyde or another chemical in the same family.  


Even keratin treatments that say free of formaldehyde, because if you read the labels, you will find glutaraldehyde, oxoaldehyde, or Ammonium thioglycolate, an ingredient that they also use for those that are permanent.



Side effects and contraindications of keratin

Keratin is not a bad or a good idea. What is bad or good are the effects that you can get depending on the type and state of your hair.

If you have hair without volume, I don’t’ recommend it because you’ll only flatten your hair more and it will end up with little movement and life.


 If you are simply a person that doesn’t have the patience to care for your hair or you aren’t ready to change your hair cleaning routine that includes changing the type of shampoo you use, keratin is not for you.  


Because you should use sulfate-free shampoos, which could be a little more expensive than the shampoo that you use normally.


for hairs treated with permanent straightening

If you finally straighten your hair with keratin, change your shampoo for a sulfates free one, check it on Amazon


And finally, if you have greasy hair, you could end up producing more sebum on your scalp, which causes you to wash your heair more, and at the same time, product more sebum.

A truly vicious cycle.



And lastly, and most importantly.

 Do the keratin treatment in a salon that has experience with these types of treatments. 

As for a consult with the stylist, for which she shouldn’t charge you.


As what type of product they will use and what experience they have applying keratin.

Read the label.

And see if they look at your hair, if they touch it and give you a diagnostic.


If they do this, I’m sure that you a true professional is standing in front of you.


And if you can, look for references or comments from other clients.

Most salons today have a Facebook page where users share their experiences.


Positive effects of a keratin treatment

If everything ends up okay during the application of the keratin, you will notice that your hair is much shinier.



Also, you will gain time when it comes to brushing or straightening your hair.

And let’s not even talk about frizz, which will just be a bad memory from the past.

Because keratin seals the cuticle of the hair, preventing it from breaking.

Now, do you want to know what happened with our friend that wrote me asking for help?



How to fix hair damaged by keratin

I asked her to come to the salon to see me so that I could help her.

I’m never going to forget her face.

Sad and turned off.


They had really burned her hair.

But not because they had applied the keratin.

 The animal, and excuse me for calling them an animal, but there is no other word, had burned her hair with the flat iron because they had used the incorrect temperature.  


So, I proposed the following:

  • No flat irons or hair dryers for at least three months
  • I asked her to do an overnight coconut oil mask once a week
  • Once a month, I would wait for her at the salon to apply a deep-hydrating mask while doing a session of head massages.
  • And the most important, if six months later, if I noticed that her hair had recovered, I would do the keratin treatment again.


Our friend followed all my instructions to the “t”.

Six months later, I tested out her hair and it had improved a lot, so I decided to do the keratin treatment.

After four hours of work on her hair, she was another person.


But not just because of the healthy look of her hair, that had no frizz, no split ends and was shiny.

The happiness had returned to her face.

Her eyes looked as shiny as her hair.

I felt very happy for having fixed her hair that because of another hairstylist, had ended up damaged.


Now you know everything about keratin, and you know the secrets to decide if it’s best or not.


You also know how to choose the best trained professional to do it.


Have you ever done a keratin or permanent straightening treatment in your hair?

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