Can you wash your perm every day? Yes, but you have to wash it the right way

wash the perm every other day

  • Of course you can wash permed hair every day!
  • But, if you don’t have greasy hair, washing your hair every day might dry out your hair and affect how long your perm lasts.
  • In this article, I’ll give you a few tips for learning how to wash permed hair so your curls always look on point.


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Will My Perm Get Curlier After I Wash it?


Are you about to get a perm and you’re wondering if you’ll be able to wash your hair every day after getting it?


You’ve come to the right place.

Of course you can wash permed hair every day.

I’ll tell you when it’s a good idea to wash your hair every day and how to do it.

I’ll also give you some helpful tips so you can learn to wash and care for your permed hair to make your perm last even longer.

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What do you know about perms?

woman perming her hair at home

A perm is a chemical process that changes your hair’s shape. That means that it changes your hair structure for a certain amount of time.

In order to make this time last longer, there are a few basic, but essential things you should do to take care of your hair.


Washing your hair is key for keeping a healthy and clean scalp.

But every hair type is different in terms of how often it needs to be washed.


However, there are some people that wash their hair every day because that’s what they’re used to doing rather than because they need to.

 So, if you don’t have oily hair, it’s a good idea to wash your hair less often. But not because you’re going to ruin your perm, but in order to make sure your hair doesn’t dry out.  


If your hair doesn’t need to be washed every day, then your hair fibers might start to lose the oils they emit naturally. What’s wrong with that?


Well, that might cause your hair to dry out and your perm to start to lose its shape faster.

You don’t know how often to wash your hair so it always looks clean?


Keep reading then, soon I’ll give you a few tips about washing your hair.


How often to wash permed hair

woman in dressing gown about to wash her perm hair

There are a lot of contradictions about washing your hair every day and… let me confess that even I have changed my opinion over time because of my experience as a hair stylist.


The problem isn’t necessarily washing your hair every day. In reality, it has to do with the products you use to do it and how you use them.


Everyone has a different lifestyle and therefore, different needs for washing their hair, based on what our daily activities are and the climate where we live.


If you live somewhere hot and you exercise every day, then it makes sense that you wash your hair every day.

It’s almost impossible to finish up a spin class all sweaty and then not be able to wash your hair.

There’s no magic formula, every hair has different needs.


My advice is to base how often you wash your hair on what kind of scalp you have.

 Remember: perms needs extra care to keep your hair curly and frizz-free. So, it’s extremely important to treat those curls like they are your natural hair. 

In order for the curls from your perm to look and stay well-defined, you must have well-hydrated hair.


So, if you have a normal to dry scalp, but you need to wash your hair every day, do it with moisturizing products.

Use creams and oils as part of your routine that reinforce hydration for your hair.


Permed hair can be washed when you need it, you just need to be careful to remember to hydrate your hair.

What products should I use to wash my permed hair?

shampoo for washing permed hair

Now you know that how often you can wash your perm depends on your scalp and certain circumstances (working out, hot weather, etc).

Now, let’s take a look at the types of products to use for washing your hair and taking care of your perm.


If you need to wash your hair every day because of your activities or because of your hair type, then you can

But, you should use a gentle shampoo that doesn’t irritate your scalp.

After that, use products specifically made for curly hair, like activating creams or moisturizing sprays and always keep your hair hydrated.  Don’t forget to use a hair mask weekly and leave it in your hair for 20 minutes. 

The hair mask should be a hydrating mask or one made for curly hair.

Remember that the key for making sure your curls stay perfect is moisturizing.


On the other hand, if you can wash your hair less often, use shampoo and conditioners made for curly hair or with extra nutrients

It’s not a good idea to get a perm and then not take care of it. And, it’s not enough to just know how often to wash your hair.

It’s important to have a good care routine and carefully select the products you use in it.


Straight from a hair stylist: How to wash your permed hair correctly

rinse shampoo out of permed hair

Alright, you already know that with the right products, you can wash your hair as often as you need to without ruining your perm.

Now let’s take a look at what the right way to wash, dry and style your perm is.


  • Put shampoo in your hair. But, how much?

The right amount of shampoo is just the amount you can fit in the palm of your cupped hand.

Distribute the product throughout your hair: along the two sides, over the top then down toward your nape and finally to the ends.


  • Then, massage your hair softly, don’t scrub it.

If you wash your hair every day, then massage through it just once, that’s enough.

If you wash your hair every two days, do the whole thing again: wash your hair twice following the same steps.


To do that, use a wide tooth comb.


  • Rinse your hair and dry carefully to avoid frizz.

Pat your hair dry with a cotton towel (if you have one) to absorb the moisture.


  • Lastly, use a treatment for forming curls and scrunch.

You can also comb your hair when you use the styling products.

It’s very important not to comb your permed hair dry.


Tips for decreasing how often you wash your permed hair

colored curly hair shaping the curls

If you have a normal to dry scalp and you want to space out your washes, do this:

  •  The last time you wash your hair before changing how often you wash it, wash your hair two times with shampoo,  that way it feels super clean.
  • The next day, don’t wash your hair. You can spray it with a bit of water.
  • The water will help you apply a styling product to activate the curls.
  • If your roots feel heavy, use dry shampoo.
  • It won’t just give you more volume, but it will also help absorb any oil in your hair and give it a nice smell.


Conclusion: you can wash your hair every day, but you might not need to

In this article, we’ve answered all of your questions about if it’s okay to wash your permed hair every day.


 You can washed your permed hair whenever you need to. But, you do need to take care of your hair with the right products. 

The best thing you can do is reduce how often you wash it, especially if you have dry hair. Follow my tips and your curls will always look clean and beautiful.

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