Can I use lemon on keratin treated hair? No, the acidity will wreak havoc…

straight-haired woman holds a lemon

  • You shouldn’t apply lemon to your keratin-treated hair because it will completely ruin the treatment. Your hair will become dry, frizzy, and dull again.
  • Lemon contains acids, which will remove the keratin.
  • If you’re looking to lighten your hair and you just got a keratin treatment, you should wait at least three weeks. Later I’ll tell you a way to lighten your hair that’s healthier than lemon. You also won’t ruin your keratin-treated hair.


 Lemon in your keratin-treated hair? 

Where did you get that idea?


Unless you want to make your mark in the Guinness Book of World Records as the person who ruined their keratin-treated hair in the most absurd way, I DO NOT RECOMMEND using lemon in your hair.

And forgive me for being so blunt, but the occasion warrants it.


 Because if you use lemon in your keratin-treated hair, you will ruin the treatment. 

And then, goodbye, frizz-free hair. Say goodbye to healthy, shiny hair. Because lemon will wash everything away, mercilessly.

hair with frizz again after keratin

You can’t use lemon after a keratin treatment, just like you can’t do up or tie back your hair immediately after applying keratin.

Let’s take a look at why you should rule out using lemon.


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Why you should NOT use lemon on your keratin-treated hair!

hand squeezing half a lemon

If you got a keratin treatment it’s probably because you wanted to repair your hair.

And that was an excellent decision. When you notice your hair is dull, lifeless, dry, and flat, keratin treatment is a real injection of protein.

And I’m not exaggerating. After all, the treatment gives your hair back the keratin it lost due to factors such as chemical processes, prolonged exposure to the sun, and even lack of care for your hair.


The treatment is sealed with a straightener in the outermost layer of your hair, called the hair cuticles.

In this way, the heat from the straightener closes the cuticles, trapping the keratin inside. As a result, your frizz disappears and your hair becomes silky and shiny again.

 What happens if you apply lemon to that keratin-repaired hair? 


You’ll erase the whole treatment in one fell swoop! Because lemon contains acidic elements that will act on the cuticles, removing the keratin.


I’m guessing that if you had the idea of using lemon on your keratin-treated hair, you were looking to lighten it.  And in order to lighten your hair with lemon, you need to leave the lemon on for at least 60 minutes. 

Can you imagine what your hair would look like after an hour of exposing it to the lemon’s acidity?

ruined treated hair

You may notice it has gotten lighter, I don’t deny it. Your hair may be lighter, but it will be a yellowish or orange color and dry as straw.

So, as a general rule,  if you got a keratin treatment, you should wait three weeks to lighten your hair color. 

But you won’t be able to use lemon immediately after treating your hair with keratin or even three weeks after.

Read on.


How to safely lighten keratin-treated hair without lemon

keratin hair lightening mask

Just in case someone is still confused, I repeat: if you want to lighten your hair without eliminating the effects of the keratin, you must wait three weeks.

And  you should use a keratin mask as a base ingredient, applying it once a week every three weeks. 



  • Moisturizing mask with keratin.
  • 10-volume cream developer.



  • In a plastic container, separate the amount of mask you usually use for your hair.
  • Add 20 ml of 10-volume developer, mixing the elements well until they are completely combined.
  • Apply the mask onto wet hair and cover it with a shower cap.
  • Leave the mask on for forty minutes, and after the exposure time, rinse it out with cold water.


Before I say goodbye, I want to make a clarification so as not to create false expectations. With this keratin mask and 10-volume developer,  you will be able to lighten your hair one tone . And if you don’t want to damage your hair, I suggest you only use it twice at most.

And remember, you can apply it once every three weeks.



If you want to lighten your keratin-treated hair, you cannot use lemon. You would remove all the beneficial effects of the treatment. I suggest you wait three weeks and then use a 10-volume keratin and developer mask to safely lighten your hair.

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