How to tie hair after keratin treatment to keep it healthy?

loosely tied hair after keratin

  • I recommend you wait three days after the keratin treatment to tie or gather your hair to prevent damage or fade the effects of the treatment.
  • You can tie your hair with a silk or satin hair band two weeks after the keratin treatment. Hold your hair in a loose bun or ponytail.
  • Below is a plan for tying your hair back after the keratin treatment from week one to week four.


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It’s incredible that after so many years of recommending keratin aftercare, some still insist on ignoring the advice of stylists.


So, before I go into this issue, please remember that   YOU SHOULDN’T TIE YOUR HAIR FOR AT LEAST THREE DAYS AFTER A KERATIN TREATMENT.  


You must not tie your hair in a tight or loose ponytail during those first three days. You cannot make a bun.

You can’t pin up some of your front strands with bobby pins or braid your hair.

hair pins damage keratin treated hair

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  Your hair, the first three days after the keratin treatment must be absolutely loose and free of ties.  

You can’t tie it up. You can’t comb it. You can’t wet it. You can’t wrap it, not even with a silk scarf or tiny tiara.

The reason is very simple.


During the first three days after the keratin treatment, your hair still absorbs the protein. The keratin continues to work inside the hair to repair damaged parts and eliminate frizz.


  If you tie up your hair during those days  , you’ll interrupt the repair process, especially in the outermost layer of the hair, which is where the keratin takes longer to fix because it’s exposed to the sun, heat, wind, cold, and rain.

And if you interrupt the process, your hair will lose a very important part of the effects and benefits of the keratin treatment.

If you have had a keratin treatment, you must be willing to change your hair beauty routine. And that’s what we’ll talk about next.


Tying your hair after keratin treatment: weekly plan

an elastic ponytail that damages hair with keratin

It sounds exhausting, I know. But you’ll see that looks can be deceiving.

Let’s start with the first few days after the keratin treatment.


Tying the hair the first week after the keratin treatment

In this first week,   you shouldn’t tie your hair back, and the first three days of this week are key.  

You can’t wear any kind of ponytail, not even silk, no bobby pins, rubber bands, bandanas, headbands, or scarves. 

Hair totally loose and free of ties.

Tension in the hair generates friction, and friction fades keratin.   If you tie your hair during the first week after applying the keratin, some strands of your hair, will have frizz and will have lost some of the protein.  

If you train, it would be a good time to give your body a break. Scalp sweat will also wreak havoc on the effects of the keratin treatment.


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Tying your hair the second week after a keratin treatment

woman ties her hair into a loose bun after keratin

At this time, your hair is more relaxed. So,   you can tie it in a ponytail or a bun, but always in a LOOSE way.  

In other words, your hair shouldn’t be tight.


Another essential thing to keep in mind is   WHAT WILL USE TO TIE YOUR HAIR TWO WEEKS AFTER THE KERATIN TREATMENT  

You should use silk or satin scrunchies, which don’t generate friction or breakage in the hair. Also, they don’t absorb moisture generated by perspiration.

  My advice is to tie your hair in a loose ponytail without feeling like it’s pulling on your scalp.  


keratin treated hair tied in a satin ponytail hairpiece

You can also make a bun, by lifting the hair, giving it a few loose twists, and placing the satin or silk ponytail avoiding too tight. You can use silk or satin bows or scarves for a more elegant style.


Tying the hair four weeks after the keratin treatment

Now it’s time to tie your hair freely. You can wear ponytails or buns. You can even do some loose braids in the front strands for a more romantic look.

However, my advice is to give your hair freedom.   Avoid sleeping with your hair tied up and, if possible, use satin pillowcases to prevent your hair from breaking while you sleep.  


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Remember not to use elastic, latex, or cotton bands to tie your hair. These materials break the hair by friction. I also recommend avoiding metal pins or barrettes, which can leave marks on your keratin-treated hair.



After the keratin treatment, you’ll need to change the way you tie and style your hair if you want the effects of the treatment not to fade.

Don’t tie your hair back and leave it completely loose during the first three days after the treatment. Finally, add scrunchies and silk ties to tie your hair back.

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