How often should I wash my hair after keratin treatment? It depends on your hair type

girl with keratin straightened hair

The washing frequency after keratin treatment varies according to your hair type:

  • If you a have normal hair type, wash your hair every other day.
  • If you have dry hair, wash your hair every two days.
  • If your hair is oily, wash your hair every day.

That’s not all:

  • If you do the keratin treatment at home, you should avoid washing it every day. Otherwise, the treatment will last less.
  • Although this frequency can be modified according to the type of activities you do, I suggest you wash your hair if it feels dirty.
  • In this article, I’ll give you tips on how you can extend the washing frequency for your keratin treatment to last longer.


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Have you had a keratin treatment but don’t know how often you should wash your hair?


As I said at the beginning, the washing frequency depends on your hair type. It’ll also vary if you do the treatment at home or at the salon.

Keep reading this article until the end.   I’ll give you 3 tips to make your keratin hair look good without washing it so often.  


If I did the keratin treatment at home, should the washing frequency change? Yes, it should

applying professional keratin treatment on a girl's hair

I know many fans of this at-home keratin treatment because it’s readily available in many stores, but let’s face it.

 It doesn’t last as long as a salon treatment  done by a professional.


Therefore, if you did your own keratin treatment,  try not to wash your hair every day.  That way, your keratin will last longer.

The  ideal washing frequency should be every other day or more.  as long as you have a normal to dry scalp type, as I explained before.


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If you have an oily scalp type, you should wash your hair every day.

  If your keratin treatment is a box treatment and you have oily hair, your keratin will probably lose its effect faster   because you need to wash your hair every day.

  The washing frequency always depends on your hair type.   If your hair looks dirty, you have to wash it. Why?


Beacuse no treatment looks good on dirty hair. If you have an oily scalp, don’t forget to choose the right shampoo for you.


How often should I wash my hair after the keratin treatment at the salon?

Hairstylist doing keratin treatment to girl with black hair

What should the washing frequency be if the keratin treatment was done at the salon?


As you may imagine, professional treatments last longer than home treatments.

A treatment is done with professional tools at a salon. The keratin is perfectly sealed into the cuticle. What does this change?


The keratin treatment performed in the salon won’t lose its effect quickly after washing.

If your keratin treatment is done by a professional, you shouldn’t worry.  In that case, your washing frequency should be the same as usual.  


You don’t have to change your current washing frequency after a professional keratin treatment.

What you   have to change, instead, is the care you give your hair with the washing products   you use.


You should also check the products you use after your professional keratin treatment.

Imagine going to the salon with your virgin hair for a color design and leaving looking stunning.

  However, when you get home, you continue to wash your hair with the same shampoo as before.  What do you think would happen?


Maybe the first week you won’t notice the difference, but   as the days go by, your colored hair will have disappeared   and oxidized before its time.


So, as a professional, I recommend that you use products for the technical work or treatment you have. In this case, the   they should be special products for keratin-treated hair.  

In fact, this is one of the secrets to extending the duration of your treatment. Really?


Yes,   you can wash your hair every day with the professional keratin treatment, but you’ll have to change the products   for washing and care.


Will the box keratin last less if I wash my hair too often?

a while after cutting it

Actually, not everyone can afford visiting a salon for a professional keratin treatment.

As I told you at the beginning, box keratins don’t last as long as salon keratins. Also,   if you have oily hair, it could last even less because the frequency of washing is higher   than the rest of the hair.

But don’t worry.


I’d like to tell you that it’s not all bad news because   there’s also a way to extend the durability of the keratin home treatment.   It’s as simple as changing the washing products you are using for products from the keratin hair range.

So, by washing your hair with the right products, you would be adding more treatment to your hair.

While it’s true that boxed keratin doesn’t last as long as professional keratin,   you’ll get the most out of that treatment with the right frequency of washing and the right products.  


3 tips to extend the washing frequency

girl touches her hair a lot


Extending the washing frequency has to be pleasant.   You can’t walk around with dirty and uncomfortable hair for the effect of your keratin treatment to last longer.   So, if you have dirty hair, I suggest you wash it.

Anyway, here are some   to go one more day without washing your hair.  


  • Don’t touch your hair all the time. Playing with your hair can make it greasy.


  • Use dry shampoo to extend the washing frequency. It’ll absorb the oiliness and give you a nice volume.


  • When you wash your hair, use shampoo twice. First, you’ll clean out the dirt. The second application will be for treatment.

In other words,   you can have two different types of shampoo.   One for oily hair and the other with keratin to extend your treatment. [/su_list]


Conclusion: Wash your hair with the frequency indicated for your hair type. Also, do it with the right products

In this article, we have seen the frequency of washing after keratin treatment. Now you know that if you have done the treatment at home, you should wash your hair as little as possible. This is because box keratin treatments last much less.   The more you wash your hair, the less it will last.  


I hope you take advantage of this information and your hair stays flawless for a long time!

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