Your keratin treatment went wrong? Find here how to fix your hair

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If your keratin treatment went wrong, you need to identify the mistake.

  • Mistake 1: You chose the wrong product for your keratin treatment. Solution: Go back to the store or salon for the appropriate treatment.
  • Mistake 2: You didn’t follow the keratin treatment instructions. Solution: Wait 1 to 3 months and try again. This time, follow the instructions carefully.
  • Mistake 3: You washed your hair too soon after the keratin treatment. Wait between 1 and 3 months to reapply the treatment.


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Did your keratin treatment go wrong?


Relax.  Everything in life has a solution.  I know it sounds like empty words, but it’s true.

Whatever happens to you, it has a solution. So,  don’t despair. 


If your keratin treatment went wrong, you need to know  why you think it happened.  I’ll help you figure it out and give you the solution for each case.


Mistake 1: You chose the wrong product for your keratin treatment

Did you know that there are different types of keratin treatments?


Some keratins only  repair the hair and restore its shine and silkiness.  Others, in turn,  permanently straighten the hair.  Those are the keratin straighteners.


So, maybe you ordered a keratin treatment expecting it to eliminate your curls. Then, when you washed it out, you were surprised to find that your curls were more present than ever but healthy and shiny.

In this case, the person who sold the product to you didn’t know what you were looking for. Maybe, your hairdresser didn’t understand what you wanted.   The stylist used a repairing treatment instead of keratin straightening. 


The opposite could also happen: you were only looking to repair your hair and they applied keratin straightening. 

Solution 1

This time, you should be clearer with the result you expect when you buy keratin.

If you had a straightening treatment but wanted a repairing treatment, take advantage of these tips to recover your curls after straightening.


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Mistake 2: You didn’t follow the keratin treatment instructions

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We usually want everything at the moment or even yesterday! But   we must respect them when it comes to following instructions.   Manufacturers include instructions to follow   in all treatments.

For example, they give precise instructions regarding the type of iron and the right temperature, washes, etc.


Did you follow the manufacturer’s instructions step by step?

Are you sure?


This is crucial.  You must follow the indicated steps.  Otherwise, the keratin treatment goes wrong.

So,  check if you skipped a step or two during the process.  

If so,  the keratin treatment may not have been as expected. 


Solution 2

In this case, you should repeat the process.

  • Wait 1 month to repeat the repair treatment.
  • Wait 3 months to repeat the straightening treatment.


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Mistake 3: You washed your hair too soon after keratin treatment

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The keratin takes 24-72 hours to settle into the cuticle.

If you followed the treatment instructions (or went to the salon) but washed your hair right away,   the keratin probably didn’t settle. That’s why you don’t see the results you were hoping for. 


Alternatively, your hair may not have absorbed some of the keratin. So, you notice a slight change, but it could have looked much better.

Solution 3

 The only solution is to wait and repeat the treatment. 


As in the previous case,  wait for one month if you used the repairing treatment and three months if you applied a permanent straightening. 

You need to wait for that time to allow your hair to restore after the previous application.

Remember that straightening treatments include formaldehyde, and it’s damaging to your hair.


As you can see, it’s true that  a keratin treatment may have gone wrong.  Also, it’s probably due to a mistake in the process.

You can review the steps to find the mistake.


 Remember that some brands promise incredible results,  but that’s another topic!

Overall, everything has a solution, and you’ll do better next time. I’m sure!

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