Does coconut oil remove keratin treatment? Not if you use it appropriately

woman shows coconut oil on a finger

  • Coconut oil doesn’t remove keratin treatment.
  • The reason is that coconut oil and keratin are not incompatible. What’s more, coconut oil helps you control your hair.
  • However, coconut oil isn’t suitable for all hair types. It has to be used as instructed in the directions.


  • If you have fine hair, I don’t recommend using coconut oil because it’ll leave it heavy and dull.
  • On the other hand, if you have thick or curly hair, coconut oil can be a great ally of keratin to keep frizz away.
  • We’ll see when you should use coconut oil if you had keratin treatment.
  • I’ll also show you how to use this wonderful product to get the most out of it.


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After how many days can I use oil after a keratin treatment?


Have you recently had a keratin treatment and want to know if coconut oil could ruin or wash it out?


The answer is a resounding no.

 I can assure you that if you have recently had a keratin treatment and need to use coconut oil, it won’t remove your treatment. 

woman holds coconut oil on hand


If you still have doubts, let me tell you that no scientific study has proven coconut oil removes keratin treatment.


Moreover, in my years of salon experience, there has never been any compatibility problem between keratin and coconut oil.   Now that you know that you can use your coconut oil after the keratin treatment, I would like to tell you how you should use it to get the most out of this controversial product.

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Coconut oil: yes or no? The experts’ opinion

woman applies coconut oil on dry hair

I keep hearing conflicting opinions about coconut oil.

Even fellow hairdressers disagree on its advantages and disadvantages. Some professionals say that it shouldn’t be used while others believe coconut oil is a wonderful product.

Who do we listen to?


Let me tell you a great truth: in the world of hairdressing, there are no truths and lies because it all depends on each hair type.

 All hair products are suitable for some hair types and not for others.  So, the best is to try your own experience.

Let’s see all the advantages of coconut oil and how to use it according to your hair type and its needs after keratin treatment.

Do not confuse edible and cosmetic coconut oil

You may wonder if the coconut oil used for cooking is the same oil used for hair and skin,


You can use the same coconut oil for cooking and cosmetic use, but I don’t recommend it.

Edible and cosmetic coconut oil have the same properties. However, their texture and smell are different.  I always advise you to buy good-quality coconut oil that is also for cosmetic use. 


Now, let’s see how to use this product according to your hair type.


If you have fine hair, coconut oil isn’t for you. Why?

Woman shows off her fine hair that is prone to breakage

I don’t recommend using coconut oil if you have fine hair. Even less if you have recently had a keratin treatment. Why?


It wouldn’t serve any purpose in your case. If your hair is too fine, coconut oil could weigh your hair down. It’ll create a greasy and dull effect. Alternatively, if you have fine, oily, or mixed hair, I don’t recommend using this oil either.  I only recommend coconut oil for fine and dry hair.  


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If you have fine and dry hair, you can use coconut oil following these instructions:

 Add a few drops of coconut oil to your weekly care mask before you apply it. 

Prepare the mixture in a bowl. Blend approximately one tablespoon of your mask and about ten drops of coconut oil. Apply it in the same way you usually apply your mask.


This isn’t only an excellent option to boost the mask, but it’ll also help you control your hair’s frizz. Another way to use coconut oil is as a protective treatment before your hair wash. How?


Hairdressers know that fine and dry hair tends to tangle when washing.

However,  if you apply a few drops of coconut oil to your hair before washing it, it’ll work as pre-shampoo. It’ll moisturize your hair and prevent it from feeling straw-like  after washing it.

Remember that nothing is foolproof. You should test what works best for your hair.


If you have thick or curly hair, here’s how to use coconut oil

coconut oil before bleaching
If you have thick hair, use pure coconut oil as a mask. Alternatively, mix a few drops of coconut oil in your daily mask or conditioner.

This   will keep your hair perfectly hydrated and totally frizz-free. It’ll also work with the keratin treatment to control your locks. 


Generally, keratin treatment lasts much less on thick hair because it cannot reach the hair fiber core. That’s why coconut oil is ideal for moisturizing and keeping your hair frizz-free.


Remember that thick hair is heavier, so you can use pure coconut oil in that case. However, I recommend you only use it on the mid-lengths and ends. Your thick hair could get too clumpy in the roots.


Finally,  never sleep with coconut oil in your hair. Always rinse it out. 

Don’t leave it for too long because it may be hard to rinse out. Although coconut oil won’t remove your keratin treatment, you should try a few drops until you find the appropriate amount. Remember that it’s pure oil with high-fat content.

You can also try other tricks to remove volume from your thick hair.


Conclusion: Coconut oil doesn’t remove keratin, but don’t use it if you have fine hair

Today we discussed when you shouldn’t use coconut oil. We’ve also seen that very fine hair doesn’t tolerate it because it turns hair oily.

However,   coconut oil mixed with conditioner or mask controls frizz on thick or curly hair.  


You already know that coconut oil doesn’t interfere with the keratin treatment. Don’t forget to ask your hairdresser which oils and treatments are best for you after the keratin treatment. There’s a solution for all hair types.

Follow my advice and your hair will always look great.

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