Air Drying Hair After Keratin Treatment… good or bad idea?

woman air-dries her hair after keratin

  • You shouldn’t air dry your hair during a keratin treatment. Keratin is activated and sealed with heat from the hair dryer and flat iron.
  • You can air dry your hair three days after the keratin treatment and after the first wash. However, as a colorist, I recommend you blow dry your hair to reactivate the keratin at least once a week.


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Dear readers, I want to ask you a question…

Do any of you think I’m a fortune teller?


I really don’t. If I did, I’d win the lottery and spend the money to visit an island paradise.

What’s this all about?


A reader sent me the following question,  “Is air-drying hair after keratin treatment a good or a bad idea?” 




I had a hard time understanding the question.

  • Did she mean air-drying the hair during the keratin treatment?
  • Or air-drying it after washing her hair several days after the treatment?

Let’s analyze both possibilities because that will determine whether air-drying hair after keratin is a good or bad idea. Are you with me?


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During the keratin treatment, you should blow-dry your hair and seal the keratin with a flat iron

blow-drying hair during keratin treatment

This is a key step in the process because it’s the only way for your hair to absorb the keratin and repair your hair in depth. 


Whether you go to the salon to apply the keratin or do it on your own at home because you have enough time, you can’t air dry your hair if you want to repair it. Heat tools during the sealing treatment guarantee success.

Why? Let’s look at the keratin treatment process in detail.

  • The fluid opens the hair cuticles for the keratin to penetrate your hair to repair it.
  • The fluid acts for 20 minutes to reach the core.
  •  The hairdryer fixes the keratin inside the hair fiber.  Don’t use the hairdryer for five minutes. Instead, you need at least twenty minutes for the keratin to reach the hair.
  • Also, the dryer removes any moisture to leave the hair ready to close the cuticles and seal the keratin with the flat iron.


 As you can see, you can’t let your hair air dry during the keratin application.  Otherwise, the keratin won’t penetrate your hair core to repair it.


Then, you can let your hair air dry a few days after the keratin application and after the first wash. That’s what I’ll talk about next.


Three days after the keratin treatment, you can wash your hair and let it air dry

mujer secando su pelo con el aireaire co

Wait three days to wash your hair after keratin so that it finishes absorbing the keratin.

And after that wash,  you can air dry your hair  because it will have absorbed the keratin. You don’t need to use the blow dryer or the flat iron.


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I always recommend my clients blow dry their hair at least once a week after washing to reactivate the effects of the keratin.

This way, the hair is straight and frizz-free, which means repaired and healthy hair.

So, you have two alternatives:

before and after drying hair with keratin with a dryer

  •  For your hair to be straight after the keratin treatment,  blow-dry it after washing it.
  •  Instead, if you prefer a natural look,  you can let your hair air dry after the keratin treatment



Keratin treatment is an excellent solution for damaged and frizzy hair.

Although heat is essential to the treatment, you don’t need to continue using a blow dryer or flat iron after the first wash. Instead, you can let your hair air dry.

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