Can we use normal shampoo after keratin treatment? I don’t recommend it

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  • I don’t recommend using normal or regular shampoo after the keratin treatment.
  • If you want the keratin treatment to last as long as it should, choose a salt-and-sulfate-free shampoo.
  • In this article, I’ll tell you what will happen if you continue to use normal shampoo after the keratin treatment.
  • I also recommend 4 brands of shampoo to make your keratin treatment last longer for a long time.


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Have you had a keratin treatment and doubt about using your normal shampoo?


It’s a good question. To answer it, you should first ask: How long do you want your keratin treatment to last?

A little?

A lot?


 If you want the keratin treatment to last as long as possible, forget about your regular shampoo. 

Yes, you’ll have to abandon it even if the bottle is full. Don’t throw it away. It may save you occasionally, but keep it until further notice.


Now you know you shouldn’t use regular shampoo after a keratin treatment. In this article, I’ll tell you what will happen if you keep using it.

Also,  I’ll give you shampoo options that you can use to take care of your treatment and keep your hair looking amazing for much longer.


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Why can’t I use my normal shampoo after the keratin treatment?

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The shampoos you buy at the store are heavily advertised, but they don’t usually work as they promise. “Shiny hair in one step,” “Amazing overnight hair”, “Extreme growth,” etc. are just encouraging you to buy them.

Do you know why I’m telling you this?


The reason I tell you this is because  those shampoos that are sold as miracles (mostly) include salt and sulfates. 

What’s this?


 Salt gives consistency and thickness to the shampoo.  So, if you think about it for a moment, it’s damaging because it dehydrates the hair and scalp.

 Sulfates clean your hair deeply. These are necessary,  but there are several types of sulfates.


Some are very aggressive, like Lauryl sulfate (which is usually in the cheapest shampoos) Others, in turn, are milder, like Laureth sulfate. Yes, only some letters change, but it’s a very different product. Well, what’s the problem with regular shampoos?


 The problem with the shampoos you buy in the store is that they’re very aggressive. They dry the hair and “sweep away” the keratin treatment,  which is what we have to avoid. Why?


If you use a normal shampoo, the keratin treatment will last very little time. It’s what happened to Nancy, one of my clients. Read on to know her story.


I tell you a story of a client who ruined her keratin treatment by using a regular shampoo

girl looks at her dull hair without shine

Nancy came for a keratin treatment because she couldn’t stand her hair anymore: no waves, no curls, and no straight hair. It was undefined hair. So, she opted to go back to straight hair.

 I applied the keratin treatment and she left the salon happy with it. After a month, she came back in a rage. 


She said that we had ripped her off, that her hair looked undefined again, and that she had complied with the wash times, blow-dried, and the post-keratin treatment care.

So, very peacefully, I asked her what shampoo she was using. To my surprise, it was the cheapest one on the market!


Needless to say, that regular shampoo had swept away the treatment in just a few washes.  Nancy didn’t know that her regular shampoo was to blame for ruining her keratin treatment. 

So, you know. If you want your treatment to last longer, say goodbye to your regular shampoo. Think about the price-quality ratio. Don’t hesitate.


Which shampoo should I use?

natural shampoo without chemicals

As I said, the shampoos in the store usually have salt and “damaging” sulfates which are the last thing you need right now. Therefore, you should discard them and start reading the labels.

Look for shampoos that don’t have salt or sulfates. Shall I tell you something else?


 Sulfates are necessary because they clean our scalp  That is, if you use shampoo without sulfates, you’ll probably accumulate grease, environmental pollution, hairdressing products, etc.


Consequently, your hair will look dirty, and your pores may clog and prevent normal hair growth. So you have two options:

  • Choose a shampoo with the least aggressive sulfate (Laureth sulfate).
  • Choose a shampoo without sulfates and one with sulfates. . This way, you’ll use the first one daily and the other one only 3 or 4 times a month.

Undoubtedly, option 2 is the most expensive, but of course, it’s the best. Do you have an oily scalp?


I have a tip for you:  if you have oily hair, you should always use shampoo with the least aggressive sulfate.  Otherwise, your hair will accumulate greasiness.

What about the conditioner? Can it be the same as usual or should I change it too?


In this case,  you don’t need to change the conditioner, but it’s advisable to do it anyway.  Try to add a good nourishing and moisturizing mask to your hair care routine once a week. Do you want to know why?


Most keratin treatments have formaldehyde or some derivative.

 Formaldehyde dehydrates the hair fiber.  So, a moisturizing conditioner for daily use and a nourishing mask with keratin will help you maintain the treatment looking healthy.


4 shampoos you can use after keratin treatment

good quality shampoo brand


  • Herbal Essences Extra Aloe + Hemp Shampoo without sulfates repairs and softens hair. It contains hemp seeds in addition to a large number of nutrients.


  • Herbal Professional Treatment Sulfate-Free Shampoo with Sativa oatmeal is a natural moisturizer that prevents dryness, irritation, and itching of the scalp.



Conclusion: if you have had a keratin treatment, forget about the normal shampoo

As we saw in this article, if you had a keratin treatment, you should no longer use your normal shampoo as it could ruin or “sweep away” the effects of the treatment.

 The salt and sulfates in the shampoos you get in every store tend to dehydrate your hair. 


Instead, try getting a sulfate-free shampoo or a shampoo with Laureth sulfate (the least aggressive sulfate). Wash your hair with your new shampoo and add nourishing masks to keep your hair looking amazing for much longer.

Follow my advice, and your keratin treatment will last for months!

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