Have you got an allergic reaction to a keratin treatment? Do this

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  • After getting a keratin treatment, what if you develop an allergic reaction? The first thing you have to do without delay is to go to a dermatologist. Because the specialist will check your scalp or facial skin, and most will most likely prescribe you a corticoid, to stop the allergic reaction.
  • While you wait for the appointment with your dermatologist, you can do some things to soothe the discomfort in your eyes, throat, or scalp. And I’ll tell you all the details later.
  • After the keratin treatment, what if you get more severe symptoms such as dizziness, vomiting, or difficulty breathing? You should go to the doctor urgently.


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 Do you have an allergic reaction after you got a keratin treatment? 


Then, the first thing you should do is go to a dermatologist.

Because  only a skin specialist can evaluate the condition of your scalp or facial skin, diagnose, and recommend a treatment. 

Keratin treatments contain strong chemicals called formaldehyde, which can cause allergies.


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Why might you get an allergic reaction to a keratin treatment?

For different reasons and even personal medical conditions.

For example,  if you are asthmatic , you may experience shortness of breath.

Because when the keratin treatment is sealed into the hair with a straightener, the formaldehyde turns into gas.

And that gas can aggravate your asthma condition.


 Or maybe the place where you got the keratin treatment wasn’t well-ventilated enough. 

Or maybe you have a scalp that’s very sensitive to certain chemicals.

dermatologist examines keratin treated hair

I have clients who are even allergic to certain dye compounds. And obviously, they found out after noticing scabs on their scalp after applying a dye.


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I also know cases of people with atopic skin, so they developed an allergic reaction to the keratin treatment. Their skin is very, very sensitive.


Therefore, it’s hard to know if someone is allergic to formaldehyde. The truth is that unless an allergy specialist or allergist has tested you for allergies, especially to formaldehyde, it’s almost impossible to know.

arm allergy test

This is what happens with most allergies. People find out they’re allergic to strawberries after eating them.

Therefore, if you feel discomfort after the keratin treatment, and apart from asking for a consultation with a dermatologist, it’s also vital to know the difference between severe and mild discomfort.


If you feel nausea, vomiting, dizziness, or shortness of breath, you should immediately go to a doctor’s office

Because in this case, your health may be seriously compromised, and only a doctor can treat the condition.

Now, while waiting for your doctor’s appointment, you can alleviate some minor discomfort with a few tricks. And here are the details.


How to alleviate mild discomfort after a keratin treatment

formalin container with danger warnings

Before I give you the recommendations, I want to emphasize four issues that seem fundamental to me:

  • I’m not a doctor, nor do I pretend to be one.
  • Nor am I Big Brother who sees everything and knows at every moment what kind of keratin treatment each hairdresser applies in their salon. I can only advise you that the next time you have a keratin treatment, research if what they use in the salon is REALLY formaldehyde-free. And  , after researching, if you suspect they may use formaldehyde, stay a thousand miles away. 
  • After getting a keratin treatment, while you are reading these lines, what if you feel any kind of unbearable discomfort? Do not continue reading. Go to the doctor. Your health comes first.
  • These recommendations I’m giving you are like those “harmless” recommendations that our grandmothers used to give us when we had a “tummy ache.”


With all this cleared up, let’s see what you can do about any mild discomfort you may feel after a keratin treatment.

  •  If your throat feels irritated or dry , drink two or three cups of tea with honey throughout the day. Because honey moisturizes and nourishes the area in the throat, giving it more moisture and relieving burning.
  •  If you feel discomfort in your eyes or have constant tears , you can put in a few drops of eye drops. Eye drops are an over-the-counter medication that cools and lubricates the eyes, soothing irritation. You can apply one drop in each eye every five hours for one day. Remember that self-medicating is no substitute for a visit to the doctor.
  •  If you feel an itchy scalp , wash your hair with cold water using an anti-dandruff shampoo, either Head & Shoulders or Nizoral.



A dermatologist should supervise and control any allergic reaction to a keratin treatment because hair beauty should never come before your health.

Visit your doctor for any suspected allergic reaction with either severe or mild symptoms.

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